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#144 Marry Me

"If there is someone you like to warm your baby, don't think about it!" Bei Mingmo said with a smile.

    In fact, she can almost see that the Song Yi people are different from Gong Lingye.

    Bei Mingmo has known Song Yi people for so many years, knowing that Song Yi people are too difficult to move, even if he wants to marry Chu Mingyao in his last life, wouldn't he be intimate with Chu Mingyao at all?

    And now it is obvious that the Song Yi people only look like a little girl in front of Gong Lingye.

    Since I only have feelings for Gong Lingye, it is naturally impossible to suddenly change my mind because of others.

    What's more, Bei Mingmo has always felt that the background of Lieyuan Shen is a bit complicated, and it is really not suitable for trusting for life.

    "I haven't said anything, you just dragged me into her blacklist?" Lie Yuan smiled, but still looked at the direction of the stage.

    Yesterday, he saw the hot searches of Song Yiren and Gong Mochen, when he was still wondering about this confusing feeling.

    But I found that only half an hour later, the Unique perfume and the spokesperson are still on the hot search, but only the topics of Song Yi and Gong Mochen are missing.

    How could Lieyuan Shen not guess that all of this is Gong Lingye's masterpiece?

    He looked at the beautiful lady on the stage, his eyes narrowed, and the interest in his eyes became stronger.

    Under the spotlight at this moment, Song Yi people are receiving the baptism of the camera.

    It seems that they haven't put such a pose together in both lives, but according to the photographer's request, Song Yiren found that everything was not as difficult as imagined.

    After some stiffness at the beginning, she gradually found the feeling, and even was able to exert herself.

    Bei Mingmo picked up his phone, took a small video, and sent it to Weibo--

    iqueSabrinaV: "Baby, it will take some time to set makeup photos and promotional videos, but you can put a small amount of benefits for everyone first!"

    As soon as the news came out, the comment area below blew up.

    "Oh my god, the video on that day didn't see the goddess clearly. As soon as I opened Weibo today, my heart would feel unbearable!"

    "Is this really the beauty of the prosperous age? Woooo, Sabrina, where did you find such a beautiful woman, you just want to bend others!"

    "Upstairs, I have bent!"

    "I am 28 years old, height 183, weight 75kg, annual salary over one million, love sports and fitness travel photography, all. Good hobbies. Nuan Nuan sister, marry me!"

    As soon as this news came out, it was quickly pushed up and stood on the third floor.

    Below, I will introduce myself in full.

    At this moment, someone noticed that there was a big V number who liked the comment.

    And this big V number, at first everyone has not taken it seriously, but there are people who have nothing to do to pick up his identity, and suddenly, all are exploded!

    Because, the owner of this number turned out to be the boss behind Unique!

    In other words, whether it is Unique perfume or the group company behind Unique, it is all his!

    There are always many people who eat melons on the Internet, so all the materials of this big V have been dug out-

    It turns out that the boss behind Unique is not only seventy or eighty, but also quite young.

    At the age of nine, he is in Q country and owns the entire group of companies, worth tens of billions.

    In addition to this, he is still unmarried, and it seems that only a few years ago, a scandal was passed, and then it was gone.

    As for the appearance, some people took out a photo from a few years ago, because the pixels are a bit low, and they are not clear, but it can also be seen from the figure and vague outline that this person's facial features and temperament should be excellent.

    Suddenly, more people eat melons online.

    "Lying trough, the boss praised the rhythm of marrying the goddess?"

    "Big brother, don't you have any women, please let my sister Nuan Nuan go! Our otaku is the only one left!"

    "I'm a woman, I want to ask weakly, Nuannuanmei, can I still have time to become a man after surgery?"

    Bei Mingmo saw the comment area below and ticked the corner of his lips.

    She is very satisfied with the momentum in the early stage, and has entered the global market in the later stage. She is more confident!

    Who says you must find a popular actress, in fact, as long as Yan value dumps those people N streets, there is no topic can create a topic myth!

    Ningcheng thousands of miles away.

    Chu Mingyao went to the pantry and planned to make a cup of coffee himself.

    He always likes to do things by himself. He has a good reputation in the company and he is also close to the people.

    So, as soon as he entered, the staff in the pantry smiled enthusiastically at him: "Mr. Chu."

    "What were you talking about just now?" Chu Mingyao smiled.

    A female employee quickly said: "We are talking about Unique's spokesperson, super beauty!"

    After all, she handed her mobile phone to Chu Mingyao: "Mr. Chu, you see, Unique doesn't know what kind of fairy, she can find such a beautiful girl! And it's not a net red face at first glance, but a special kind Unique natural beauty! "

    Chu Mingyao looked at it, it was a video, the girl was shooting advertisements.

    He just glanced at it and recognized who she was.

    He hasn't been able to see her for so long since he last said goodbye in Pingcheng, although he occasionally remembers it, but it seems to be okay. But at the moment, when I saw the girl dressed in front of the camera, the itchiness hidden in my heart seemed to be excited instantly.

    His throat moved, and his eyes were raised, his voice calm and gentle: "It's very beautiful."

    "If our car can get her to speak for her, it must be a great deal!" A male colleague said unabashedly.

    Beside, the female colleague reminded: "Our endorsement is Miss Su, Miss Su is an international supermodel, and the topic is very high, which is completely in line with the brand value."

    Especially, Su Yunfei is the girlfriend of the big boss!

    Chu Mingyao smiled and returned the phone to the female colleague, but when he was looking down, he silently wrote down the name ‘Unique Sabrina’.

    He took the coffee, went back to his seat, turned on his phone, and found Beimingmo's Weibo.

    Click to play the video, he watched the video for more than ten seconds back and forth many times, and then clicked to download and save.

    Then he took another look at Su Yunfei's promotional video.

    Before he finished watching, he turned off the video.

    The words of the male employee just echoed in his ears: "If our car can get her to speak for her, it must be a great deal!"

    This idea seems to have planted a seed somewhere in the bottom of my heart, rooted in the soil at the bottom of my heart, it seems that it may germinate and bloom at any time ...

    On the other side of the emperor city, Gong Ling was busy all day.

    The project I did with Xuanyuan Che officially ended today, and finally everything is on track.

    And exactly, the Xuanyuan family has been looking forward to the return of their eldest son.

    In the evening, Xuanyuan Che came out of the airport and saw Luo Tianqi who came to pick him up.

    He patted Luo Tianqi's shoulder: "Tianqi, I'm sorry I never came back."

    Luo Tianqi twitched his lips: "It's okay, I'm ready."

    Despite this, his eyes still lacked the light flying in the ordinary days, and the whole person seemed to have lost a lot of weight.

    The two came out together and went directly to Phoenix.

    Gong Lingye finished his busy schedule and arrived at Phoenix. He Wanshuang also arrived. The two went upstairs together. He Wanshuang asked, "Are you alone?"