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He Wanshuang knew that if she did n’t do what Li Yuanyuan did, she did n’t know what he would say in front of Gong Lingye.

    Or, is that his long-term reserved room in the hotel? There may be a camera in him, and everything that happened that day may have already been stored in his computer.

    However, he said it was marriage and childbirth, how could she be so hasty? !

    And according to what he said, in front of everyone, she is still the same as her. Because, she married and gave birth is just normal love!

    He Wanshuang's hands clenched to death, and his brain was still messy.

    Her silence was obviously not going to affect Lieyuan Shen.

    He called himself to order a meal, and then said: "In the future you will also be a member of this family, you need to buy what you buy, without knowing me."

    After all, he handed over a card: "This is my credit card deputy card, there is no password, you hold it."

    He Wanshuang did not pick it up, but raised her eyes to look at Lie Yuanshen: "Why are you marrying me and why this child?" She didn't believe it. He didn't accept abortion because of what he believed.

    Lieyuan Shen stared at the obvious doubts in He Wanshuang's eyes. He ticked the corner of his lips and said coldly: "Because I just needed a marriage and a child recently."

    He Wanshuang stepped back two steps, his face pale.

    "Take care of the baby. After dinner, I will accompany you to get your household registration book." Lieyuan Shen dropped this sentence and went straight into the room.

    In the evening, Luo Tianqi and others ate dinner at Gong Ling Ye's house and teased Awen Awu before preparing to leave.

    Gong Lingye sent them to the door and the phone rang.

    He picked it up and answered, "Auntie?"

    "Ling Ye, it's me, I'm Xiaoshuang's mother!" Mrs. He said on the phone: "Just now Xiaoshuang took her boyfriend home. Have you ever heard of her boyfriend?"

    Gong Lingye froze for a moment: "Xiao Shuang has a boyfriend?"

    His tone of voice was quite high, Luo Tianqi, who was about to leave, stopped and stopped back.

    Mrs. He said: "Yes, Xiaoshuang said that they have been together for more than a month. I looked at that guy's appearance and conversation are good, but after all, I still worry ... You know, Xiaoshuang has not been with her brother since , The character is actually a bit lonely. She laughs and laughs on the surface, but she actually likes a person. She does n’t like to communicate with us, and I do n’t know how this guy treats her. "

    Gong Ling night said: "What is her boyfriend's name? Where is it from?"

    Mrs. He said: "Hey, this is what I worry about! That guy is a mixed-blood named Lieyuan Shen, I have a business card here, I look at his company ..."

    Gong Ling night said: "Lie Yuan Shen? Heir of L Group?"

    Mrs. He said: "Yes, it is him! Ling Ye, do you know?"

    "I know him, there have been intersections in business." Gong Ling night said: "Well, Auntie, don't worry about this matter, I'll ask Xiaoshuang."

    "Okay! It's up to you to ask, I'm more at ease!" Mrs. He said a few more words, and then hung up.

    Over there, Luo Tianqi has been a curious baby for several minutes. When he saw Gong Lingye put away his cell phone, he quickly said: "Brother Ye, Xiaoshuang and that abyss sink together?"

    "Well." Gong Lingye nodded. "Auntie said they have been together for more than a month. Today Xiaoshuang took him back to see his parents."

    "Xiaoshuang, isn't she? Lying trough, she actually likes that type!" Luo Tianqi sighed: "I said she's strange recently, I can't make appointments, it's because I'm secretly in love! Chant, she has reached the legal age early, let's not talk about her, what is she doing?

    Gong Lingye was too lazy to ignore Luo Tianqi's various exclamations, but took the phone and sent a message to He Wanshuang: "Xiaoshuang, do you have a boyfriend?"

    At this moment, He Wanshuang was alone in the bedroom, seeing the news sent by Gong Lingye, her eyes instantly turned red.

    The farthest distance in the world is not that I stand in front of you, but you do n’t know that I love you.

    But love is obsessed, but can not say that I love you. I love you obviously, but I want to tell you that I fell in love with others.

    The distance between us is always the distance between a bird and a fish, one soars above the sky, and the other dives deep into the sea.

    She flicked her fingers and typed one by one, but because of her blurred vision, she made several mistakes, deleted and typed again, and wrote a sentence after a long time.

    Over there, Gong Lingye received the message, which was a simple sentence, cheerful and revealing a girlish coyness: "Yeah, Brother Yeah, I am not embarrassed to say that we want to stabilize again, so my mother gave You talked. "

    Gong Lingye saw the news, rubbed her eyebrows, and replied; "Xiaoshuang, L Group involved something a little complicated before, but it has been washed a lot in recent years. If you really like him, we are not against it, but , Provided he is good to you. "

    He Wanshuang had somehow described her mood at the moment. She looked at the message sent by Gong Lingye and continued typing: "He is very good to me and said that he hopes to stabilize early and get married early."

    Gong Lingye saw this and said, "Well, what time is convenient, ask him out, we will see you."

    "Good." He Wanshuang replied.

    After ordering, she threw the phone aside, then covered her head and cried ...

    For a long time, the door of the room was opened, and the figure of the man stood beside the bed.

    He Wanshuang felt the pressure behind her, she didn't move, and her face was still buried in the quilt.

    Soon, it was obvious that the mattress was sinking, and that invisible pressure slowly rolled from behind.

    Then, He Wanshuang felt that her waist and legs were embraced by a man, and a wide palm fell to the place of her lower abdomen.

    She was tighter all over, her fingers clinging to the sheets.

    "Crying?" The man's low-alcoholic voice came from behind, without any temperature: "The doctor should have told you that a bad pregnancy affects the development of the fetus."

    She didn't move, just breathed lightly without saying a word.

    "He Wanshuang, this is your life, can't escape." Lie Yuan Shen threw a sentence.

    He Wanshuang's hand tightened violently, and his body trembled fiercely.

    Today is the darkest day in my life since my brother left.

    She lost her elder brother many years ago, and today, even Gong Lingye was completely lost.

    The way forward is unknown, she is walking in the darkness, can't see the light ...

    My heart seemed to be blocked by water-soaked cotton. He Wanshuang breathed hard, but suddenly felt a pain in his abdomen.

    The sharp pain came as soon as it seemed, all of a sudden, it seemed that the intestines were all stirred together!

    "Ah--" He Wanshuang was cold and sweating all the time, his body unconsciously curled up, moaning painfully.

    Liyuan was shocked and leaned over: "What's wrong with you?"

    He said nothing and turned her body.