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Bei Mingmo wanted to draw his hand back, but found himself a little weak.

    She sighed in her heart. It seemed that Chu Mingyao's horror was still deep in her soul. Once he showed his nature, she was not as calm as she imagined.

    Beside him, Xuan Yuan Che put her behind, and his tall body stood in front of her and said directly: "I didn't expect Mr. Chu to hide behind others, sneaking!"

    When he just came over, he told the front desk that he had brought something to Beiming Mo, and the front desk said that he could take it, so he folded it back to get it.

    I wanted to come, Chu Mingyao came from that slot, and then waited for him to move the lipstick in. Chu Mingyao pretended to be with him and waited in the parlor.

    And he even waited at the door stupidly after delivering the goods. It was only when Gong Lingye asked him why he was with Chu Mingyao, he only reacted and came in quickly.

    Feeling the sweat in Beimingmo's palm, Xuanyuan Che's heart tightened slightly, and he pulled her out.

    Behind him, Chu Mingyao's icy gaze is like substance, as the shadows follow.

    Bei Mingmo didn't realize anything until Xuanyuan Che was pulled to her office.

    As soon as she pressed hard, she pulled her hand out.

    Relaxed, she discovered that Xuanyuan Che was wearing a dress that was completely inconsistent with his usual day!

    The upper body is a slightly loose black and white hole-shaped hooded sweater, the lower body of the brick red pencil pants will modify the legs. The legs are more slender and straight, and a pair of air cushion sneakers are stepped on below. The whole person looks more casual and casual .

    Bei Mingmo has known Xuanyuan Che for almost three years. Even three years ago, she deliberately had an encounter with him who visited the supermarket, and she had never seen him dress up like this.

    However, in addition to her constant impression of him, Bei Mingmo felt that this dress was actually quite good, looking young and energetic, so that the coldness on his body seemed to be hidden a bit.

    Feeling palms empty, Xuanyuan Che lip. The petals moved, and his eyes fell on the lipstick: "Momo--"

    Bei Mingmo followed his gaze and looked at the lipstick. Suddenly, the fire in his heart suddenly rose.

    She raised her eyes: "Did you send the lipstick?"

    Xuanyuan Che nodded.

    "Why are you okay to send a bunch of lipsticks ?!" She was very angry. She just saw the lipstick and thought it was sent by Chu Mingyao. She went to the reception room and saw Chu Mingyao. Too.

    But now I realized that it was not sent by Chu Mingyao!

    Where did Xuanyuan Che know what Bei Mingmo thought, he said: "Last time I heard your conversation with Tianqi."

    Bei Mingmo didn't know why she suddenly got angry, she directly interrupted him: "If you want to send it, my husband will send it, what are you--"

    His pupils tightened suddenly, the breath of his body suddenly cooled down, almost in a sudden, and she had already forced her to the corner: "You are not Li Xiaozi!"

    On that day, Luo Tianqi said "wife-in-law", and now Bei Mingmo mentioned another "husband", which reminded him abruptly that day when he heard from Ares, her name Luo Tianqi's "husband"!

    I only felt that my chest was blocked by something, and my breathing became a little uneasy. Xuanyuan Che lowered his head and locked Bei Mingmo's eyebrows: "Are you too deep in the play?"

    Such Xuanyuan Che makes Beiming Mo strange for some reason. But somehow, she always had the urge to compete with him.

    She raised her eyes and looked at him, but the words she blurted out were swallowed back by her, and her heart burst for no reason.

    She said OK, don't get entangled with him anymore, will she?

    The mood swings in my heart have been calming down, Bei Mingmo smiled, his tone was faint, and a little lazy: "As you think, I'm going to work, you are free."

    She returned to the alienated attitude that morning, and she, who was not angry or catered, made the congestion on his chest more difficult.

    Xuanyuan Che didn't release Beiming Mo, but opened his mouth and said, "I have heard Aye say about your previous affairs."

    She looked at him and smiled slowly: "Please, please help me keep my mouth shut."

    Knowing that he didn't mean that, she just misunderstood. She could easily arouse the waves in his heart!

    Xuanyuan Che said: "I don't know what you have encountered before. Don't worry about Chu Mingyao. Also, I know the intention of the men's clothes and ashtray in your house."

    He rarely explained so much to her, but the awkwardness of his heart because of anger was a little lighter because of these explanations.

    Bei Mingmo nodded: "Okay, I know, is there anything else?"

    He stared at her eyebrows and wanted to see something strange or forbearing in it, but failed.

    Until this moment, Xuanyuan Che did not know that this girl turned out to be so decisive.

    Yeah, she was able to jump into the sea all by herself at the beginning. Now, what else can't do and dare not do?

    He squeezed the hand on her shoulder, slid slowly, brushed the forearm, and held her hand in the palm.

    She didn't struggle, nor did she cater, as if everything were fine.

    But it was such an emotion that made his chest anxious and burned a little bit again, so that the chest was a bit hatred, and the unspeakable hatred continued.

    "You know what I mean, Bei Mingmo." He said one by one: "Three years ago, you disturbed my life, and now, it is not that you can shrink back if you want to shrink back!"

    Bei Mingmo raised her eyes and looked at him. She asked him: "So what do you want?"

    Unexpectedly, Xuanyuan Che was still the same sentence, but it was only an interrogation last time. This time it was changed to the tone of the command: "Contact me!"

    Bei Mingmo heard Xuanyuan Che's words and smiled: "Hey, when did you become like this?"

    "So what do you want me to do? Or, do you know me?" Xuanyuan Che stared at her eyes, lowering her head a little closer, the clear eyes gradually darkened, and it was no longer the cold and indifferent look in her impression.

    "Yes, I don't understand you, as if you don't understand me." The smile on Bei Mingmo's eyes was gone, and she pushed him gently: "Xuan Yuan Che, don't do that."

    However, it was his lips that suddenly covered her.

    His lips were far from the cold breath on his body, but extremely hot, and easily sealed her full elastic lips. The breath belonging to him suddenly surrounded her.

    She was pressed by him, and there was no place to retreat. She only felt that the man in front of her was not rude, but with a fierce and decisive momentum, she almost swallowed her abdomen.

    She was well aware of the power gap between men and women, so she was too lazy to resist, and let him attack the city all the way until her lips and petals numb.

    Her hand still fell on his chest, with resistance and precautions, just because of the squeezing just now, it was also a little tingling.

    He took her hand off and put it in the palm of his hand, only to feel as if he was holding something very light and heavy, and the softest part of his heart collapsed a bit.