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brina? Or Beimingmo?

    The almost identical facial features, although the hairstyles are different, the temperament seems to be somewhat different, but the voice is surprisingly similar.

    However, if it is really Bei Mingmo, how dare she stand on the stage with integrity?

    Chu Mingyao picked up his phone and quickly typed out: "Send the message of perfumer Sabrina of Unique perfume immediately!"

    On stage, Bei Mingmo spoke humorously because of his beautiful appearance, which attracted fans from all over the world to praise.

    After finishing her speech, she also said that after a while, the lucky baby will be drawn on site and a special perfume bottle will be presented. Suddenly, everyone cheered.

    At this time, Chu Mingyao's cell phone rang, he picked it up and saw it, it was Sabrina's information-

    abrina, also known as Li Xiaozi, was born in China, parents ... "

    There is a personal standard photo of Li Xiaozi on it. Chu Mingyao looked at it, and it was exactly the same as Bei Mingmo.

    So, is there really such a coincidence in this world, there are people who look exactly the same?

    Chu Mingyao was puzzled, looking at the woman on the stage, and a thread was slowly picking up—

    According to the data, this Li Xiaozi married Luo Tianqi, and Luo Tianqi was Gong Lingye's daughter.

    Was Li Xiaozi the twin sister of Bei Mingmo, and Li Xiaozi found out that Bei Mingmo died in the hands of his Chu Mingyao, so let Luo Tianqi help revenge?

    And Luo Tianqi, turned to Gong Lingye for help, so Song Ziheng might be the one they saved?

    He thinks about it, and always feels that this explanation is a bit reluctant.

    But at this moment, Bei Mingmo has ended the interaction and walked on.

    She came to the background and said to Song Yi: "Baby, you are ready to play!"

    Song Yiren laughed: "Oh, I really endorse this year, I won't do this! It's just showing my head, I'm not used to it!"

    Bei Mingmo leaned into her ear: "Are you going to have a baby in a year? It seems that there is really no celebrity who is still doing publicity!"

    Song Yiren gave her a sneer and sorted out her skirt, ready to go out.

    At this moment, Zahara slid over from one side and said to Song Yi: "I scanned a familiar person. The information is as follows: Chu Mingyao, 30 years old this year, Ning Guo ..."

    Song Yiren interrupted her: "You saw Chu Mingyao?"

    "Yes." Zahara said: "It's at 10 o'clock outside the stage."

    The Song Yi people and Bei Mingmo glanced at each other quickly, before they had time to say anything. The Song Yi people had already prepared them outside.

    Bei Mingmo pulled her: "Chu Mingyao will doubt you when he sees you with me ..."

    Song Yiren patted Bei Mingmo's back of his hand: "Momo, if I don't go out, he will make a little check and he will be more suspicious. Don't worry, he will not do it in public!"

    After all, she sorted out her skirt and walked out quickly.

    Bei Mingmo touched Zahara's hair and said, "Zahara, you go to take a shot of Chu Mingyao."

    Hara went out again, and the little figure disappeared in the corner of the stage.

    Outside, Song Yi people appeared with a smile and started interacting with today's stars.

    Under the stage, fans cheered. Some people did not know who the Song Yi people were, so they could not help asking each other: "Who is that beauty? Oh my god, so beautiful! I was the first time I saw such a beautiful girl!"

    "It seems to be Unique's global spokesperson. Didn't you read the propaganda? She is still a school bully!"

    "I know I know! She has also won the robot contest first!"

    "Wow, it's so beautiful, but unfortunately she doesn't act on TV, otherwise I will definitely follow her!"

    Among the various discussions, Chu Mingyao looked at the Song Yi people on the stage and only felt that he had forgotten some details.

    Many things are continuously connected in a line in the brain, and Chu Mingyao is thinking about it, and he heard Song Yi on the stage saying: "I am really happy to stand on this stage today, especially, and we Artist Wu is on the stage! "

    The host naturally followed the words of Song Yiren and asked: "I heard that Miss Yu won the first place in the robot contest. How was it discovered by Miss Sabrina and became the global spokesperson of Unique?"

    Song Yiren blinked: "Actually, I took the initiative to find her! Because I really love her perfume too! Then, I used my own robot to change to the identity of the spokesperson!"

    The host couldn't help laughing: "It seems that it takes such talent to become a spokesperson. Hey, should we go home and hurry and hug the book?"

    Song Yi said: "It's also a coincidence, Sabrina likes dogs the most. The robot I sent that day happened to be the shape of a deer dog ..."

    Off the stage, Chu Mingyao frowned slightly when he heard this sentence.

    He remembers that Beimingmo only likes cats, Beimingmo's home or her handbag is all about cats. For the puppy, Bei Mingmo never seemed to catch a cold.

    So, is this Sabrina the Beiming Mo? Or is it really Li Xiaozi?

    On the stage, Yu Guang, a Yi of Song Yi, swept a little and looked at the direction of the stage at ten o'clock, but found that there were too many people there. She really couldn't see whether there was Chu Mingyao.

    Perhaps, really only intelligent robots like Zahara can be discovered after face recognition!

    Then, Chu Mingyao under the stage will surely feel that neither he nor Bei Mingmo will find him standing there.

    It is indeed the case. If it were not for her to bring Zahara out today, I am afraid that Chu Mingyao was not at the scene.

    And just now, the words she said intentionally are suggesting that she took the initiative to find Sabrina, and Sabrina's favorite animal is a puppy.

    Chu Mingyao knows Beimingmo's preferences, so he may suspect that the Sabrina he just saw may have nothing to do with Beimingmo. After all, Chu Mingyao's heart presupposed that they did not know that he was on the scene.

    This is a psychological war and an anti-psychological war. Song Yi people think that, with Chu Mingyao's suspiciousness, it is impossible not to doubt.

    However, with the same truth, he could not draw a definite conclusion.

    She interacted with other guests on the stage very naturally, her lips kept smiling, calm and calm.

    Gong Lingye knew today that the Song Yi people had activities here, so after finishing the project in the morning, he rushed over and talked about the contract Xuanyuan Che said: "A Che, go to Tianhe Square for dinner at noon?"

    Xuanyuan Che heard the place name and immediately remembered Beimingmo.

    There was a complex emotion in his heart, he had not agreed, Gong Lingye beside him had already got the car key.

    He had to get up with Gong Lingye and the two entered the elevator together.

    The two sat on TG-01, and no driver was needed at all. After the two sat in, Gong Lingye raised an eyebrow: "A Che, I heard that Sabrina is also on the scene!"

    Xuanyuan Che whispered in his heart, then raised his eyes: "Well, what's wrong?"

    Gong Lingye hooked her lips: "A Che, there are flowers that can be folded straight and folded."

    Xuanyuan Che turned his eyes: "Aye, you--"

    "That day, she was drunk and you named her to send her home." Gong Lingye said meaningfully: "When did you care about women so actively?"

    Xuanyuan Che was helpless: "Aye, I think you can switch to detective."

    "Seriously, do you know what happened to her before?" Gong Lingye said in earnest: "I heard Nuan Nuan talk, and after listening, I really appreciate her!"