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#34 Seems like an old friend

Oh, I was so injured, soaked in water for so long, rested restlessly, and still had a meeting in the middle of the night, really died?

    Song Yi sneered, suddenly felt that he could sleep.

    It was already dawn when I woke up again, and the Song Yi people sat up, put on the clothes prepared by the servant last night, and listened quietly to the movement outside.

    Very quiet, there is no sound of people walking around.

    She opened the door and saw the door in the next bedroom closed, so she went downstairs to the living room.

    The maid was busy in the kitchen. When she saw her, she politely shouted, "Miss Yu, I will prepare breakfast for you right away."

    Song Yi nodded: "Thank you."

    What the servant thought of, went out and took a bag: "Miss Yu, this is your thing."

    Song Yi people took it, it was the mobile phone and the wallet she took with the cruise ship.

    The phone was fully charged, and she turned it on, and she received several messages in succession.

    Classmate Xiao Pei: "Sick?"

    Wu Wenkai, RA team leader: "Xiao Yu, take two days off when you are sick. During these two days, your job Xiao Pei will help you do it temporarily."

    Song Yiren understood that this was the leave that Gong Lingye asked her to help, so she quickly responded to the two, and clicked on the last message.

    It was sent by Gong Mochen: "It is my responsibility to let you have an accident at my birthday party. I will find out the reason and compensate you."

    Song Yi people can even think of Gong Mochen's tensed jaw, cold and alienated when he heard the news.

    She suddenly felt amused, and her lips flared with a smile, which couldn't be closed.

    Just about to reply to Gong Mochen, it felt like there was someone behind him.

    Sure enough, as soon as Song Yi turned his head, he saw Gong Lingye not knowing when she appeared behind her.

    He wore a dark gray home uniform, and even though his face was still not very good, he had already restored the cold and calm atmosphere on weekdays.

    Song Yiren glanced at him, didn't speak, and turned and walked away.

    Gong Lingye's gaze withdrew from the screen of her mobile phone. I saw just three words on the top of the screen: Brother Mo Chen.

    If there were any slight doubts about the Song Yi people's feelings about Gong Mochen, Gong Lingye is now a true believer.

    Just now she didn't even know that he was behind her, smiling so happily that she didn't pretend, and when she turned her head, she still had a smile that didn't have time to recover.

    The breakfast was ready, and Song Yi and Gong Lingye sat down to eat face-to-face and had zero conversation.

    Gong Lingye still ate faster than her. At the end, he stood up and said, "If you feel bored, you can go outside on the lawn."

    Song Yi nodded: "Thank you."

    Gong Lingye left directly, and the Song Yi people did feel a little bored after eating, so they went out for a walk.

    Finding a shade outside, she sat down and brushed the news.

    As soon as I opened it, I saw something about HQ-

    "HQ company, which started in the electronics industry, was exposed this morning that its chips are suspected of deliberately leaking user privacy. At present, all products have been completely discontinued. This comprehensive suspension has a great impact on HQ. If the investigation is true, not only will HQ face high Amount of compensation, and the relevant responsible person may face prison ... "

    Song Yi was startled, and suddenly remembered that when he was kidnapped yesterday, the other party mentioned the bid that HQ participated in.

    Yesterday this company took Gong Lingye's bid with improper means. Today such a big thing happened in the morning. Song Yi people don't think this is a coincidence.

    Reminiscent of last night, Gong Lingye had a fever and worked late at night, and she suddenly felt a little cold in her heart.

    What exactly is this man?

    It is conceivable that once the incident of HQ Company is true, the previous bidding result will be cancelled, and that bid will naturally return to Gong Lingye. Gong Lingye can be said to have revenge on himself without any blood.

    With her little understanding of him, Song Yiren also feels that it is estimated that 8.9 will not leave this matter if it is deliberately leaked. Even if this is not the case, Gong Lingye will create evidence to kill the other party!

    Did she provoke someone who should not provoke? Song Yiren thought, it seems how far away she is and how far away from Gong Ling Ye after this time ...

    Thinking about it, there was a sound of an engine outside. Then, the man's conversation came.

    When one of the voices was heard, the Song Yi people's back was straightened!

    She came out of the shade of the tree, almost trotting, and only slowed down when she reached the parking lot.

    Outside the parking lot above the ground, there was a black sports car parked at the moment. The bumper in front was a little deformed, and Pei Jun was opening the front cover to see what was going on.

    Next to him, stood a young man who looked twenty-six or seven. The man was tall and thin, wearing a green hole-shaped T-shirt on the upper body, and under the sapphire blue skinny nine-point pants.

    His headline is purple, and he wears a blue diamond earring on his ear.

    Song Yi's heart seemed to be hit hard. Since rebirth, she has never met her past friends in person!

    The one in front of him was Chi Jingyu, who was a comrade-in-arm of unmanned driving and one of the top technical teams.

    Bae Jun seems to be repairing the car, but he is not very good at this, and it is a bit clueless to check.

    Beside him, Chi Jingyu said: "Brother Jun, let me come!"

    Bae Jun shook his head and said politely: "Mr. Chi, you are the chief technical designer specially hired by the president. How can you let me do it? I'll just ask someone to come over."

    He said, took the phone and called Amian over.

    Gong Lingye's confidant knew that Gong Lingye's left arm and right arm, a Bae Jun, was proficient in multiple languages, and dealt with legal, financial, and management issues, but he was slightly inferior in practical ability.

    And A Mian did not show up usually. When he was almost needed, it was when he saw blood.

    They are white and black, one is bright and the other is dark. In the past few years, Gong Lingye has laid down many rivers and mountains, and they all contributed.

    It's just that Amian answered the phone, but it was very noisy over there, and the sound of wailing and screaming could be heard faintly, and it was self-evident.

    Bae Jun sighed and had to hang up the phone to fix it himself.

    Most of the people on Gong Lingye's side should be sent out today, and the others guarding around the villa can't move. Therefore, Bae Jun really couldn't find another helper for a while.

    And when he returned to the driver's seat and started the car, seeing what went wrong, but at a loss, a female voice sounded in his ear: "Let's take a look."

    Song Yiren is usually not busy, but now, besides taking the initiative, she can't find any other chance to speak with Chi Jingyu.

    She really wanted to know what happened to their team members three years ago.

    Apparently, Pei Jun was surprised that the Song Yiren would know what he was about to say. The Song Yiren had not given him a chance and walked to the front engine.

    She rushed inside Pei Jun and said, "Mr. Bae, you step on the accelerator again."

    Bae Jun did what he said, and the Song Yi people observed for a while, and found that there was one more person around them, Chi Jingyu also came over, and soon, his eyes showed a clear look.

    "The brake arm worm is not properly corrected." Song Yiren and Chi Jingyu spoke in unison.

    Bae Jun: "..."