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Once again, Bei Mingmo was almost soft on the bathroom floor.

    The shower on the top of the head was constantly flushing. She took a deep breath and tried to suppress the soreness of her heart. Her hands were almost pinched into the palm.

    However, she didn't have much expression on her face, so she stared quietly at the mottled marks on her body.

    Outside, Xuanyuan Che is not much better.

    He leaned on the corridor, thinking of Bei Mingmo's words just now, he just felt that his whole heart was being torn apart, and his body was obviously happy, but his mind was uncomfortably crazy

    He didn't mind her not for the first time, but for her attitude now.

    Because it ’s not the first time, is it so unloving?

    The first is to tune. Play Amian, if it is not for him to appear suddenly, take her away from Amian, will she and Amian ...

    So, who does she care about? For her, he was just one of many beds. One of his companions, nothing more!

    The anger in his chest almost burned his soul, and Xuanyuan Che raised his hand and hit the wall hard with a punch. Blood was pouring from his fist, and pain came, and he felt better.

    But the sound of the water inside still seemed to be dripping rain, the rain curtain woven into a net, covering him.

    Unbearable, he quickly picked up his clothes and put them on, took his mobile phone and wallet and left.

    When Bei Mingmo came out, Xuanyuan Che had already left.

    She put on her clothes and picked up her phone.

    There are several missed calls on her mobile phone, and she quickly replies to her family: "Mom."

    Mrs. Bei Ming was relieved when she heard her voice: "Momo, why didn't you go back to dinner last night, and worried about dying me! I called your colleague and your colleague said you were too late and went to the hotel, Is that so?"

    Bei Mingmo replied: "Yeah, we went to the hotel, don't worry, mom, things were a little exciting yesterday, so we drank some wine ..."

    If it is usual, Beimingmo will definitely be told by his family when he drinks, but yesterday, after hearing the experience of the Song Yi family, Mrs. Beimingmo wiped her tears all the way.

    Therefore, she said: "It's okay if you are fine, and Yi Yi is also very sad to meet those things. At first, I grew up watching you ... Momo, your parents are just your children, you should pay attention to safety outside, don't Let us worry! "

    Bei Mingmo quickly said: "Okay, Mom, I will go home in the afternoon!"

    Hanging up the phone, she responded to the Song Yiren message: "Baby, I'm fine, I just got up."

    Song Yiren was drunk directly at the dinner table yesterday, and then was sent to the hotel by Amian.

    When she heard that Bei Mingmo said it was okay, she did n’t even know that Beiming Mo was taken away by Xuanyuan Che, only when it was arranged by A Mian, so she said, "You are in room number, shall we go have breakfast?"

    Bei Mingmo smiled: "Is it lunch already? I've been up early. I'm going home a little bit in advance today. Wake up quickly. Would you like to go to my house for dinner at night?"

    Song Yi said: "Forget it, your parents do not know my identity, and the case has not been settled. It is best not to expose it. I will go there again in another day!"

    "OK, I'm almost home." Bei Mingmo lied.

    "Pay attention to safety on the road." Song Yiren replied.

    She exited the chat page with Bei Mingmo, opened He Gongling Ye's, and sighed.

    "What's breaking F country, there is not even a network, I can't even contact my contacts!" Song Yiren sighed and sent a message to Gong Lingye: "Ling Ye, I have nothing to do today. I woke up naturally after sleep. Eat two meals, and then sleep well at night, waiting for tomorrow to sentence Chu Mingyao! "

    After she finished sending, there was no response there.

    Song Yi people pouted and gave Gong Lingye an expression, which is the shape of a little duck's fart.

    After sending this, she found a kisser from the emoji and sent it.

    Then, she seemed to have discovered the New World, so she sent her funny expressions one by one. Then, I sent a bunch of keywords that could drop emoticons.

    What's "Mama Da", "I miss you" and so on, even "Happy Birthday", have been posted all over.

    She admired the meteor shower for a while, and typed a few words: Brother, Husband, Aye, and Brother Ye.

    No one still responded.

    Song Yi people are generally mischievous and made one: Ye Babe.

    There was still silence.

    "Hey--" She sighed and panicked, so she had to take her cell phone and go to the hotel restaurant.

    Really, only two days later, she thought he was panicking, Song Yiren sighed, while having lunch at the hotel, he took his mobile phone and browsed the ticket to country F.

    On that day, the Song Yi people had some insomnia, and it took a long time before they finally fell asleep.

    She dreamed that someone rescued Chu Mingyao, and dreamed that Su Yunfei suddenly turned over her confession until she was woken up by the alarm clock and quickly got up.

    Still wearing low-key clothes, Song Yi went to the court.

    The court opened at 9 am. When Chu Mingyao was brought up, Song Yi was completely shocked and could hardly believe her eyes.

    It was only two days, why did this man suddenly seem to be ten years old?

    It wasn't that there was a sudden wrinkle on the face, or that the body had become rickety, but the whole person seemed to be suddenly exhausted for ten years, and even the only intact eye became muddy and dull.

    He was pushed up, and when he saw the Song Yi people sitting on the hearing stage, his eyes rose unbelievably, and the whole person recovered a little light from the clay state just now.

    Unlike the shame and fear of facing the Song Yi people the day before yesterday, Chu Mingyao at the moment seemed to want to find a hint of comfort from the Song Yi people. Even though he had been turned around, his eyes were still reluctant to leave. she was.

    Song Yiren knew that he just put her last hope on her.

    What if she finally told him what her true identity is?

    At that moment, can he still bear it? She really wants to know!

    Everyone was seated, and the presiding judge announced the hearing.

    Due to the testimony that day, Su Yunfei also changed from a witness to a defendant, also sitting on the defendant's seat. As for the plaintiff, only Bei Mingmo was still sitting.

    In the previous details, the prosecution and the defense both made some speeches, and then, it was a brief recess.

    The Song Yi people are a little nervous and habitually explore Zahara in the bag.

    The adjournment finally ended, and the presiding judge re-seat and read the verdict.

    Everyone held their breaths and waited for the result.

    "According to the Ningguo XX Law ..." The presiding judge's voice spread through every corner of the court through a loudspeaker: "Song Yuncheng's family of three was killed, the main criminal Chu Mingyao, was sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life, immediately executed ... "

    "Accomplice Su Yunfei was sentenced to 12 years in prison and deprived of political rights for ten years ..."