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#423 Absurd

"It turned out to be a nephew." Bei Mingkun still smiled: "I've heard your uncle whispering to you before, just come here, don't go back!"

"It seems that Mr. Beiming wants me to stay here?" Gong Lingye said meaningfully.

"Hahaha, the nephew laughed!" Bei Mingkun said with a smile: "The nephew's going to stay will naturally require the official to decide, where can I be an outsider..."

"No, you can." Gong Ling Ye narrowed her eyes: "I have always wanted to visit Beiming's house, because my uncle Gu in China has something to let me bring you. Also, Chu Ming in Ningguo Prison Yao, he has a question that he hasn’t understood yet, let me ask you on his behalf."

"Is it?" Bei Mingkun no longer digresses: "Ling Ye, you are still too young! Life is in a hurry for decades. Only looking forward is the most sensible."

"If the roots behind are all broken, how far can you look forward?" Gong Lingye's tone increased a little: "Some things, I will get it back sooner or later!"

"Then it's up to me." Bei Mingkun said, reaching out to pat Gong Lingye's shoulder.

Gong Lingye ducked sideways and turned his eyes slightly to see Shangguan Ao coming over.

"Brother Beiming!" Shangguanao smiled and rushed to Beiming Kun Road.

"Brother Shangguan!" Bei Mingkun asked the next man to send the gift up: "Just a few words with Lingxian's nephew, it was quite speculative."

"Really?" Shangguan stared at Gong Lingye's cold face, and immediately grabbed Beiming Kun's shoulder: "Xun'er brought a lot of good tea from the south a few days ago. We used to drink a few cups."

The two said, and turned to leave.

Song Yiren looked at the figure of the two talking and laughing, his heart was cold.

Beiming Kun killed, although it was a member of the Hua Guo Gong family, but in calculation, it is also the pro-nephew of Shangguan Ao, and three lives. It turns out that in the eyes of these people, it is no more than a benefit!

Beside him, obviously Gong Lingye felt the same way as her. He took her in his arms and whispered: "Baby, I'm not scared of all the wealth and status here. Give me time to wait for me to find out the North Sea The bottom of the family will definitely get justice for your family and my brothers!"

"Well, I believe you." Song Yi nodded.

"In the past few days, we will inevitably encounter a lot of unexpected things. You can't relax your vigilance at all times," Gong Lingye said again.

Song Yi nodded: "Okay, I will be careful."

He took her to the rest area, and then let her rest in peace and rest, and he began to walk among the people present.

Song Yi people know that Gong Lingye must have gone to talk.

After all, with such a good opportunity today, as long as he has the heart, he can get a lot of information.

While Song Yi was thinking, someone was sitting on the sofa opposite her.

She looked up and found that it was Xuanyuan.

"Three Uncle Xuanyuan." Song Yiren told the truth, the first impression of the man in front of him was not bad. At least, in this J country with material desires, the people in front of him have a sense of indifferent fame and fortune.

"Why don't you go chat with them?" Xuanyuan or asked.

Song Yiren smiled: "Maybe there is a cultural barrier!"

Xuanyuan might be teased, and then he said again: "You are going to the first time in country J?"

Song Yi nodded: "Yes, the visa here can't be done without the invitation of the national residents."

"Do you like it?" Xuanyuan asked again.

"Do I need to be honest?" Song Yi asked.

Xuanyuan might be amused again, and he found that he seemed to smile more than usual today.

He said: "You say that, I already know your answer."

Song Yiren also felt funny. She took a drink and took a sip. Suddenly she felt that all kinds of dealings with people today were the most relaxing at this time.

"Actually, I have also been to Huaguo once." Xuanyuan or said: "Go to see my second brother, which is Ache's father."

Song Yiren wondered: "Why haven't we ever heard of A Che or Uncle Xuanyuan mentioned that he has seen you, or, about the country J?"

"Because I didn't tell him in the past that we were in country J. I only said that the older brother asked me to see him in the past and asked him if he would go abroad." Xuanyuan or said: "But the second brother didn't even ask where He just said one thing, he was used to the Imperial City, and he didn't plan to go anywhere."

Song Yiren nodded and said: "Listening to A Che, his father really doesn't like walking around."

"Yes, seeing him refused, I said nothing." Xuanyuan or said: "After that, I will soon return to the country J."

Only, before returning to China, something happened...

Xuanyuan still remembers what the woman looked like at the time.

He was still young at the time, and his girlfriend who grew up with him died unexpectedly because of a car accident.

After that, he never had another woman.

Until that time in China, he met a drunk woman in the bar.

The woman looked very much like the man in his heart. At that time, he was also drunk, and said to send her home, he just wanted to comfort her lovesickness for many years by looking at her more.

He and her went to her house, and she happened to be the only one in her house that day.

Listening to the drunk, she said to her husband that her two daughters were out.

Then she regarded him as his husband again.

After that, everything was out of control, he had a relationship with her, and Shen fell into a night.

When he woke up the next day, she was still asleep in his arms. He felt a pot of ice water splashing down. He was drunk and did such a thing with a married woman!

So, while her family was not there, he quietly left, and on that day, he left Hua Guo directly.

After all, this night, they still forgot the best of each other.

Some things have long become thin and blurred in the long stream of time, but when I talk about the past today, I find that although I want to forget, I have never forgotten.

Xuanyuan or took the wine glass and drank the wine in the glass, thinking in a trance, wondering what happened to the woman?

I remember she held him at that time, regarded her as another person, accused him of never loving her.

He sighed a little, sighing, love and hatred in the world, they are all fools, never like Shangguan proud, live clearly and rationally, directly and clearly.

When Song Yiren saw Xuanyuan or seemed to remember something, she rushed to him: "Actually, Hua Guo and Ning Guo are very good. If Uncle Xuanyuan is not busy here, he can go around."

"Okay." He nodded, and at this moment he felt that the Song Yi people seemed to be more cordial, and could not help asking: "Can I call you Ruo Nuan? Your family has always been in the Imperial City?"

Song Yiren nodded: "Yes, my family is in the Imperial City. I don't hide from you, my family status is far from the Shangguan family. Even his father, he is still in the Imperial City prison."

Xuanyuan was a little surprised, and then said, "If it's warm, what is your father's name?" Perhaps, with such a kind affection, he can help her.

"Yu Chengzhi." Song Yi said humanely.

Suddenly, it seemed that a thunderbolt broke through the long-lasting memory, and the chest of Xuanyuan or Shao was shocked.

He remembered that the woman holding her and screaming her name was Yu Chengzhi!