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Gong Lingye was not qualified to sit on the second floor, but because his previous prescription was bought at a high price, the organizer gave him a small private room on the second floor.

Gong Lingye and Amian pushed the door in and found that the room had wooden walls on all three sides, and only one side had large windows.

You can see everything below from the floor-to-ceiling windows, and this kind of window is a special setting, so you can see nothing from the outside.

Soon, the auction officially began.

Before Gong Lingye came, there were special preparations.

After all, it is not easy to come here once, there are other suitable medicinal materials, he also plans to take a bit back, be prepared.

The first is ginseng, which is very large and has staggered roots.

Gong Lingye knew that there was another millennium ginseng in the back, so he did not participate in the bidding for this two hundred year old.

However, the sign below was already very enthusiastic. A total of more than ten people kept biting the price. Finally, it was taken away by a middle-aged man.

The following are all some medicinal herbs similar to qi for years, Gong Lingye also participated in two, and finally took one.

Next, it was that millennium.

The competition this time is fierce. Gong Lingye is a must for her mother, so she hasn't been relieved.

In the end, he raised 3 million cards, and finally no one competed with him and succeeded.

After all, almost everyone here is from the family of medicine fragrances, and some are merchants, but if the price is too expensive, they will all give up.

Although ginseng is a good thing, many drugs now have similar effects, but they do not need to cost so much, so it is better not to buy it.

Gong Lingye knew that the most valuable thing in this auction should be some ancient prescriptions and some extinct herbs.

Sure enough, in the next few rounds, the price began to rise more and more, until the medicine he always wanted was displayed.

The auctioneer said: "This is the emperor Kudi, who has been extinct for many years. The complete roots can be used as medicine."

A close-up of the medicinal material immediately appeared on the screen.

The auctioneer continued: "But the provider of this medicinal material is not willing to bid for money, but wants to use the medicine to exchange it."

Gong Lingye frowned, but she wanted a prescription!

Below, it turned out that many people who wanted to sell the emperor Kudi, frowned.

"The collector hopes to use a prescription for the skin after the burn." The auctioneer said, picked up the booklet and read it: "Four hundred years ago, there was a party in the royal family of the royal family of the first medicine king. Fang can restore the burned skin to its original appearance. Three hundred years ago, a fire broke out in the palace, and the emperor's favorite concubine ruined his appearance. It was also because of this prescription that he finally recovered his beauty."

He looked down: "The collector of Emperor Kudi said that if he can get a prescription, he can promise the other party a wish."

Gong Lingye's heart moved.

The Rong family's prescription was sorted out by the Song Yi people.

At that time, he had also considered taking out this one, but later weighed it and felt that this one seemed to be more expensive than the asthma treatment, so he did not choose.

I didn't expect to save myself!

At this moment, the auctioneer finished the introduction and said: "Friends participating in the auction can simply raise their cards."

However, in the lobby on the first floor, everyone sighed and looked at each other, and no one could come up with such a prescription.

"Isn't there any?" The auctioneer actually felt that the other party was too demanding.

Although Emperor Kudi is extinct, but after all it is used once and less.

And the prescription, which one is in hand, can create countless possibilities!

"It seems that it is time to shoot..." He was a little sorry: "There really isn't any--"

But, just when he was about to announce, he suddenly saw someone in the corner of the second floor holding a sign.

The auctioneer's eyes lit up: "It seems that a friend has this prescription! The emperor Kudi will belong to the friend who just raised the sign! Please ask the friend to sign a contract with us after the auction is over to confirm transaction."

In fact, at this moment, Gong Lingye had already settled down.

Emperor Kudi did use one less one, and Lie Xiaorou's situation could not wait at all.

After Dr. Tan got the medicine, he still needed to do some tests and finally worked out the finished product. So, in fact, there was not much time left for him.

At this moment, the crisis was finally lifted, and Gong Lingye picked up the tea in front of him and took a sip.

He turned his head and asked Amian: "Amian, what do you think of this tea?"

"Very good, not too hard." Amian said.

Gong Lingye's lips were tickled by his words: "Ami, you have been with me for so long, why haven't you learned to taste tea?"

"Emperor Shao, this tea is not poisonous, I know this." A Mian said, suddenly felt quite thirsty, so he drank all the tea.

Gong Lingye was quite helpless and turned her head: "Where did you go with Miss Wei?"

A Mian turned her head sharply, and her cheeks stiff and embarrassed: "Dr. Emperor, I don't know what you mean."

"Kiss?" Gong Lingye asked again.

A Mian didn't open her face and didn't speak, but her neck was a little red.

He remembered that when he was injured that day, Wei Qianran learned that he went to guard by his bed.

Those of his brothers were so tightly guarded at ordinary times, and they didn't let a fly in. As a result, Wei Qianran was such a big living person that they didn't see it.

They didn't see it at all, and they laughed together.

He was in a bad state that day, so much so that he knew there was a stranger beside him, and he fell asleep.

Then, when he was half confused, he felt something on his lips.

He also stuck his tongue out and licked it, but tasted the softness of jelly.

He opened his eyes violently and saw an enlarged face.

Long-term vigilance made him awaken in horror, almost immediately raising his hand to hit the person in front of him.

However, half of her hand raised, she shrank suddenly, opened a pair of large and innocent eyes, a little panic: "How did you wake up?"

Just say, like a child who did something wrong, blushing, don't look at him in the past.

So, his half-stretched hand was taken back stiffly.

At this moment, Gong Lingye asked him if he had kissed him, but A Mian didn't know, was that count?

Gong Ling saw Amian like that at night, his eyes were a little more interesting: "Amian, wouldn't you still be a virgin?"

A Mian: "..."

Emperor Shao is a bit abnormal today. Why is it the same as Luo Tianqi?

Gong Lingye saw Amian's reaction immediately, he raised his hand and patted his shoulder: "It's okay, I don't laugh at you. If not, I will send you some teaching videos."

Gong Lingye's mood is very good. At least, he has successfully completed the task of this trip. He only needs to take the prescription after returning home and complete the transaction at the designated place.