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#403 See that man again

Gong Lingye helped Luo Tianqi to the room. Seeing that he shouldn't vomit, he called a waiter to help him watch and walked out.

As soon as he returned to the grass outside, Lie Xiaoren returned the card to him: "Brother, I'm a little sleepy. I'll take a shower first."

After she finished, she said, "My card is very powerful!"

Gong Lingye glanced at it, the card was really good, nodded at her: "Go to bed early!"

Lie Xiao softly responded and hurried to the room.

She rushed into her bedroom, closed the door, and stood in front of the bathroom mirror.

In the mirror, her lips and petals were slightly swollen and much fuller than usual.

She remembered the scene just now.

The woods, the man’s crazy and desperate kisses, and his tears and salty taste...

Lie Xiaoruo thought of this and quickly bent over to water his face.

The cool water fell on her cheeks, slightly relieving the feeling of being hot. She took the toothbrush again, packed it with toothpaste, and began to brush her teeth.

Lie Xiaoruo brushed his teeth three times before and after, until the taste left by the man between the lips and teeth was completely washed away. Then he put down the cup and looked at the mirror with some surprise.

Her first kiss was gone.

She has grown so big that she has always been the only one who bullied others, and no one else has bullied her.

So, should she ask Luo Tianqi to settle the bill?

However, when thinking of Luo Tianqi looking at her deeply, whispering the phrase'eight years, there are really few years in life', Lie Xiaoruo also felt that maybe he was also a pitiful person.

After all, she has never seen a man cry like this...

Lie Xiao took a bath and turned over and over in bed, not sleeping at all.

At the moment, Gong Lingye also left.

He and Song Yi returned to the room, while Beiming Mo and Xuanyuan Che came out from the back door of the villa.

At this moment, the moon is sparse and the surroundings are very quiet. Only distant trees can be seen in the distance.

The two were walking hand in hand along the gut path and saw something suddenly jump in front of them.

Bei Mingmo was startled and looked closely, only to find that it was a little hare.

As soon as her eyes light up, she pulls Xuanyuan Che to chase.

Hare does not seem to be very afraid of people, running a few steps and resting for a while, always keeping a certain distance from the two.

Unconsciously, they followed the hare into a wood.

Bei Mingmo grabbed a handful of grass from the ground, squatted down, and said to the hare: "Little white rabbit, come and eat vegetables!"

Her eyes were bright, her voice was light, and Xuanyuan Che felt only soft.

In the future, if she had their children, would she be so funny?

Thinking about it, I saw the little hare running two steps towards Bei Mingmo, and then suddenly turned around and swooped into the grass in front of him, no longer seen.

Bei Mingmo stood up with some regret: "Oh, I can't lure you. I can't confuse the rabbit--"

Before her words were finished, Suddenly Xuanyuan Che grabbed her waist.

His arms closed inwards, and his lips and flaps pressed down.

Her center of gravity was unstable, hitting his chest, her head leaning back instinctively, responding to his kiss.

The grass in her hand was scattered at her fingertips, and she raised her hand to hook his neck.

In the woods, there was only the sound of rustling, so the sound that connected the kiss and the unravelling of the cloth was also integrated into the background sound.

Bei Mingmo was a little nervous, and her voice trembled with Xuanyuan Che: "Will anyone come--"

He hugged her and continued to attack: "No."

She was a little relieved, only feeling that it was a thousand times more exciting here than in a hotel.

And he was obviously vengeful, and said in her ear: "Always remember Amian?"

Bei Mingmo: "..."

I didn't expect this man to be so careful, it is estimated that he was also premeditated here.

It is estimated that the rabbit is the rescuer he invited?

Bei Mingmo was sullen, and gradually, he had no strength to sullen.

It had been a long time since the end, and Bei Mingmo hadn't packed his clothes yet, and hung in the jacket on the branch, a ringtone came from the mobile phone.

She picked it up and saw that the name of the caller above was actually'Teddy', that is, Bei Mingxiao's agent.

Bei Mingmo slipped and answered, "Teddy."

"Sabrina, my house has an accident!" Teddy said eagerly. "When he was filming tonight, the wire rope broke. He fell from a height of more than three meters and is now in the operating room!"

Bei Mingmo was startled: "Which hospital?"

"He's in the Imperial City, didn't tell you before?" Teddy said: "We are at the Second Central Hospital next to the Studio City."

"Okay, I will rush over!" Bei Mingmo said.

She hung up the phone, quickly arranged her clothes, and Chong Xuanyuan Che said: "My second brother is seriously injured in filming, and I have to go to the Second Central Hospital."

Xuanyuan Che thought for a while: "I will drive you through."

"Alright." Bei Mingmo thought for a while: "But the anonymous phone has not been found, so you will take me to the door of the hospital."

"Good." Xuanyuan Che nodded.

The two went to the room to tidy up briefly, and greeted Gong Lingye.

The cable car has not been repaired on this side of the mountain, so you can only return the same way down the mountain. Therefore, Gong Lingye arranged a staff member and a bodyguard to escort them down the mountain overnight.

Bei Mingmo felt the softness of the Song Yi people's legs at the moment, but, because he was worried after all, he started to feel a bit uncomfortable at the beginning.

Although it is in the suburbs, there are not many cars on the road because it is late at night.

Not long after, Xuanyuan Che had parked the car in front of the Second Central Hospital.

"A Che, I'm going to see him first, you go back to bed early!" Bei Ming Mo Chong Xuan Yuan Che said.

"Well, don't be too tired." Xuan Yuan Che said, suddenly leaned over and printed a kiss on Bei Mingmo's cheek.

She smiled at him: "Good night." Then she pulled the door and walked out quickly.

Outside the operating room, the atmosphere is somewhat dignified.

At a glance, Bei Mingmo saw Teddy dressed in fancy dresses. She walked over: "Teddy, how is my second brother? What did the doctor say?"

"A Xiao was all blood when he sent it, and the doctor said that he was not out of danger. He is now transfusion, and I hope everything is okay!" He sighed: "A Xiao is really all sorts of retrograde this year, waiting for him this time When I am discharged from the hospital, I must take him to do a good job!"

Bei Mingmo nodded and was about to say something, and suddenly found that there was a man in the corridor who was always facing away from her.

The man was wearing a casual suit with a tall figure and wide shoulders.

With one hand in his pocket, he was looking at the direction of the operating room, and the whole person showed a depressing breath.

Bei Mingmo was in a trance, walking towards him.

And exactly, the man turned slowly, revealing a tough and deep face.

"Shen Brother?" Bei Mingmo said with surprise.