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Today's weather is particularly gloomy, especially the sky above ten o'clock at night, and a star can't be seen when looking up.

    When the Song Yi people drove into the vicinity of the Song family, all the lights suddenly went out without warning.

    The entire road fell into complete darkness because of a power outage.

    Here, the Song family was already too close, and the Song Yi people directly pulled the car door out and ran towards the door.

    The grass on the villa suddenly fell into darkness. The servant responsible for tracking Song Ziheng couldn't help but shouted: "Master, there is a power outage. Where are you?"

    However, there was only a slight wind in his ear.

    At the door of the Song Family Villa, the people brought by Amian suddenly appeared, almost completely silently, and they directly fell down the guards at the door.

    Therefore, when Song Ziheng ran over, he easily stepped out of the iron fence of the villa.

    This is not the first time he has stepped out, but at this moment it seems that the person in prison is suddenly seeing light and freedom.

    Although, in his sight, he could only see a dim headlight.

    He ran towards that place, and the people over there also ran towards him.

    "Zi Heng!" Song Yiren looked at the young man running towards him, his throat tight.

    She was finally able to call him like this!

    She grabbed him and delivered the passport to his hand: "You take it, take the plane to R country immediately! The ticket took off two hours later, someone will accompany you!"

    Song Ziheng squeezed his passport, lips and flaps trembling, but could not make a sound.

    "Zi Heng, I'm still going to get an important thing." Song Yiren stretched his arms and hugged the teenager in front of him, his voice choked: "When I get it, I will go to R country to find you."

    Song Ziheng nodded and his eyes were red, but he still said nothing.

    "There is no time." Song Yiren didn't know if Chu Mingyao would do anything, so she could only release Song Ziheng, and then quickly threw it into the villa.

    Thousands of miles away, Chu Mingyao had just left a dinner.

    It's only been three hours since I didn't see Song Yi. He seemed to want to know what she was doing.

    He picked up his phone and was hesitating whether texting would be abrupt now, and his phone rang.

    Seeing the call, Chu Mingyao had a bad hunch in his heart.

    "Sir, just now, someone called Song Ziheng." The man said, "The phone number is very strange. I can't trace it here, it should be the master."

    Chu Mingyao stared at the moment: "Immediately block the villa and watch all the people! The airport and train station are closed immediately and I will try my best!"

    "Okay." The man responded, seeing that there was an incoming call on the cell phone, or the cell phone under his hand over the villa, and quickly rushed to Chu Mingyao: "Sir wait, there is a call over the villa."

    When he switched modes, he heard his followers say: "Boss, it's not good, the entire villa area suddenly lost power, and the young master is gone!"

    The man's breath changed, almost immediately guessed, this is a hijacking that has been planned for a long time! After all, this is Ningcheng's top rich area. When have you heard of a power outage for so many years?

    "Immediately block the villa!" He ordered.

    "Boss, we called the doorman, but no one answered, I don't know if something happened ..." The men obviously panicked.

    hit! The man scolded: "You, Mom, don't you know to see?" Immediately lock the door for me, and I will send someone over! "

    He yelled, because he hung there, so he automatically switched to the state of talking with Chu Mingyao: "Sir, just over there in the villa area, suddenly there was a power outage, and Song Ziheng disappeared."

    Chu Mingyao froze almost instantaneously, but after a moment, he burst out with indescribable gloom and murderousness: "Tell them that if Song Ziheng can't find it, let them try my means!"

    At this moment, the Song Yi people had reached the place where she had buried the black card.

    Taking out the shovel that was already prepared, she began to dig the soil quickly.

    Beside him, someone appeared silently, but they were all put down by Amian one by one.

    Song Yi people almost used the fastest speed, almost sore hands and feet, and finally dug a hard box.

    But, just when she just took out the things, the surrounding lights suddenly lit up one after another!

    "They have a spare generator!" A Mian whispered, almost instantaneously, he pulled out a mask from his pocket and instantly covered the Song Yi people's head.

    Then, he grabbed the soil on the ground, wiped it on his face, picked up the box that the Song Yi people had just dug, stuffed it into his arms, and pulled the Song Yi people away.

    Chu Mingyao's people arrived faster than expected. The Song Yi people had not yet reached the iron fence of the villa, and the door was already surrounded by dozens of people.

    Almost instantaneously, the people brought by Amian had already come in short contact with their people.

    However, because the standby generator only supplies power to the villa, the street lights are still dark, and the people are fighting together. The Song Yi people can hardly tell who has the advantage.

    Because there were too many people in Chu Mingyao, soon, more than a dozen people came over.

    Song Yi was blocked by Amian, and she was wearing a black mask on her face. She could only look at the outside world with a pair of eyes.

    She also learned Sanda and free combat in Gong Lingye, but now that the other party had a knife in her hand, she discovered that it was difficult for her to not drag Amian ’s hind legs!

    They were surrounded by a group of people. Amian's arms were bare, exposing bronze powerful muscles. He held two nunchakus in his hand. Almost as the other approached, he shot like a lightning and instantly repelled his opponent.

    "Ready to go!" He whispered to Song Yi: "Listen to my voice, run out together, use your fastest speed!"

    At this time, the battle at the entrance of the villa had already entered the daytime, and Chu Mingyao's men had opened the electrical wires on the iron fence.

    The kind of thing that prevents prisoners from escaping is used at the door of the villa. In the black sky, blue light flashes.

    Obviously, Amian also saw it.

    He frowned, whispering: "Go!"

    After all, he took Song Yi and held her in his arms. The nunchaku in his hands seemed to bring the wind and flew into his opponent.

    Someone was hit, some backed away, they killed a bloody path.

    At the same time, someone yelled at the crowd: "Master ran away, we all have to die, brothers!"

    Suddenly, some people who were shocked by Amian's momentum rushed up instantly.

    Song Yiren only felt that the movement of the person beside him was stagnation, and her steps seemed to pause, and then she was completely blocked from sight.

    The ears were full of fighting and crying, but she knew that she and Amian had been moving fast outward!

    Suddenly a smell came from the nose, and then the Song Yi people touched a sticky stick.

    She was shocked: "A Mian, you are hurt!"

    He had already pulled the door open and slammed her in, and then the whole person also fell in.

    The moment the car started, Song Yiren clearly heard the squeal of the knife across the body.

    She was shocked, but somehow asked: "A Mian, you don't hate me? Why don't you save me?"

    Beside him, the man's voice was still somewhat dissatisfied, but because of the injury, he seemed a little lack of energy: "Di Shao ordered."