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Song Yi people feel a little guilty about wanting here: "I'm sorry."

    Gong Lingye knew what she meant: "Nuan Nuan, do whatever you want, don't worry about me, and my injuries are not in vain. Didn't you agree to agree with yourself?"

    The emotion in Song Yi's heart suddenly made him wonder where it was floating. She lifted the back of Gong Ling Ye's bed and brought porridge and began to feed him.

    Spoon a spoonful first, put it on his mouth, and blow it to his lips.

    Gong Lingye looked at the Song Yi people around him and suddenly remembered the ring he had made on the day he returned home.

    He moved his heart, what he wanted, but this is the life: marry her as a wife, get up together, go to work together, go home, sit down face to face, and eat dinner they made together.

    After waiting, a couple of children will be reborn, and watching them grow up, there will be no regrets in life.

    "Nuan Nuan." Gong Lingye called her.

    Song Yi people stopped their movements: "Huh?"

    "Nothing, just want to call you." He asked before, the ring is estimated to take ten days to complete, just before his birthday.

    and so……

    That night, Song Yi lived in the hospital suite.

    She was next to Gong Lingye's bed, and she could see his face when she turned sideways.

    He stretched out his hand, wrapped hers in her palms, and was quiet around them, and they fell asleep.

    Xuanyuan Che didn't know that Gong Lingye was injured the next day. Because there was a contract that Gong Lingye had to sign, he took the document and went directly to the hospital.

    While the two were talking about business, the Song Yi people were already in the studio.

    There is a planning promotion for ique perfume recently. After the Song Yi people got up to feed Gong Lingye for breakfast today, they passed.

    At the end of the shooting, it was almost noon. The Song Yi people worried that Gong Lingye wouldn't want anyone to feed him. His own meal might affect the wound, so he had to hurry to the hospital.

    Seeing her worried expression, Bei Mingmo couldn't help laughing: "Oh, my family's Yi Yi is tied to my heart. I'm so sad!"

    Song Yi people scratched the tickling flesh of Ningbei Mingmo: "Okay, wait for him to be better, I will compensate you again!"

    Bei Mingmo smiled and picked up the car key: "Okay, people want to save my home Yiyi injured, I should naturally go to console as Yiyi's official card! Let's go together, just I am fine in the afternoon."

    "Okay." Song Yi nodded and pulled Bei Mingmo into the car together.

    Gong Lingye's three meals a day were specially made by the chef of his villa, and some herbs for qi and blood were added. Therefore, the Song Yi people pulled Bei Mingmo in and heard a voice in it. The first sentence asked: "Is it good for lunch?"

    She first passed the kitchen, looked around, and saw the dish that was breathing, so she took Bei Mingmo and walked in, hurried to wash her hands first.

    However, when he saw Xuanyuan Che in the ward, Song Yi was startled, "Are you busy working?"

    Bei Mingmo also met Xuanyuan Che's eyes. She raised a decent smile and greeted him with a nod.

    Over there, the Song Yi people washed their hands and took away the documents from Gong Lingye, saying, "It's time to eat!"

    Gong Lingye was helpless: "Nuan Nuan, I have a little more to say."

    "I'll talk later. You're injured. You should take more rest." Song Yiren couldn't help but break up, put the small table, gave Gong Lingye dinner and started feeding.

    Xuanyuan Che was next to him and glanced at Pei Jun.

    Pei Jun smiled: "Mr. Xuanyuan, you will have a girlfriend after you understand it."

    What he meant by this is that, you see, although our president looks helpless on the surface, he actually enjoys it.

    Xuanyuan Che had never seen Gong Lingye like this. He withdrew his eyes and wanted to say something. Aside, Pei Jun said again: "Yes, Mr. Xuanyuan, why have you never seen your girlfriend?"

    Wen Yan, Bei Mingmo could not help but look at the past.

    She suddenly remembered that the girl beside Xuanyuan Che more than two years ago.

    Xuanyuan Che raised his eyes subconsciously and met Bei Mingmo's line of sight. He turned away quietly and said lightly: "Recently busy."

    Song Yi people could not help but turned around.

    Xuan Yuan Che this means, recently busy, so did not bring out his girlfriend? Or is it that I have been busy recently and have no time to make a girlfriend?

    Aside, Gong Lingye said: "A Che, listen to Auntie, they are thinking about your marriage with Miss Wei recently?"

    Xuanyuan Che remembered what his mother said yesterday, saying that he was 30 years old during the Chinese New Year. When he was so old, his father was already a child and his father. The Wei family and their Xuanyuan family were considered old friends, so let him have a good weekend Meet Miss Wei Yunyun.

    Xuanyuan Che nodded: "Well."

    Pei Jun also knew the Wei family. He heard that he couldn't help but smile: "I heard that Miss Wei's ballet danced very well and won the true biography of her mother."

    Xuanyuan Che shook his head: "I don't know very well, I haven't seen it."

    At this time, several other people's meals were also delivered, and Song Yi people just finished feeding Gong Lingye.

    She took a handkerchief to help him wipe his mouth, and beside him, Bei Mingmo saw this scene and couldn't help laughing: "I see my warm baby really flew!"

    Song Yiren's face was hot, and she found that a blue stubble appeared on Gong Lingye's face. Her fingers were raised, and her fingertips were tingling.

    "It's over, I'm going to be electrocuted by them!" Bei Mingmo said, and said to Pei Jun: "Handsome guy, sit down and eat, I can't continue to eat dog food!"

    On that day, everyone was sent away, and Song Yiren accompanied Gong Lingye in the hospital in the afternoon.

    She also has a lot of work piled up, so as long as Gong Ling fell asleep, she would pick up the computer and start working.

    At night, the doctor changed the medicine to Gong Lingye's wound again and said to Song Yi: "Miss Yu, now Mr. Gong's wound has been healed temporarily and needs to be cleaned. Look at this ..."

    Song Yiren's cheeks warmed up: "It's okay, I'll come, no need to find a nurse."

    However, when she twisted the towel, she couldn't help but worry.

    In the ward, the door of the room was closed, and Song Yi first helped Gong Lingye wash her face, then gently opened the quilt.

    His upper body, the biggest wound is a knife wound on the abdomen and back, and the rest is almost bruised.

    Her hand gently crossed his skin, avoiding the gauze, and then straight down.

    "That--" Song Yiren's throat was dry: "Do you want to wipe your legs?"

    Gong Lingye knew what she was asking, and she couldn't help but get a little smile on her eyes: "Nuan Nuan, I was sweating before my legs, and there was a place where I was particularly uncomfortable."

    Song Yi: "..."

    Seeing her not moving, Gong Lingye pretended to be puzzled: "Warm warm, what's wrong?"

    As soon as his words fell, his hand touched the position of his belt.

    He was wearing the hospital uniform of the same type and belt style. The Song Yi people gently pulled from the belt and suddenly opened it completely.

    She took a breath and then pulled it down quickly ...