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On the same day, Song Yi sat in the office inside, with thick materials in front of him, and beside him, Pei Jun was also carefully checking the data.

    On the other side, Amian was instructing everyone to reorganize and classify everything.

    Previously, things that were maliciously transported away were also transported back one after another due to the intervention of the police.

    Before the computer, Song Yi people quickly became familiar with the company's business.

    As Gong Lingye said, in the financial sector, the loss is too great. If you want it, you need not only top professionals, but also time and even a good external environment.

    Therefore, the Song Yi people simply closed this piece, and let Pei Jun arrange people to do asset liquidation. Then, the focus is on the new segment of mobile games.

    The more she looked at the information, the more she discovered that there were actually many places that could be saved, and she gradually had certain plans in mind.

    On that day, she ate lunch and dinner at the company.

    Some of the remaining employees secretly sent the appearance of her serious work to Weibo. Unexpectedly, after a night, the fire broke out.

    Some people saw that Song Yi was so serious as a boss, he could not help reflecting on himself.

    As a result, some of the employees who originally planned to resign came back and took the initiative to help Song Yi people sort out the previous market data.

    The next day, Song Ziheng also came to the company together with Yu Xingfan after posing, and Yu Ruoxuan, the eldest sister of Ruo Nuan, was with her.

    In terms of managing the company, Yu Ruoxia is also a veteran, so she simply asked Yu Ruoxia to guide Song Ziheng. Then, she took Yu Xingfan to the technical department and took a look at the game plan of the little brother who remained.

    Although Yu Xingfan is Yu Chengzhi's close son, he has not inherited his parents' attachment to money. His interest is in the game.

    So, just after a while, I got acquainted with the two big brothers of the technical department and learned the concept of mobile games here.

    Therefore, when Song Yiren asked him to participate in the experience and improvement plan, he was like a child who got candy, holding Song Yiren's waist without letting go: "Three sisters, I love you! The whole family knows you best I am! "

    Song Ziheng came out of the office and saw this scene on the way to the bathroom. He frowned slightly, and walked in front of the Song Yi people, quietly pulling Yu Xingfan away from the Song Yi people: "Don't you say you want to see the hand-made by me?"

    Yu Xingfan nodded immediately: "Yes! Let's watch tonight?"

    "Well." Song Ziheng was quite cold.

    Yu Xingfan is a big-hearted person, and immediately forgets the greasy and crookedness he just had with Song Yi, and excitedly urged Song Ziheng: "Then I will go to Sanjie's house with you today!"

    "Well." Song Ziheng nodded. "I'm going to see the contract."

    "Good!" Yu Xingfan nodded and said, "Sands, you are so good, I want to learn from you!"

    Everyone was busy, and the Song Yi people went to the base of Beijiao on the third morning.

    When she went in, she wondered why the brothers were not there, but when she entered the office, she was surrounded by everyone.

    "Happy wedding!"

    Everyone came out together, each holding a gift in his hand: "Xiao Nuan, congratulations!"

    Song Yiren was soon filled with various robots of different shapes, and his heart moved: "Thank you!"

    "If nothing else, when is the wedding? We are going to go!" J said, jumping to the desk and sitting.

    Song Yi said: "Next weekend, I came here today, and I also sent you invitations!" Let's just take out a bunch of invitations from the bag.

    "Time is so fast? Are you ready?" Or old Wu is more careful.

    "Well, we are all ready, we chartered a plane, and then everyone will take a plane to Nirvana City together!" Song Yi said humanely.

    "Ouch, I have to prepare a red envelope!" Chi Jingyu said.

    "Yes, I'm waiting for your big red envelope!" Song Yiren is also polite: "too few I want to hit someone!"

    "Does your husband know what you are like now?" Chi Jingyu quipped.

    Song Yi shrugged: "I know what I do, I don't know what I do, I have all the certificates!"

    "Hahaha!" Everyone was amused, and then they talked about the new research and development recently.

    Song Yiren looked at the gifts piled on the table and suddenly thought of the game mentioned by Yu Xingfan yesterday. His heart moved and asked everyone: "Can everyone do me a favor?"

    "Lying trough, we can't help you except for helping your aunt or have a baby. How can we not help?" J said, touching his belly: "No hardware!"

    "Go!" The old ghost kicked him and asked Song Yiren: "What's the matter?"

    "Did you see the latest things about Starry Night when you were online? I took over Starry Night now." Song Yi said humanly: "The technical team over there has a plan, but I think if it is related to AI technology, it should be very good. Effect, so I would like to invite you to participate in the research and development of online games there when you have time. "

    "OK!" Anic cheered for the first time: "I thought about our AI and the game, but there has been no suitable project. Isn't it right?"

    "Yes, I also think that if online games can realize the connection between virtual and reality, and realize real holographic online games, then ..." Hua Ge pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose: "That will be a new era!"

    His words shocked everyone.

    Apan turned around and glanced at everyone: "Why not?"

    "Fuck!" Anic said: "Why not? Fuck it!"

    Even Xiao Pei stood up: "Add me one!"

    Song Yiren smiled and reached out his hand: "Okay, let's work hard, try together!"

    Everyone also extended their right hands, and then folded one by one.

    "Damn, what's going on with sudden blood?" Apan said: "I need two whole cups!"

    "I also want two whole glasses!" J rolled his eyes: "I still have two bottles of beer in my dormitory room, I'll take it now!"

    He said, quickly went to get wine.

    After the people poured the wine, the Song Yi people took the wine glass and were about to respect everyone. They were stopped by Chi Jingyu: "I said, are you pregnant? Can you drink?"

    "You are pregnant!" Song Yiren clapped Chi Jingyu's hand.

    Everyone smiled, touched the glass, and drank the wine from the glass!

    At this moment, everyone present did not know that the prologue of a new era is really slowly opening in front of them!

    It was quite late when the Song Yi left from the base, and Amian arranged for someone to pick her up.

    While sitting in the car, she received the list of bridesmaids and best man groups sent by Pei Jun. After reading the list, she added another person to the best man: Xiao Pei.

    Chi Jingyu and others are not suitable for being groomsmen because of some messy things before, but Xiao Pei is completely suitable.