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#64 Good kidney

"Mobile phone is not important to you." Gong Lingye said, already holding Song Yi to bed.

    There is a power outage in this area. From the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see the flow of cars passing through the streets in the distance, like a stream of light. Overhead, moonlight came in from the window and covered the carpet in front of the window with a layer of silver.

    Gong Lingye put down the Song Yiren, holding her ankle with his big hand. The temperature of his palm was quite warm, and heat penetrated from her skin, which was hard to ignore.

    She shrank involuntarily: "I'm fine, the carpet is quite soft."

    Gong Lingye didn't let her go, his palms were running up her ankles, but the action of checking her condition was a little blushing and ambiguous because of the darkness.

    Just when his hand fell on her knee, Song Yiren arched his body and took Gong Lingye's wrist: "I'm fine."

    He suddenly pressed it down a bit, and the lips and petals reached her ears. The deliberately lowered voice felt like frosted paper: "Warm, what are you afraid of?"

    Song Yi breathed tightly, leaning back in a hurry, but fell to bed because she lost her weight.

    She regretted that she should not let him in at that time!

    Gong Lingye smirked, reaching for the broken hair on Song Yi's cheek: "I'm going to take a shower and wait for me for a while."

    Having said that, he straightened up and walked to the bathroom.

    Song Yi is in a hurry. Does this person have a room?

    She remembered her body, but it just hurt her knees, and there was a sound of water in the bathroom.

    No way, Song Yi had to sit up and wipe her hair that hadn't dried yet.

    When Gong Lingye came out after taking a shower, the Song Yi people had dried their hair and got up from the bed.

    Her knees no longer hurt, and she decided to wait for Gong Lingye to leave before going to sleep.

    He wiped his hair while approaching, and saw Song Yiren on the sofa, so he walked over: "Why not sleep?"

    The water droplets on his hair hit her neck, and the coolness made her shrink her neck.

    At this moment, the sight suddenly turned on, and suddenly the room was bright.

    "Incoming call--" Song Yiren's last ‘ha’ word had n’t come out yet. When he turned to look at Gong Lingye, his eyes widened suddenly: “You, you even ... why do n’t you wear clothes ?!”

    The man beside him stood side by side without her body, because she was sitting with him, so her sight was flush with him somewhere. Suddenly, Song Yiren only felt that there was a blow in his mind. Thinking suddenly went blank.

    Frightened in general, she stood up abruptly, moving a little faster, and did not know what hit her. She suddenly became unstable and she planted herself behind her!

    It was just that his body just lifted his back, and his waist was suddenly caught by an arm. When Gong Lingye's arm closed, the Song Yi people fell into his arms.

    Her pupils tightened in an instant, only to feel that all her senses were active as if they were crazy, so that she could feel the clear outline of the man's texture through a layer of clothing, and the temperature and strength under the skin were hot to her scalp. Tingling.

    Under the lights, Gong Lingye's water droplets were beating with broken shadows. His outline was clear, and the deep three-dimensional facial features with a teasing smile at the moment locked her with deep eyes: "Nuan Nuan, why do you always fall today?"

    The Song Yi people came back to their souls, and were also annoyed that they were in a lot of situations today, and their bodies moved: "Hurry up and let me go! And, why don't you wear clothes?"

    "I thought there was no electricity." Gong Lingye said innocently, then pointed to the ground: "I'm not very good at bath towels, they just fell off when I walked."

    He would make excuses! Song Yiren frowned: "Now there is electricity, you are going to wear it!"

    Gong Lingye raised her lips: "Okay, listen to you."

    Obviously it was a natural sentence, and it seemed that there were a few more differences in his mouth.

    He slowly let her go: "Can you stand still?"

    "Yes!" Song Yi people could not bear it.

    Gong Lingye let go of her and slowly turned to leave.

    The Song Yi people were very angry, and they only felt the spicy eyes they saw today. There was nowhere else to vent their anger. They turned their heads instinctively and wanted to give Gong Lingye a knife.

    Only, she forgot that he didn't wear anything, and, obviously, the bath towel fell to the ground, and he had no intention of going around.

    So she looked at the light on his back again.

    In the past, the Song Yi people had not seen naked men, but they actually originated with Bei Mingmo at the time. At that time, the two of them, one to be a robot, needed data on the ratio of male and female bodies.

    And the other is purely for appreciation ...

    Therefore, there are really a few so-called best pictures in the computer.

    However, Song Yi found that any two-dimensional pictures were not shocked to see with his own eyes today.

    Gong Lingye had already gone to the bathroom, but she remembered the picture she had just seen in her mind.

    Really, if she hadn't seen it, she would have thought it would be a three-dimensional painting that was more pleasing to the eye.

    The broad shoulders, solid chest, and clear abdominal muscles like chocolate cubes underneath, coupled with a pair of long legs, are slender and strong. No matter how you look, there is nothing wrong with it.

    Even the back ...

    Song Yi people pursed their lips when they thought of Gong Lingye's appearance.

    He is a man, why is the fart.

    Song Yiren's mind sounded an inexplicable sentence that Chi Jingyu said: "Yiren, I will tell you, if you look for a man, you should find the kind of shoulder width, waist, waist and narrow fart. If the kidney is better, it is simply electric. The motor is very practical and durable! "

    At that time, the Song Yi people listened and kicked him directly.

    Thinking of it at this moment, the Song Yi people are inexplicably hot, what is she thinking about? !

    Annoyed, she rubbed her already dry hair.

    There was a noise coming from the bathroom. Song Yiren had to look at the past, but was afraid that Gong Lingye would deliberately play tricks. So he closed his eyes and asked, "Are you dressed?"

    He said, "I didn't wear it."

    Song Yiren suddenly got angry: "Gong Ling Ye, are you a showman?"

    But, in the next second, his people had arrived in front of her, and the voice was smiling: "I will show it to you."

    Song Yiren reached out and pushed the person in front of him, and felt the bathrobe. Only then did Gong Lingye deliberately lie to her, so she opened her eyes.

    He wore a hotel bathrobe, and the ugly white bathrobe wore on him, and he even wore a dazzling feeling.

    Song Yiren said: "You can go back." He said, got up and picked up Gong Lingye's mobile phone and handed it to him.

    Gong Lingye picked up at the same time, but suddenly stooped and took Song Yi up.

    He went straight to the bed, put her down, and then lay down with him.

    Song Yi shrank: "Gong Lingye, what do you want?"

    He stared at her for a few seconds, and put away all the joke just now, with a serious tone of voice; "Yu Ruonuan, I want you to be my girlfriend."

    Song Yiren looked directly at his eyes: "I already have a boyfriend."

    "That's the point." Gong Lingye said, holding her in his arms, his voice was smooth and firm: "Gong Mochen doesn't like you, you don't make sense with him. If you want the Gong family maiden I can also give you the identity of a woman. And, if he ca n’t give you, I can also give you! "