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Bei Mingmo no longer ignored him, and directly carried the rest to the bathroom.

    Xuanyuan Che ran to the door of her bathroom, but she was shut directly outside the door: "I will tell you when the result comes out."

    She finished, nervously took two first, and started the test according to the operating instructions.

    Outside, Xuan Yuan Che's tension is no less than Bei Ming Mo.

    He knew that the sentence ‘I still don’t know who’ she had just downstairs was intentionally angry with him. If she really had it, it must be his.

    I do not know where this determination came from. Slowly, it evolved into an expectation.

    Until the toilet door opened.

    Xuanyuan Che took a breath and faced the eyes of Beiming Mo.

    She apparently had no previous restlessness at this moment, the whole person looked relaxed and happy, and even smiled on the corners of her lips: "Tested out, I am not pregnant!"

    He froze in place: "Ah?"

    She lifted the pregnancy test stick in her hand: "No, don't lie to you."

    He had strode over and looked down at the two in her hand.

    Seeing that it did show that he was not pregnant, his heart lost for no reason and his voice became a little dry: "No... Could these two be inaccurate?"

    "Brother, there is not much technical content in this kind of stuff at all. How can it be impossible to test both of them?" Bei Mingmo was completely relaxed at the moment, passing the remaining few unused pregnancy test sticks To Xuanyuan Che: "I can't use it anymore, give you back."

    He didn't answer, but looked at her fixedly: "Momo, we will use this for later."

    Her pupils shrank and she suddenly looked straight: "Xuanyuan Che, I don't want to tell you this."

    He took a step forward: "Let's talk."

    She has pulled her face down: "There is nothing to talk about between us!"

    He grabbed her by the arm: "I don't want to quarrel, let's say it well, okay?"

    Bei Mingmo wanted to pull away, without twitching, and her eyes became extremely cold for a while. The feeling of alienation was tempered by her after years of life and death.

    "Okay, please." She said lightly.

    Seeing her like this, Xuanyuan Che clearly didn't want to talk about it. He pulled the neckline of his shirt a little annoyedly and said, "Momo, it's undeniable that I have feelings for you."

    She listened quietly, unsure.

    He went on: "My attitude was wrong that morning, but that was because you said those words, so..."

    She interrupted him abruptly: "You are accusing me? I did not hold you accountable, nor did I have any extortion or blackmail because of this matter, but my attitude was a little bad. Could I still be grateful to you, Flatteredly said, it’s my pleasure to sleep with me?!”

    His hand holding her arm tightened abruptly, then suddenly let go of her, seeming a little bored, walking back and forth in the room several times.

    Just when she thought he would leave directly, he suddenly turned around and folded back.

    Locked by his deep but cold eyes, Bei Mingmo didn't have any psychological pressure.

    He was able to roll sheets with the cake girl in Country M, but he could accuse her of not being the first time. In the end, who gave him confidence? !

    Just the next second, when Beiming Mo was ready to go to war, the man in front of him suddenly sighed, and then stretched out his arms to hug her: "Momo, let's be reconciled!"

    Bei Mingmo stiffened.

    Xuanyuan Che said again: "I know you said to Ruo Nuan, if you are with me, the name is read backwards, but..."

    Bei Mingmo earns money and interrupts him: "How do you know?"

    Xuanyuan Che's tone brought a little helplessness: "At the end of today's wedding, she told me that you said it twice."

    Bei Mingmo raised her lips and said: "Oh, you know it, this is my attitude! So don't think about anything like peace..."

    However, the man in front of him suddenly said, "You don't have to read backwards, my reverse reads."

    "Ah?" Bei Mingmo was surprised this time: "What did you say?"

    "You call me Xuanyuan Che or Cheyuan Xuan, in short, whatever you want." He said, looking down at her: "Let's reconcile!"

    I have to say that at this moment, his eyes are deep and quiet, looking at her eyes blurred and focused, it really makes people a little stunned.

    Bei Mingmo felt that her heartbeat missed a beat, but thought of something, she still had a hard time, so she deliberately digressed: "Ha ha ha, you want to call Che Yuanxuan, does your mother know?"

    Xuan Yuan Che felt that he had exhausted all his patience today, but at this moment, he was still angry and jumped suddenly.

    Bei Mingmo in front of him was still smiling: "But you are a compound surname. If the first and last names are reversed, it should be called Che Xuanyuan..."

    "Ah, I suddenly remembered the Silver Horned King! There is a paragraph inside, Xuanyuan Che, I dare you to agree with your name?"

    "Xuanyuan Che!"

    "Che Xuanyuan!"


    "Um--" Bei Mingmo blocked his lips the next second.

    Xuan Yuan Che only felt that the girl in front of her had always been very noisy, especially when she talked, her lips and petals were combined, and the crystal-filled lips were particularly attractive.

    Finally, her lips were sealed, and she was finally unable to say those words that were not bound to be.

    Moreover, the sweet taste in her mouth, and the unique and faint fragrance of her body, made him a bit impetuous and calmed down a little bit.

    He clasped the back of her head and pressed it tightly, not giving her a chance to escape. The other hand he vacated tightened her waist and took her into his arms.

    After all, she was a girl, and she really was not as strong as his strength. After struggling to no avail, she became quiet.

    She didn't respond, but she didn't refuse anymore. They seemed to step on a thin layer of ice, maintaining the current temporary balance.

    Therefore, his kiss also became soft, slowly and deeply tracing her lips, and then a little bit into her world.

    The hand that originally pressed the back of her head was inserted into her hairline, breathing with each other and touching the tip of her nose.

    It took a long time for Xuanyuan Che to end this deep kiss.

    He gasped slightly and looked at her, who was also unstable.

    Bei Mingmo felt a little angry, but more seemed to be angry with herself, quite annoyed: "In fact, I said something wrong at first."

    Xuanyuan Che wondered: "What?"

    "You're amazing. I rarely see anyone hiding the old driver's attributes so deeply and pretending to be the same as the first time." She smiled coolly, poked her finger on his chest, and lightly hooked: "Handsome, It made me look at each other."

    He felt itchy, and there was an electric current in his body that started to chaos. But more attention was focused on what she just said, a little puzzled: "What old driver? What pretends for the first time?"