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Lieyuan Shen spent a week in country G.

His mother's funeral was very grand, but he stood in front of the tomb, looking at the blue in the distance, but suddenly felt a slack.

Funerals are made for others to see. How many of them really remember Miai?

The family regarded her as a bargaining chip for marriage, and her husband regarded her as a partner of interest, and the guests here regarded her as an occasional talk... Maybe only him, and the swollen, swollen eyes who were crying next to him, would be really sad!

Before he got on the flight to Huaguo, he received a call from the secretary: "Lieutenant General, something happened to the land in Xiaocheng South District that we photographed a few days ago!"

Lieyuan frowned, "What's wrong?"

In that lot, several companies are competing. He also heard that Gong Lingye was also interested in it.

However, because Gong Lingye was saving Starry Night, the financial resources could not be dispersed in the end.

He also doubted whether there would be any problem with this land, otherwise how could Gong Lingye close it? However, everything was seamless, so he had to dispel the guard.

The secretary was still trembling: "Just after the government issued an approval document, archaeologists determined that there is an important tomb below the central location of this piece of land, and no building can be built..."

Lieyuan's head sounded loudly, and if there were ancient books below, they would be expropriated for free and belong to state property.

Even if houses can be built around, he is not ignorant of the customs of the Chinese. How is it possible to live around the cemetery?

Because of the good location of this land, he had planned high-end residential areas and supporting business districts, and planned to rely on it to recover the losses of L Group.

But now it seems that not only can't be recovered, but because of it, the L Group, which was already seriously injured, instantly stood on the edge of the cliff!

Once the handling is not good, the core of the group will also be shaken, the consequences can not be expected!

Sure enough, Lie Chengan's phone came over soon, and his voice was furious: "Lie Yuan Shen, you get me back! Come to my office immediately and tell me that you are a waste!"

Lieyuan's lips were deep, and his eyes were red: "Okay."


At the same time, in Gongling Yetiangong Group, Gong Lingye listened to Pei Jun’s report and tapped his finger on the desktop: "Things have been half done. Next, we will launch our new brand ahead of schedule, just at the L Group press conference. the day before."

Pei Jun heard that, he couldn't help saying: "President, we have the same quality and price as their products..."

Gong Lingye raised her lips: "Since it's almost the same, can anyone buy it?"

Bae Jun nodded: "So I don't quite understand."

"L Group had such a thing, and his partners will know these two days. And at this time, we will launch the same products as L Group in advance, and everyone will understand that our Tiangong Group's attitude towards L Group." Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes: "So, where should they stand, can they not know?"

Bae Jun instantly understood: "L Group is going down, we have a direct attitude, and they naturally know how to choose."

Gong Lingye nodded: "So one more thing needs to be done, that is, the old thing about Lieyuan Shen dealing with Starry Night."

Bae Jun's eyes suddenly became brighter: "In this case, no one would dare to continue cooperation with L Group!"

"At least this is the case in China." Gong Lingye's eyes deepened: "Since he dares to move my things, he must know that this China is still my world, and he should pay the price!"

Bae Jun trembled, but then thought again that when Starry Night was severely hit by bankruptcy, Gong Lingye woke up and listened but didn't even frown, but instead was busy getting married.

Now, he wants to force L Group out of China. I am afraid this difference is not just for Starry Night?

He has a rare gossip: "President, do you also want to avenge Miss He?"

Gong Lingye nodded: "Naturally, my sister cannot be bullied."

After hearing this, Bae Jun could not help blurting out: "It's so happy to be your sister!"

Gong Lingye heard the words and looked at Pei Jun with a smile: "You're sour, do you want to be my sister?"

Bae Jun's face changed greatly: "President, I'm a straight man! Steel straight man!"

Gong Lingye's lips twitched: "Straight? Find a woman to show me and I believe it."

Bae Jun: "..."

As a Wannian single dog, he still knelt down!

Before Bae Jun left Gong Lingye's office, Song Yi called.

"Wife, miss me?" Gong Lingye's eyes softened suddenly.

Bae Jun was silent and rolled away.

Song Yiren said on the phone: "The old ghost found it. The thing started to receive Momo's data half a month ago. It was calculated when Momo was in Ningguo."

Gong Lingye said: "Well, is there a specific date?"

"Lock in Momo's time to go to a bar. On that day, Beimingxiao was beside her." Song Yiren told Gong Lingye from Beimingmo about the situation that day, and said, "But, If it’s Beimingxiao, it’s too obvious for him to do so. First, he met Momo, drank together, and sent Momo back to the hotel. Secondly, he saw Momo answering Ache’s call. It’s him, he doesn’t want to do it himself."

Gong Lingye apparently had such doubts, so he asked, "Did you find out where the information was transmitted?"

"This is also found, it is a very ordinary transfer station." Song Yi said: "Obviously the other party has already prepared, even if we track the past, it is only a few levels of transfer station, and the source is not found at all."

"So, now there are only clues from the bar of the day." Gong Ling night said: "I immediately contact Ning Guo to get clues. It is estimated that in the past two days, Amian will also ask the result."

At the moment, A Mian is in a basement of Ning Guo.

The man in front of him had almost collapsed. He was not afraid of pain or death. However, for the first time in his life, he was tortured by such a painless and itchy thing to almost crazy.

"Still not say?" A Mian asked blankly.

"I don't know anything..." The man was also a hard shell, even though his nerves were about to go wrong, he still kept a trace of clarity.

These days, he can only eat a little food every day. He is given sleeping pills every day, but he can’t sleep because his eyelids are stuck. It has been a week. Even if he is hit by iron, he can’t hold it!

I was hungry and sleepy every day. I couldn't help falling asleep every time, but my eyelids could not be closed!

He wanted to commit suicide, but his chin was usually removed, his hands and feet were tied, and some people looked at him, there was no chance at all!

He was really crazy, if he wasn’t the only younger brother being squeezed and let him hold on to his last will, he would really have to say everything!

A Mian carefully looked at the other party, determined that the person was estimated to last two more days, and then ordered his men to take a good look and then walked out of the room.

He took out his phone to unlock it, and there was a message on the screen just received by Wei Qianran.

Wei Qianran: "Brother Mian, I heard that you are in Ningcheng, and I am also right here. I have a performance at the Ningcheng Grand Theater tonight. Can you come and cheer me on?"