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#38 Return?

Song Yi couldn't help crying and laughing, what does Gong Lingye mean, and what does it mean to have to learn life-saving means by his side? It was as if she had rushed to join him!

    But when I thought about it, she didn't know what she would meet after taking revenge. Since there are good resources here, Gong Lingye was willing to teach, why didn't she learn?

    So, Song Yi raised his eyes and nodded at Gong Gong Ling Ye: "Okay."

    Gong Lingye narrowed her eyes, and the interest at the bottom of her eyes was more intense. Sure enough, he is the woman he fancy, smart, knowing to advance and retreat.

    Until reaching the shooting range, Song Yiren did not see Gu Tingxue, thinking that he should have left long ago.

    Soon, Gong Lingye had changed to a casual sportswear and came over.

    Song Yiren also wore a tennis suit-like sports suit that he prepared earlier. She is white and black stripes, he is black and white stripes, so standing together, it feels like a couple.

    "Less Emperor, how many meters is the target?" His men asked.

    Gong Ling Night Road: "25 meters."

    Adjusted the position of the hanging target under his hands, and gave the two people headphones and goggles.

    Putting on the equipment, Gong Lingye took the pistol and explained to the Song Yi people: "When shooting, the arm should be straight, and the eyes look here ..."

    He first demonstrated what needs to be done, then pulled the trigger, and suddenly, with a gunshot, the bullet flew out, hitting the bullseye.

    He handed the pistol to Song Yiren. After she adjusted her posture, he held her cheek close to her and turned his head: "For the first time, you feel recoil."

    The Song Yi people really touched the real gun for the first time, so they put all their energy into aiming.

    Hearing Gong Lingye's words, she didn't think the distance between them was close or far. Her target was only the bullseye in front.

    He pulled the trigger, and she only felt that there was obviously a force behind the impact, and the bullet had already passed through the target-Jiuhuan.

    "When shooting, don't hesitate. The longer the gun is raised, the easier it is for your physical strength to tremble because of your effort and lose your accurate head." Gong Lingye let go of Song Yi's hand: "Try."

    Song Yi nodded and began to aim.

    Halfway through, Gong Lingye corrected her movements again.

    The son popped into the bore, centered on the eighth ring.

    Song Yi people turned their heads and looked at Shang Gong Ling Ye.

    The corners of his lips were slightly raised, and his beautiful lips outlined a faint smile. The sun shattered his eyes. The deep three-dimensional facial features were softened a little because of the smile at the moment. Because he was wearing a sports suit, he was not forced to do it on weekdays. The cold breath of him made him look so beautiful that he couldn't move his eyes.

    Song Yi people thought that this pervert does not seem to be so annoying all the time.

    He taught seriously and she learned hard.

    Soon, the Song Yi people played dozens of rings in a row.

    Gong Lingye's lip corners had a larger arc, and she reached out and rubbed Song Yiren's hair: "Performed well."

    The condescending elders speak.

    Song Yiren smoothed his hair and complimented the sentence: "The teacher taught well."

    Gong Lingye raised her eyebrows: "Since this is the case, should I give my teacher some reward?"

    Song Yi people have a great alarm bell, thinking, this abnormal is still abnormal, and it really will not be normal for a few minutes.

    Quickly changed the moving target, Gong Ling night said: "In reality, no one is standing there waiting for you to shoot, so you should also learn to hit the moving people."

    He began to talk about the essentials again, and the Song Yi people continued to listen carefully.

    Sure enough, after changing the mobile target, the Song Yi people began to stage off-target shows, and they missed their opponents six times out of ten.

    "It doesn't matter. It's not easy for you to get in touch with a real gun for the first time." Gong Lingye stared at Song Yiren's trembling arms and said: "However, the physical strength is too poor and you must exercise every day in the future."

    Song Yi: "..."

    After Gong Lingye finished his speech, he adjusted the moving speed of the moving target faster, and then picked up the gun and started shooting.

    Song Yiren saw Gong Lingye shooting that day, but because of the confusion, he didn't see clearly.

    At this moment, the man was beside her. She only felt that the moment he picked up the gun, the whole momentum changed, sharp and sharp, like a killing machine.

    The same profound and handsome eyebrows, the terrifying breath at the moment made people feel that the surrounding air seemed to be sucked clean.

    He quickly finished the bullet, put down the gun, and found that the Song Yi people were still watching him. Gong Lingye hooked her lips and buckled her waist: "Do you want to be like me?"

    Song Yi nodded.

    "You will." He said, pressing her against the wall next to it, then bowed her head and kissed.

    This time it was even more familiar. He easily pried open her teeth and swayed through her world. She was strong and could not refuse. When she found the tip of her tongue, she rolled it over and forced her to entangle him.

    After a short period of stun, the Song Yi people quickly recovered.

    Recalling that Gu Tingxue had also found him in Gong Lingye's room, maybe they did something indescribable.

    He kissed other people and came to kiss her again. The disgusting feeling made her unable to control her reason. She raised her teeth and bite hard!

    Gong Lingye took pains, but only shrank, but then the offensive was more encrypted.

    After taking a bite, Song Yiren vaguely felt the bloody smell. When he thought of the danger of this man in his usual days, he could no longer bite.

    If it really irritated him, she thought he might really regard her as the object of ‘clearing’.

    The woman in her arms finally got better, the fire in Gong Lingye's heart gradually subsided, and the kiss became deep and long, he began to trace her lips and petals, tasting the unique floral fragrance of the girl, fingers crossed Song Yi's long hair.

    A deep kiss ended in a long time.

    The Song Yi people were softly kissed, just shot and overdrawn their strength, and the whole person seemed to be drained.

    She made up her mind secretly: After returning to school, she would spend at least one hour a day to exercise.

    Although Gong Lingye's tongue was a little painful, but after the kiss, he felt a lot better. He took the small hands of Song Yiren and took her back: "Tonight, follow me to a place."

    The Song Yi people did not expect that Gong Lingye had just taught her to shoot, and it came in handy that night.

    Before leaving, Gong Lingye put a female pistol in her palm: "Adapt tonight."

    Song Yi took it and looked up at him calmly: "Can I not go?"

    "No," he said lightly.

    A group of five people drove two cars, and the other four were all seen by the Song Yi people last night, in the study.

    She wore a red dress tonight, and when she got off the bus, Gong Lingye took her hand and walked to a place that looked like a restaurant.

    It's just that when I walked through the cloister outside and walked to the inside, Song Yi people understood at once, where is the restaurant, and it is clearly an underground casino!

    The goal is the splendor of the accumulation of money. In the large hall on the first floor, the slot machines, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat are all surrounded by gamblers.

    As soon as the waiter saw Gong Lingye coming, he came to salute respectfully: "Mr. Gong, Mr. Wan is already waiting for you on the third floor."