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#447 Anonymous threatening phone

Xuanyuan Lin opened the door with the key, picked up Beiming Mo and put it on the bed.

Bei Mingmo looked at him, only to feel that the sky was spinning, unable to concentrate.

Outside, Xuanyuan Che had arrived in the corridor, and it was about to see which room Xuanyuan Lin was in, and a door opened.

Confused, he quickly flashed to a corner.

It turned out that it was Xuanyuan Lin, which made Xuanyuan Che a little surprised.

What is Xuanyuan Lin doing? Do you want to send others into the room? However, the Xuanyuan family made it clear that they wanted to marry with the Beiming family. If Beimingmo was sent to another man's bed, then the marriage would certainly fail!

Xuanyuan Che was a little puzzled, but he didn't know. In fact, Xuanyuan Lin came out only for one reason, because he suddenly had diarrhea!

No one was around. Xuanyuan Che quickly called a bodyguard left by Gong Lingye and walked to the room where Bei Mingmo was.

The room was locked, and the bodyguard used a thin wire to pull it away quickly.

Xuanyuan Che went in and saw Beiming Mo who was powerless in bed.

"Momo?" He leaned over to hug her: "They gave you medicine?"

As he approached, the fresh smell on her body made her sober for a moment.

Bei Mingmo bit her tongue sharply, and through the pain, she finally mentioned some spiritual scolding: "Xuan Yuanlin's bastard!"

After all, she said quickly: "You touch it quickly, there is a spray in my chest on the left, you spray it on my face!"

Xuanyuan Che touched it in the past, his fingertips were in a soft and elastic, and he really felt a pocket spray bottle.

He didn't have time to think about those sensational feelings, and sprayed twice quickly towards Bei Mingmo.

As a pungent smell invades the sense of smell and reaches the nerves, Bei Mingmo feels that his body is gradually regaining control.

"There is another side, there is a spray bottle." Bei Mingmo leaned against Xuanyuan Che's shoulder: "You take me to another room, then, use that spray Xuanyuan Lin."

"What's that?" Xuanyuan Che really didn't know where these strange things came from Beiming Mo. The perfumer is so powerful?

"This is what I found in the Beiming family, and spraying Xuanyuanlin this will allow Xuanyuanlin to arch the sow." Beimingmo's lips raised, showing a bad expression: "He counts me, it should be collected Pay interest!"

"Okay." Xuan Yuan Che said, holding Bei Mingmo, and quickly went to the room at the end of the corridor. Then, let the bodyguard accompany Bei Mingmo, and he returned to the lounge just now.

Xuan Yuanlin didn't know what was wrong with him today, but went to the toilet several times.

Annoyed, he quickly walked back to the corridor.

He just walked in a hurry, so I don't know. His cell phone that landed in the private room actually rang several times, and it was Xuanyuan Yao who hit him.

Back at the door of the private room, he glanced around, no one was around, so he opened the door with the key.

Only, at the moment when he pushed the door, a figure flashed in front of him, and then he felt that someone was spraying something against him!

Xuanyuan Lin had learned some self-defense techniques and responded quickly, but after all, it was something sprayed, so I still inhaled some.

He stood still and saw that it was Xuanyuan Che, his eyes were instantly murderous: "You count me?!"

Xuanyuan Che looked at him: "Third brother, don't pretend?"

"I should ask you this sentence." Xuanyuan Lin narrowed his eyes and drew a dagger from his pocket: "However, I don't need to ask."

Having said that, he attacked Xuanyuan Che directly.

Xuanyuan Che quickly avoided, and the two fought for a few rounds in a small room.

Until Xuanyuan Che was scratched by Xuanyuanlin, he also successfully pressed Xuanyuanlin on the closet.

Xuanyuan Lin wanted to struggle, but what he had just inhaled had begun to erode his nerves.

He felt a bit hot and a little weak.

"Why make that anonymous call to Momo?" Xuanyuan Che snapped the knife in Xuanyuan Lin's hand.

"It seems that you are not as stupid as I had investigated before!" Xuan Yuanlin sneered and tried to restrain the waves of enthusiasm in his body: "Aren't you supposed to know now?"

The reason why Xuanyuan Che asked just now was just to confirm the call.

At the moment, seeing Xuan Yuanlin's reaction, he also made it clear instantly: "At that time, there were bodyguards next to her and me. You called and threatened her family, so we concentrated the bodyguards to her family. , This way, I was ignored."

"Not bad." Xuanyuan Lin said, "I just didn't expect that you wouldn't die like that!"

"It disappoints you." Xuanyuan Che held Xuanyuan Lin tightly, only feeling that the abdomen has basically healed the wound, and there is a tendency to tear.

"But I also don't understand one thing." Xuan Yuanlin's face was already reddened, and sweat was on his forehead: "You acted to deceive me all over, why did Beimingmo know the truth? And , Also when I told her to break up with your phone."

"Because she believes in me." Xuanyuan Che's forehead also oozed with sweat, and there was a burst of pain in his abdominal wound. Years old, haven't even got such sincere feelings!"

Xuanyuan Lin heard the words, his pupils tightened suddenly, but a figure appeared in his mind.

That day, after he went home, he learned from Xuanyuan Yao's mouth the success of the Starry Night conference.

He thought it was impossible, so he found the video on the Internet again and watched it from beginning to end.

The sister said something in the ear, he didn't hear it clearly, and the whole thought did not know where he was flying.

It seems that it was the moment when I saw the Song Yi people coming from the horse that day, and it seemed that she stood on the stage and said that she was killing those stars.

In short, at that time, his heart was beating fast.

That feeling has never happened in my life, but it is strange but fresh.

Even at the moment, the moment he heard Xuanyuan Che say "sincere feelings", he didn't realize anything, but in the next second, he thought of her very clearly.

The heat of the body was swarming, and all of them looked like Song Yi people. Xuanyuan Lin suddenly gathered strength and suddenly pushed Xuanyuan Che away.

At this moment, the door opened suddenly, but Xuanyuan Che's bodyguard came in.

"Second Master, just after Miss Beiming answered the phone, she left the private room." The bodyguard said.

Seeing that Xuanyuan Lin was about to get up, Xuanyuan Che gestured for the bodyguard. Suddenly, the bodyguard hand raised and lowered the sword, and directly Xuanyuanlin passed out.

"The second young master, someone should be helping us to solve all the arrangements made by the three young masters." The bodyguard said quickly: "And just after Miss Bei Ming answered the phone, she called the person on the phone to be "Shen Brother"."

Xuanyuan Che bounced, Shen brother? Beiming deep?

"I know." Xuanyuan Che said, reaching for the door frame.

"Are you injured?" The bodyguard's face changed.

"Help me go to Momo's room for a break." Xuan Yuan Che covered the wound in his abdomen, and the blood in his palm had also dried up.

At this moment, Bei Mingmo quickly came to a flower bed, and his eyes crossed the whirling tree shadow, and he saw the man standing at the end of his eyes.