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#139 Body perfume

Lieyuan Shen ’s branch opened one day later.

    Because the previous publicity is in place, and Unique perfume has successfully squeezed into the high-end perfume market, so early in the morning, Tianhe Square was already full of people.

    At ten in the morning, the mall opened, and the Unique counter on the first floor was suddenly full of people.

    "Dear everyone, thank you for visiting Unique's first counter in China today!" The host smiled and faced the camera: "This is not only Unique's first counter, but also a unique perfume self-distribution station!"

    She explained: "Our store now has 28 of the most basic perfume ingredients, everyone can try it later, choose four or less, mix your own fragrance ..."

    The flashing light kept on, Bei Mingmo stood in a professional attire, beside her was Luo Tianqi.

    Luo Tianqi whispered: "Momo, when I went to school, I also bought a bottle of perfume for Azi. At that time, I pretended to be poor, and a bottle of perfume cost me half a month's work ... she received I blamed me when I said it was too expensive, not applicable, so I quickly retreated. "

    He sighed: "At that time, I said to her, after I have money, give her a perfume empire!"

    Bei Mingmo looked at the bright counter, as well as a model who started demonstrating how to self-design perfumes. His eyes were also somewhat surprised: "It would be nice if I came back early."

    She had already seen Li Xiaozi in the cemetery with the Song Yi people, but it was a pity that she only touched the cold tombstone and the smile on the stone carving, and nothing else.

    Even, because she had to use Li Xiaozi's identity, Li Xiaozi's original name had also been deleted from the computer system in the cemetery. The tombstone was covered with a veil on weekdays, and was specifically blocked and closed to the outside world.

    "Yeah, if Azi knows, she will be very happy," Luo Tianqi said.

    Over there, after the host introduced, he announced the official opening, everyone can come and design a perfume for themselves.

    Everyone needs to write down the serial number, and finally submit the perfume number and proportion on the official website of Unique. After that, Unique will synthesize a unique perfume belonging to the user based on the information submitted by the user.

    "Everyone has different formulas and different proportions. Creating your own perfume and being a unique woman is our unique purpose!"

    Aside from the LED screen, promotional advertisements are playing.

    In the store, the women's faces are full of joy and obsession. After all, this self-service perfume store is really the first at home and abroad!

    Everyone wants their own taste to be unique, so even if the perfume of Unique is 30 ml, it will cost more than 100,000, but there are too many rich people in Dicheng, and chasing such fashion will only make them feel There is light on his face.

    At noon, Bei Mingmo and Luo Tianqi were eating outside. When Luo Tianqi sent her back, he was surrounded by reporters.

    Compared to Gong Mochen's cold, Xuanyuan Che's low-key, Luo Tianqi is actually not a rare guest in fashion magazines.

    Therefore, he thought that the reporters had left, and when he took off his sunglasses mask, he was suddenly blocked at the door of the store by several reporters who had not left: "Luo Shao, do you also come to the Unique perfume shop? Is it for girlfriend or Mother chooses perfume? "

    "Luo Shao, I have heard about your marriage before. Is it true or not?"

    "Luo Shao, is this lady beside you your girlfriend ..."

    Luo Tianqi rubbed his eyebrows with a headache, a playful smile on his lips: "Everyone, the unique perfumer of Unique is in front of you, do you think I need to help her choose perfume?"

    The reporters reacted and immediately looked at Bei Mingmo in shock.

    "You are Sabrina, the chief perfumer of Unique?" The reporter quickly handed over the microphone: "I heard that Unique will focus on the Imperial City side, has it been planned?"

    "Yes, in the future I will shift the focus from the R country to the Imperial City of China." Bei Mingmo wears a black-framed glasses that modify the face, the waves are large and the sea is under the sea. The whole person looks like the past North. Ming Mo is very different: "I hope you can continue to support me!"

    Miss abrina, what is your relationship with Luo Shao, are you in love? "It seems that gossip has always been an eternal topic.

    Bei Mingmo smiled: "What do you think?"

    After all, she said again: "Tianqi is my very good friend. We have known each other for seven years."

    "So, Miss Sabrina, do you want to say that you and Luo Shao are really in a relationship?" The reporter pursued.

    Bei Mingmo hooked his lips: "Hey, did I say that?"

    She beat Tai Chi and then turned to the topic: "This lady, are you using Unique's" Spring Night "in the early spring of this year?"

    As soon as the reporter was startled, a surprised expression came up: "Miss Sabrina, I have always heard that you are a wizard in perfumery. I can smell the fragrance of me in so many places where perfume is mixed!"

    Bei Mingmo blinked: "So, perfume is poisonous, don't commit a crime!"

    She made a joke, and immediately won the favor of all reporters.

    Immediately afterwards, she explained: "Actually, I'm not naturally sensitive to perfume. It's just because I was sick before, and I almost passed away a while ago. From the time of illness, my sense of smell suddenly became more sensitive than the average person. Perhaps, the answer is true: God closes a door for you, but it will open a window for you. "

    She had already thought about these remarks.

    If Chu Mingyao looks back, he will at least reduce his doubts about Bei Mingmo's identity.

    Aside, Luo Tianqi saw Bei Mingmo chatting and smiling calmly in front of the camera, feeling a little trance.

    She is really not Azi. Although she has the same face, she is a girl of two personalities.

    Once, Li Xiaozi was also so beautiful and confident, but the economic pressure of the next four years destroyed all her brilliance ...

    An indescribable dull pain rose in his heart, Luo Tianqi put on his sunglasses and mask again, and left quietly.

    At the end of the interview, Bei Mingmo was about to leave, handed over the storefront to the store manager, and saw Song Yiren coming.

    The Song Yi people sneaked out of the Tiangong Group, still wearing a professional attire, but the young and beautiful face immediately attracted the attention of other women in the store.

    Bei Mingmo saw Song Yi people coming and was about to walk over, and heard a dissonant voice coming: "Hey, isn't that Yu Ruo Nuan?"

    As the sound rang, the figures of the two women struck their eyes.

    Since the creation of Unique perfume a year ago, Le Haisheng has fallen in love with this brand.

    So, today I heard about opening, she came over after lunch.

    But I didn't expect to see Song Yi people here.

    Beside her, her little sister Zhang Lingyan opened her mouth without waiting for her answer: "Who do I mean? It turned out to be the woman who was dumped by Gong Shao! The most basic perfume here, all Want more than one hundred thousand, can you afford it? "