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That night, Bei Mingshen clearly felt that the skin on his body had begun to recover rapidly.

He was shocked by the magical effect, and suddenly he had another opinion about the Rong family.

Back then, because of the feud, the Bei Ming family retaliated against the Rong family, but many years later, he was about to return to his original appearance because of the Rong family's prescription.

What is a healer? Kindness?

He didn't know how Gong Lingye found the Rong Family's prescription, but he suddenly had an idea--

I am afraid that Gong Lingye also knows other people from the Rong family, except Song Ziheng.

If this is the case, he really wants to stand in front of the Rong family and apologize seriously.

Although his apology was nothing to them, though, they did not share the same meaning before.

However, at this moment, he was in a complicated mood. He only felt that the Beiming family was really wrong for so many years before!

In the morning, Bei Mingshen packed his luggage, let his men hold it, and said goodbye to Shen Yu.

He sincerely thanked Shen Yu. After all, no one wants to live with a disfigured face.

Just as he was about to leave, someone suddenly came out of the room.

How should I describe the girl who came out?

She seems to be only twenty-four or five years old, but there is a mature atmosphere in her whole person.

Her eyebrows were beautiful and quiet, especially her eyes, which seemed to be detached from the world, which surprised him, a man with more than 30 years of experience.

After the girl came out, she just nodded lightly at him, and then said with her bag: "Sir, let's go."

Bei Mingshen couldn't help asking Shen Yu, "Doctor Shen, who is this?"

The girl looked a few years older than Shen Qianqian, but her appearance was quite different, and she hadn't heard of Shen Qianqian as having an older sister.

"This is my friend. My name is He Lianqing, who happened to travel here recently, so I stayed with her to help study Rong's prescription." Shen Yu explained: "Sir, thanks to her for your burn treatment. Analysis."

Bei Mingshen said seriously, "Thank you Miss Helian."

He Lianqing just nodded faintly: "You're welcome."

Shen Yu said again: "He Lianqing is going to China, you can go to the airport together."

The boat was ready, Bei Mingshen opened the curtain on the hatch for He Lianqing and saw her gracefully boarding the boat, acting like a master in the mountains.

That kind of temperament, Bei Mingshen has never seen it in a woman in her twenties.

Moreover, who can be called a "friend" by a famous doctor like Shen Yu, the girl's medical skills must also be superb.

As the boatman sailed, and the breeze blew, Bei Mingshen felt for the first time that it was not the only tingling on his cheeks.

The refreshing feeling penetrated into his skin, he took a deep breath and looked into the distance.

On the opposite side, He Lianqing had already closed her eyes. She was wearing sackcloth and trousers. She was obviously very close to him, but she seemed to be in another world.

There are wooden stilts on both sides of the river bank. Time seems to have been slowed down, making people unconsciously peaceful.

Bei Ming thought deeply that perhaps this would be the most leisurely time in his life.

Bei Mingshen and He Lianqing took a car from the town to the airport together. Because the two were not the same destination, they parted ways.

The girl in the line of sight, floating away, seemed to be just a passer-by in the hustle and bustle.

Bei Mingshen and his subordinates returned directly to Country J by plane.

On the J country side, Shangguan Xun’s life these few days is really difficult.

There is no impenetrable wall under the world, especially, Gong Lingye must have some evidence. Therefore, even if Gong Lingye did not make a real-name report, he must have revealed a lot of information, so Shangguan Xun was also quickly locked.

On the country J side, since the Shangguan family is the leading big family and contributes so much tax every year, the country J will naturally not move him.

However, the impact of this matter is too great, and it is impossible for Country J to fail to explain it out of pressure.

As a result, one of Shangguan Xun's subordinates was handed over as a scapegoat.

His parents, wife and children were in Shangguan Xun's hands, and Shangguan Xun naturally wouldn't worry about what he would confess.

Things seem to have finally ‘the truth is revealed’, but the real murderer is still enjoying freedom except for temporarily not being able to go abroad.

When Xuanyuan Yao saw the final result, her eyes were full of hatred.

Shangguan Xun failed, she was very happy, but at the same time worried.

Sure enough, just when she and Xuanyuanlin were planning the next step, news came from the Beiming family: Bei Mingshen, who had been missing for a few days, is back.

Country J seems to be in a strange balance again.

Shangguan Xun originally wanted to annex the Xuanyuan family's ambitions, but was temporarily unable to do anything after being hit by Gong Lingye's affairs and Shangguanao's intentional interference.

But Bei Mingshen, after missing a few days, seemed to be busy with treatment every day, and temporarily postponed other things.

On the Hua Guo side, although the Tiangong Group was rehabilitated, it has always been affected by previous events. There has been no improvement on the car order side.

And all the turning point was a serial rear-end collision on the highway that day.

Because it was raining that day, the road was quite slippery, and there was a car in front that took up the driving lane to park, and there was no long-distance warning, so there was a car behind that could not brake enough, causing a rear-end collision.

There were a lot of cars on the road that day. A rear-end collision just happened, and the cars behind rushed up again, which caused a series of rear-end collisions.

On the same day, someone was sitting on TG-03 in the accident section.

Someone posted the video of the day on the Internet, and saw that on the highway, one after another, like small boxes in the game, one after another crashed into the previous one.

However, there is a red TG-03 in it, but it seems to be a different kind, cracking and surviving in constant impact.

There were cars that kept crashing around, but it just turned around on such a narrow road and successfully passed the accident road without injury!

As soon as the video was released, it was quickly searched.

After all, this accident caused a rear-end collision of more than 100 vehicles that China has not seen in decades. Even internationally, it is almost a record-breaking.

However, that TG-03 was completely different, successfully completing self-rescue.

Judging from the video footage retrieved by the satellite, its self-rescue route is a classic!

The netizen below suddenly exploded: "Fuck, TG-03 is so awesome! Am I watching a science fiction movie?"

"This is the real AI technology! Serving humans, greatly reducing human errors, and avoiding all risks for passengers, successfully avoiding accidental sections."

"I watched this video N times. I am a game fan. Even if I watched the live broadcast of the racing gods, I didn't feel as excited as I was just now! This is simply a magical work! Really a magical work!"

"Woo, I want to save money to buy a self-driving car from Tiangong Group. This is simply too safe, especially for me who can't distinguish between accelerator and brake..."

"In other words, I think the TG-03 is too awesome. Are you worried that robots will rule the world in the future?"


The Tiangong Group did not even buy the navy, nor did it bring the rhythm at all. The ‘magic skills’ of TG-03 has been spread across the global network.

As a result, all kinds of orders flew in like snow flakes. All of the TG-03s in the major 4S stores were out of stock for a while, and even the latest batch will be queued two or three months later!

And when the whole people saved money to buy TG-03, the international authority took out the aircraft performance certification certificate of Tiangong Group.

The certificate is translated, and all the above indicators are at the world leading level, which can be called perfect.

Therefore, how the Tiangong was rejected before, now the Tiangong is much sought after.

On the day of the group's traditional car sales meeting, Gong Lingye and Gong Mochen went to the factory to cut the ribbon.

These cars have all been replaced with new brake systems, and their performance reports have also been recognized by international professional organizations.

Coupled with the huge sales of TG-03, Tiangong's traditional cars have also attracted much attention. The scene is full of people.

Gong Lingye just finished the inspection with Gong Mochen, and heard Pei Jun say: "President, there is a lady named He Lianqing looking for you."