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Xuanyuanche immediately takes another mobile phone to call Gong Lingye, and he himself has arrived at the parking lot and drives to the place where Wei Qianran locates.

Along the way, the strong wind brought snow, poor visibility, black cross-country all the way.

In the car Bluetooth, from time to time comes the voice of Beiming foam and Wei Qianran.

Their voices are very distinct. Wei Qianran has just been scared. If it wasn't for Bei Mingmo to knock out the man in time, she would have been raped successfully. Because she has been screaming and crying, her voice is dumb.

The voice of Beiming foam is still calm, but maybe because it was pinched through the throat, the voice is slightly lower than that in normal days. Sometimes it coughs a few times, and the teeth are trembling, which is obviously very cold.

They trotted all the way to hide behind an old concrete stone pier. Wei Qianran rushed to xuanyuanche and said, "brother Che, we're hiding behind the stone pier. It's cold here. We'll wait for you. You come quickly..."

She said, "Sabrina, my down jacket is big. Let's wear it together!"

At that time, Beiming foam ran out too fast, so that she only wore a thin knitted shirt. Under it, there were still skirts and pantyhose. The shoes were gone, and the socks were soaked in snow, almost frozen to numbness.

She shivered as she approached Wei Qianran, but saw the girl scream, "Sabrina, why is your chest full of blood?"

When she ran out of the room too fast, she didn't even know how Beiming foam put another man down. Besides, Wei Qianran didn't find Beiming foam's chest was bright red.

At the other end of the phone, xuanyuanche heard this sentence, and suddenly stepped on the brake. The car made a sharp noise on the ground.

He was in a state of shock when he heard the foam of the North Ming saying: "it's OK, that man's."

Wei Qianran cried, "Sabrina, I'm scared to death."

"Don't be afraid." Beiming Mo smiled and patted Wei Qianran's back: "we will be OK."

"I think you are calm. Fortunately, you are here. Otherwise, I must have been killed by them..." Wei Qianran was afraid and shivered with Beiming foam.

"Qianran, your parents must protect you very well. It's very good." Beiming foam smiled: "if you die once like me, I'm afraid you will have no fear."

Her voice was a little lighter, as if it would be melted in the snow, with a little vicissitudes, which xuanyuanche had never heard before.

However, his breathing was lightened.

Over there, Wei Qianran was shocked: "ah? Did Sabrina happen to you two years ago, so y & M didn't update in two years? "

"Yes, I've been blind for a year. I can't see anything. It's like a useless man!" Beiming foam made a hissing action: "OK, this matter is confidential! Let's stop talking and conserve our strength. "

Then, the car Bluetooth side, only the wind.

Xuanyuanche's ear still echoed the words of "if you die once, like me, you will be fearless.".

He found out that he really never knew her.

Xuanyuanche almost came with Gong Lingye's people. When he got off the bus, he walked through the disordered stones and saw two girls hiding behind the stone pier.

The sight is white and vast. They huddle behind the stone pier. They are as small as the smallest living creature in the world.

Seeing him coming, Wei Qianran's eyes brightened, then she cried and raised her hand: "brother Che, I'm so scared!"

Xuanyuanche instinctively reached out and pulled Wei Qianran up.

Unexpectedly, the girl was already frozen, so she could not stand at all, so she fell to the ground.

He caught her in a hurry. She was so frozen that her stiff hand clumsily grabbed his clothes: "I can't walk..."

Xuanyuanche had to squat down and carry Wei Qianran on his back.

He held her in one hand, and another empty hand reached out to beimingmo's face: "are you ok?"

Beiming foam looked at the hand in front of him and did not move.

She drooped her eyes, kneaded her numb legs, tried to make them feel better, then she got up, bypassing xuanyuanche's hand and supporting shidun.

Maybe she didn't recover her mobility yet, but she still held the stone pier in time.

Xuanyuanche's hand across the cold air, only to feel that cold touch seems to follow the fingertips, climbed to the heart.

The foam of the North Ming is strong to hold up, did not pay attention to him, then straight forward.

Xuanyuanche looks at her bare feet, which suddenly reacts.

He said to Wei Qianran, "Qianran, wait a minute."

After that, Wei Qianran put her back on the stone pier, and then took off her coat.

He took a quick step to catch up with Beiming foam: "you put it on." After that, I will put my clothes on her.

She turned her eyes, the bottom of the eyes seemed to have a light sneer, then light way: "thank you, No."

Xuanyuanche's expression was frozen on his face.

At the moment, a Mian has come over from the house, brought the shoes and coat of Beiming foam, handed them to Beiming foam, and said: "those people have dealt with them. You can rest assured that they will not leave your traces."

Beiming foam took over the thing and smiled: "thank you for your little night for helping me."

"You're welcome." A Mian said, but he thought of something else. He added, "your Sabre technique is good. One Sabre goes straight into the heart!"

He really praised Beiming foam, which was a rare appreciation.

Beiming foam used his stiff fingers to put on his shoes difficultly. He didn't stand firm. He also helped a Mian. Then he put on his shoes and coat. He raised his eyes: "I may have learned the human structure well in middle school!"

Two people say so forward, the North Ming foam limps, but still stubborn did not let anyone support.

Xuanyuanche looks at her back. For some reason, he only feels that his breath seems to be mixed with ice and snow in the air, which makes his lungs ache inexplicably.

He turned around and carried Wei Qianran on his back. He also walked quickly through the rubble.

And just then another car arrived.

Song Yiren was soaking in hot springs with Gong Lingye. When Gong Lingye heard xuanyuanche's phone call, he immediately sent his men to come. They put on their clothes and went out in a hurry.

At this moment, Song Yi's eyes turned red when they saw Beiming foam trudging in the snow.

She quickly ran over, put a warm handbag into Beiming foam's hand, and then untied her scarf. She said with a smile, "foam, look, this is my own warm love scarf!"

They seemed to experience another life and death. Song Yi held Beiming foam's hand: "woo, my baby is frozen. How to be the first designer when the hand is frozen?"

Beiming Mo smiled, and felt the warmth of her at the moment. Later, she felt her teeth trembling: "I can draw pictures with my feet!"

Beiming foam said, with the help of song Yiren, he came to the car and got in.

Several cars sped all the way to the hospital.

Beiming foam and Wei Qianran have slight frostbite on their feet, so they need to stay in the hospital for observation.

Because they both had beds, they asked for two suites.

Wei Qianran there, palace Ling night hung up the phone, blunt xuanyuanche way: "a Che, found."

Said, Gong Ling night will hand over the mobile phone: "you see the news."