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#8 Marry him

Song Yi was shocked: "Second brother-in-law?"

    "Your second sister is divorced today." Yu Chengzhi said: "It's rare that your second brother-in-law liked you from the beginning, just because he is single now, and you married in the past--"

    Song Yi interrupted him: "Dad, you know, he is my second brother-in-law!"

    "What kind of brother-in-law does Lili leave?" Yu Chengzhi said impatiently: "Song Kai now has a market value of hundreds of millions. There are many people who want to marry him, but he sent the gift to our house! You come back to me quickly, tomorrow Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get the certificate! "

    Song Yiren didn't know how to describe the mood at the moment. She took a deep breath, and then suppressed the anger in her heart, her voice was cold: "Dad, don't you want to be a relative of Gong's family? If I'm already a fiancee of Gong Mochen Do you want me to marry the second brother-in-law? "

    On the other end of the phone, Yu Chengzhi stunned and said: "Did he not drink that wine ?!"

    Song Yi sneered, but his lips twitched: "I didn't drink it, but you let me do what I did, and it was also seen by Mrs. Gong, saying that we will sit together someday."

    Yu Chengzhi's heart suddenly lighted up, and then his face fell: "Why didn't you say that early?"

    Song Yiren looked innocent: "Dad, you have only asked about wine, but nothing else."

    Yu Chengzhi heard a little bit of fire, but then he became happy again.

    He was thinking about it, and his wife, Fang Lingyi, who was married next to him, was cool and honest: "Is it right? Isn't there a banquet at the palace on Sunday evening? If the palace is really serious, I would definitely invite us . "

    Yu Chengzhi also thought of this layer and immediately changed his tone: "If it is warm, since you and Gong Mochen are close to good things, that day, his female companion must be you? Dad is waiting for the invitation card of the Gong family! "

    He had thought about it, Yu Ruo Nuan must not dare to lie to him. But can the Gong family really admit Yu Ruonuan? Will it be perfunctory?

    The day was about to come. He happened to look over. As for Wang Kai, he first found a reason to delay it for a few days. If there was a change in the palace, it would be too late to marry his daughter to Wang Kai.

    How could Song Yiren not guess Yu Chengzhi's calculations, she nodded: "Dad, you can rest assured, I will call Mo Chen back and ask him for an invitation card."

    "Two." Yu Ruonuan's stepmother Fang Lingyi said.

    Song Yiren was thinking about how to make Gong Mochen ‘admit’ her.

    However, the banquet was already around the corner, and she seemed to be too late to think of a few ways. The only thing left was the next way ...

    Since Gong Mochen came back from a business trip, Song Yiren naturally would not let go of today's opportunity. She changed her mind and did not go back to school directly, but met with Gong Mochen.

    She picked up her phone and called Gong Mochen. But, as expected, she played a few times and he hung a few times.

    Helpless, the Song Yi people simply issued a few words in the past: "Erectile barriers."

    Sure enough, less than half a minute later, her cell phone rang, Song Yiren's lips twitched, and she slipped to answer: "Mochen brother."

    On the phone came Gong Mochen's cold voice: "What do you mean?"

    "Brother Mo Chen must know what I mean, otherwise I won't call back." Song Yiren's voice was brisk: "I'm waiting for you at the SOFT cafe opposite your group."

    After she finished speaking, she didn't give him a chance to speak, and she just took the phone.

    Song Yi people ordered a cup of mocha at SOFT, and were stirring the hook flower with a coffee spoon, and then saw a sudden shadow fall in front of them.

    She slowly raised her eyes and smiled at the man: "I don't know your taste, so I didn't help you."

    This was the first time she saw Gong Mochen after she was reborn.