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In an instant, as if falling into hell completely, Gong Mochen's hand tightened violently.

    He raised his eyes, but first met Gong Lingye's gaze.

    The trapped beast in my heart seemed to recover instantaneously, Gong Mochen's chest undulated, almost exhausted his strength, and did not scream at Gong Lingling at night.

    Gong Lingye is happy now? He fell asleep to another woman somehow, and it was even more unlikely that he would take Song Yi back!

    "Mo Chen, did you hear that?" Yue Wenqing saw Gong Mo Chen's speechlessness, his whole body was cold, and he could not help reminding him.

    Aside, Shao Xiaoyun cried again: "Wen Qing, don't push the children anymore. They are all very young, unlike our generation, don't worry about getting married ..."

    "Where is still small? Mo Chen is 27, and next year will be 28!" Yue Wenqing said: "Mo Chen, if such a thing happens, you should be responsible for a man, otherwise what will happen to let A Sheng be a girl ?! "

    Gong Mochen's hand was clinging to the table, because of the force, the joints were white.

    He remained silent, and suddenly, even Shao Xiaoyun was not pleased.

    Seeing Le Haisheng coming, Shao Xiaoyun quickly got up and took Le Haisheng's hand: "Sheng'er, your Mochen brother may not want to get married, let's not force him. If this happens, you can't marry someone, mother I will always be with you! Until my mother is gone, you will be alone by the time, take care of yourself ... "

    "Mom, I'm sorry!" Le Haisheng bowed his head, looked confessed, and looked at Gong Mochen with red eyes: "Mo Chen, disturb!"

    The two said, turned and left together.

    Behind him, Yue Wenqing was anxious. It's not that she likes Le Haisheng much, but thinks that the two are just right.

    Gong Mochen is 27 years old and has never had a girlfriend.

    There was a Yu Ruannuan before, but it broke up within a few days, which made Yue Wenqing worry about whether his son had a problem.

    Therefore, she really does not want to miss this opportunity.

    And just when she was going to keep her, Gong Mochen, who had been silent, said: "Wait."

    He felt as if he was making the most difficult decision of his life, a big marriage event, and he wanted to be with the person he liked, but he was forced to bind his life with a woman who had no feeling at all!

    However, a long time of good education made him feel that, no matter what, he should have taken responsibility since he did it.

    Even if that responsibility is the painful sword mountain fire!

    Another look appeared in his heart.

    The girl who hated him at first, but later, she shined a little bit.

    From repulsion, he couldn't help being attracted to the back, and he didn't realize that he really liked her really until he left country F.

    However, she became someone else's woman!

    Since it is not available in this life, it does not seem to matter who he marries.

    Gong Mochen's lips were tickled, full of bitterness: "I am willing to--"

    However, Gong Lingye, who had been silently looking at the phone for a while, said suddenly, "Wait."

    "What?" Yue Wenqing turned his eyes suspiciously.

    Gong Lingye raised her eyes, locked her eyes on Le Haisheng's mother and daughter, and said lightly: "Two, the show is over?"

    Both of them were startled and immediately puzzled. Shao Xiaoyun said: "Mr. Gong, I don't understand what you mean."

    "It just means literally." Gong Lingye spread his hands and slightly lip: "But I have to praise the two, acting good!"

    "Mr. Gong, how can you say that? My daughter was violated, and an innocent girl ruined her reputation, is it still our injustice that you can't succeed ?!"

    Yue Wenqing also frowned: "Ling Ye, you are too much to talk like this."

    "If it is true, I will not interfere with Mo Chen to make a decision. However, if Mo Chen has not touched Miss Le, then, I do not want him to lose his life in such a conspiracy for no reason!" Gong Ling At night, he stood up.

    He walked up to Le Haisheng step by step, and then clasped her wrist.

    Le Haisheng wanted to move, but found that Gong Lingye's hand was extremely powerful, and she couldn't break free.

    "Miss Le is accustomed to using her left hand, so she took the knife in her left hand and cut the fingers of her right hand." Gong Lingye said, lifting Le Haisheng's right hand violently: "Let's take a look at that so-called Ruohong, how did it come! "

    Le Haisheng was so shocked that she didn't expect that she would be taken out. She instinctively looked at the mother beside her.

    Shao Xiaoyun immediately said: "That was Sheng who helped me cook yesterday, and accidentally cut my finger!"

    "Really? Then why is there blood on the knife in Mochen's room?" Gong Lingye asked.

    Le Haisheng's face suddenly paled, unable to speak in a panic.

    Last night, because she was anxious, didn't she dry the knife completely?

    Aside, what Shao Xiaoyun wanted to say, Gong Lingye spoke again.

    He let go of Le Haisheng's hand, seemingly smiling: "However, I believe that Miss Le is an innocent girl because she doesn't know that the color of the virgin blood and the blood of her cut finger are different!"

    When he talked, he suddenly thought of the Song Yi people, but he felt that somewhere in his heart suddenly became soft and ironing.

    Le Haisheng has no face, and she has never been so embarrassed, she can't wait to find a ground drill!

    However, Gong Lingye did not intend to let them go.

    "So, we will return Miss Le Bi to Zhao now to Ms. Shao. Even if her brother is missing, with the appearance and acting skills of Miss Le, plus her innocent body, she should still be able to find good people!" Gong Lingye After all, his eyes were completely cold: "But our palace family will not accept such a deliberate person!"

    Shao Xiaoyun shook his body, only to feel that his chest was hit hard.

    Looking at Gong Lingye in front of her, she just felt like watching a demon.

    She was about to succeed, but, because of Gong Lingye's failure, she was defeated!

    Moreover, the disappearance of her eldest son was clearly blocked from the outside world. How did Gong Lingye know?

    Now, the eldest son is missing, and she is unable to gain ties with the largest giant in the Imperial City. In the future, it will be a dead end!

    Aside, Yue Wenqing listened to Gong Lingye's words, and the whole person shivered.

    She looked at Shao Xiaoyun's eyes completely changed.

    "A Shao, no, Ms. Shao, I treat you sincerely, but you frame my son with your daughter!" Yue Wenqing's chest undulates, and his eyes are cold light: "We will not welcome you in our palace!"

    Shao Xiaoyun's eyes were black and he almost fainted. Beside him, Le Haisheng almost shed tears while pulling his mother and fled.

    Before the coffee table, Gong Mochen raised his eyes and met Gong Lingye's gaze.

    His complexity, Gong Lingye's calm.

    "Mom, I have something to say with my uncle alone." He said to Yue Wenqing.

    When Yue Wenqing left, Gong Mochen squeezed the glass in his hand, his voice was hoarse: "Why help me? If I get married, you shouldn't be happier?"

    "I only do what I think is right." Gong Ling night said: "And, you are not willing to marry Le Haisheng."

    "Then do you mean that you want me to marry someone I like?" Gong Mochen asked.