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After the auction, Gong Lingye didn't have any interest. After all, he didn't understand Chinese medicine at all, so even if those things were in front of him, it would be a violent disaster.

Below is still a fierce price increase, he glanced at his watch.

Going back after tomorrow, he should close the wire he had laid.

At this moment, Shangguan Xun, I'm afraid it's already a triumphant feast?

It's just that Song Yi was wronged, and the pressure was so great that she still stood alone.

His heart softened and he missed her.

As the last lot was photographed, this time the herb auction conference ended successfully.

Gong Lingye and Amian went to the background to sign a contract.

At the same time, he also received news from the organizer, asking him to meet the buyer tomorrow in the town.

The next day, Gong Lingye left the hotel and got into the organizer's car.

They reached a pier in the town, and then boarded the boat again.

This place is really a paradise-like town. There is almost no commercial atmosphere in the town, and some small shops are also snacks and some handmade products.

They sat on the boat and kept going along the river bank. On both sides of the line of sight, there were people who were curling up with smoke.

There are children who are shaking their legs like a lotus on the hanging floor. The laughter is happy.

Along the boat all the way to a large mansion, the boat stopped, Gong Lingye and Amian came to the gate of the courtyard, and someone came to meet them: "Two, please follow us to the room."

The room has an old-fashioned layout, and there is a curtain in the center. Gong Lingye and Amian went behind the curtain, and the man said: "We will go and invite Mr. Shen immediately."

It seems that the other party does not intentionally hide his identity.

Not many times, there were footsteps coming from two people.

The young man who greeted everyone said, "Mr. Shen is here. Mr. Shen, please talk with the two gentlemen. I will go out first."

After all, he exited the room and closed the door.

When I first came in, Amian and Gong Lingye checked it out. There was no hacking equipment in this room.

Only listening to Mr. Shen's opening, but the voice is a bit old: "Two, I'm really sorry, specifically for two and a half days."

Gong Lingye said: "It doesn't matter."

Mr. Shen continued: "My name is Shen Yu and I will practice medicine for generations. However, compared with the Rong family, our family can't go to the elegant hall."

He continued to explain his intentions: "My grandfather's generation was once blessed by Rong's family. They cured my grandfather with a prescription, so that our family did not end."

Hearing this, Gong Lingye said: "As far as I know, the Rong family will only take medicine for the royal family."

"I didn't expect this little brother to know about it." Shen Yu said: "There is such a rule, but at that time, there was a gentleman from the Rong family. When I saw my grandfather fell ill in front of me, I couldn't do anything but die. So, my grandfather was secretly treated. The prescription he used was the one you used in exchange for the ticket."

Gong Lingye gazed slightly and did not speak.

Shen Yu continued: "Many years ago, there was something wrong with the Rong family. My grandpa secretly helped to drag down the officers and soldiers and let the younger prince of the Rong family take the opportunity to escape. It was the loyal servant of the Rong family that took him away."

Gong Lingye heard this, and believed the words of the old man in front of him by seven or eight points.

After all, with the other party's, you can connect with Shangguanao to tell him.

"Do not hide from you that my family has always had asthma, which is considered hereditary. Western medicine is also useful now, but none of Rong's prescriptions were useful."

"So, I am also holding a try mentality, always rewarding this prescription at a high price."

"First, my family is sick, and we want to be treated. Second, we also want to know if there is anyone in Rong's family."

Gong Lingye said: "There are people in the Rong family, but it is not the Rong family back then."

Shen Yu asked: "What do you mean?"

"When the young master escaped when he was young, he naturally didn't learn any medical skills. Therefore, even if he was alive, it was different from the Rong family at that time." Gong Lingye thought of Song Ziheng, the only or the Rong family, but unfortunately, Song Ziheng No exposure to medicine, so...

"It turned out to be like this!" Shen Yu's voice suddenly choked: "Yeah, I should have thought about it!"

He has been obsessed with medical skills for many years in his life. In addition to being impressed by the Song family's original surprise, he also really recognized such a civilization that has been passed on for thousands of years.

He was unable to control his emotions: "Unfortunately, the first emperor was ignorant, and even the thousand-year family like the Rong family disappeared like this!"

Gong Lingye's heart moved slightly: "It's just that Mr. Shen doesn't have to be sad either. The society has changed and it is already cruel."

"Yeah, it's cruel!" Shen Yu seemed to think of something, sighed, and then he said: "Little brother, I seem to hear your voice familiar."

Gong Lingye's eyes narrowed, and at the same time, Amian was also alert.

Just listen to Shen Yu again: "You seem to have bought the millennium ginseng! By the way, you also bought Emperor Kudi!"

Gong Lingye was alert at the moment, but the tone of the speech was still calm and calm: "Mr. Shen Lao can only hear me by a syllable at that time?"

"Although I am more than sixty years old this year, I am ear-sounding." Shen Yu said: "It is also thanks to this thousand years of precipitation. Brother, don't hide from you, I am the one who provides the emperor Kudi."

Gong Lingye was surprised, and suddenly felt that many things in the world were really a coincidence.

"Little brother, according to the previous agreement, you can ask me to make a request." Shen Yu said: "Of course, when I want to wait for the transaction, when I get the prescription."

Gong Lingye didn't immediately think about what he wanted.

Because, his heart suddenly burst into speculation.

The other party mentioned the Rong family, and the people he treated were burned and disfigured.

Last night, at the auction, he seemed to have heard a somewhat familiar voice. Although it was so instant, at the moment, it was electro-optical flint, connecting everything in series.

The person Shen Yu wants to treat may be Beimingshen!

Gong Lingye said: "Since I want to use my burn prescription to treat people, can I know who I am treating?"

Shen Yu seemed a little embarrassed, and immediately said, "It's just a businessman from country J."

Gong Lingye suddenly understood.

Sure enough, it is Beimingshen!

Shangguanao knew about the herb auction, and Beimingshen, as a member of the Beiming family, knew so much about the Rong family and naturally knew more.

Therefore, he came here naturally.

Gong Lingye instantly knew what he was going to exchange for.

"Okay." He said: "Mr. Shen, when will we trade?"

"At any time." Shen Yu said: "I continue that prescription."

"Okay, I will inform you as soon as I go back." Of course Gong Lingye doesn't need to go back to the Imperial City, because he can ask Song Yi people to take pictures of him.

It doesn't matter whether Beimingshen does not disfigure, but Beimingshen is useful.