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#408 More masculine

Since Chu Mingyao stepped down, Haisheng Group has kept a low profile.

However, the acting CEO did well, and Hai Sheng stabilized after a brief turmoil.

After the TG-03 test, Hai Sheng also began preparations for the launch of the new model, but it has the meaning of fighting across the sea and the Tiangong.

Bei Mingxiao's body recovered from injury, but his eyes still showed no signs of returning to light.

Bei Mingmo helped him with the discharge procedures and took him to her apartment next door for temporary maintenance.

Her apartment was bought, and the landlord next door happened to be renting, so she helped Beimingxiao rent it for easy care.

In recent days, Xuanyuan Che didn't know why she didn't contact her. Bei Mingmo sent a few messages. He started to be busy and didn't believe it later.

Bei Mingmo was a little lost, but after thinking about it, Xuanyuan Che might be really busy, so he didn't care too much, and only sent a message saying that he was busy calling her.

On this day's Unique event, Song Yiren was required to attend. After the event was held, Bei Mingmo went to eat dessert with her.

During the banquet, Song Yiren saw the pendant on Beiming Mo's neck, and his eyes lit up: "Momo, what material is this, so beautiful!"

Bei Mingmo said with a smile: "Shen Brother sent it... yes, I haven't had time to tell you what happened that day."

The two chatted for a while and remembered something. Song Yi said: "You didn't suspect Shen Brother before, would this be a problem? If you're okay, let's go to Amian and get the instrument to test it?"

Bei Mingmo nodded: "Okay, I haven't seen Amian for a long time. I don't know how he and Qianran have developed."

"Haha, maybe the rice has been cooked and the rice is ready!" Song Yi said humanely.

"Amian's gunshot wound wasn't that fast?" Bei Mingmo sighed: "Don't leave scars."

"Leaving scars may be more masculine." Song Yi said humanely.

Bei Mingmo smiled: "You are careful to be heard by your husband!"

Song Yi raised an eyebrow: "You just disliked A Mian, don't let A Che see it!"

The two laughed and went to Gongling Night Villa together.

After Amian was injured, he kept recuperating there, and the detectors for the trackers were also placed there.

The two passed together, but did not see Amian, but met Wei Qianran.

"Qian Ran, what about A Mian?" Bei Mingmo asked.

"He's going to do rehabilitation, and I thumped." Wei Qianran said pitifully.

Bei Mingmo laughed: "Have you both done anything?"

Wei Qianran's eyes widened instantly, and then his face turned red with a snap: "No! How is it possible?!"

Song Yiren smiled and bent down: "Momo, everyone is Plato! But, Qian Ran, always kiss?"

Wei Qianran's face was even redder, with some stuttering: "That, not count..."

"Hahaha, so it's kiss?" Bei Mingmo wondered: "Who took the initiative?"

Wei Qianran bit her lip, embarrassed: "He was in a coma, then I..."

"Not bad, continue!" Bei Mingmo patted Wei Qianran's shoulder: "According to my observation, A Mian is the kind of attack when fighting, and suffering when you are in love. So, you have to take the initiative, I am optimistic about you!"

Wei Qianran nodded and said that she went to see A Mian's recovery and she ran away.

Song Yiren asked Gong Lingye where the instrument was, so he went and took it to Beimingmo for a test.

Bei Mingmo put the pendant down, and Song Yiren carefully checked it with the instrument, and the instrument did not make any sound.

"It doesn't seem to be." Song Yiren conducted another conductivity test and found that there was indeed no data, and then handed it to Bei Mingmo: "It's just an ordinary pendant."

"Hey, maybe we are all soldiers." Bei Mingmo sighed: "I don't know who is the tattooed person in my cellar. I went home that day and asked my dad specifically. He said he didn't know."

"All the secrets should be in country J." Song Yi said humanly: "So Ling Ye and I are now working hard to develop the company and wait for it to become stronger before we can compete with the family over there. Then we went to country J, In order not to fall!"

"Okay, Yi, I will support you at any time." Bei Mingmo said.

The two chatted for a while, before Amian came back.

He is already free to move, and Wei Qianran is looking up at him with his head up and saying: "Brother Mian, last time you performed halfway through my performance. Tomorrow my performance, you must go! Don't leave halfway, or else I would think I jumped poorly..."

A Mian's face was uncomfortable: "You dance well."

"Really?" Wei Qianran changed from the loss of the previous second to the happiness of the second, and changed very fast: "Great! Then I will accept it! This is the ticket, you collect it!"

Amian reluctantly took the past.

Aside, Song Yiren and Bei Mingmo saw each other and smiled at each other.

It seems that it should not be too far from Wei Qianran to win this wood.

At this moment, thousands of miles away, in a white operating room, seven or eight doctors are busy.

When the patient's heart rate returned to normal, everyone was relieved.

Before long, the operating room door opened and the patient was pushed out.

Outside, an old man in a suit and leather shoes wearing glasses stood up and said, "How is A Che?"

"All the debris in his body has been cleaned up and out of danger." The doctor said: "It should be possible to wake up tomorrow."

The old man let out a sigh of relief and thanked the doctor, and then his eyes fell on the bed.

Xuanyuan Che on the bed, eyes closed tightly, and his face pale, but the outline of the five senses is similar to him.

He spoke to the young people behind him: "A few days, accompany A Che."

"Of course, Grandpa." A man and a woman responded respectfully, but when the old man turned around, he glanced at him quickly, his eyes full of deep meaning.

Xuanyuan Che was pushed into the VIP ward. The old man looked at him for a while, and then left with the help of the housekeeper.

Before leaving, he told the bodyguard: "Looking at the ward well, no one outside, no mosquito can let it fly in!"

"Yes!" The bodyguard nodded respectfully.

The doctor gave Xuanyuan Che the end of the examination, and explained some precautions before leaving.

After a while, a nurse came over and showed Xuan Yuanche a bit of the flow rate.

After adjusting, she turned and left the ward, but instead of returning to the office, she went to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, the nurse quickly took out his mobile phone and typed out a string of words.

Half an hour later, in the imperial city thousands of miles away, Bei Mingmo just said goodbye to Song Yi and drove home.

She passed by the supermarket near her home, bought something, and when she came out, the phone vibrated.

She ate with one hand, opened the phone in her right hand, and found that it was Xuanyuan Che's message.

There are only two words in the message: "Momo, I accidentally did it with other women abroad. I'm sorry, I must confess to you, if you can't accept it, let's break up!"

Bei Mingmo looked at the message blankly, but didn't even notice that the bag in the other hand fell to the ground, and the things spilled all over the floor.