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Chu Mingyao looked at the Song Yi people, as if looking at the straw for help.

Song Yiren smiled and nodded: "Yeah, I haven't given up on you, otherwise how can I come to see you?"

He didn't notice the wrong tone of her tone. At this moment, because of her words, the eyes were bright and his cheeks were flushed.

"Brother doesn't ask me, why did you come to see you so late?" Song Yi said humanely.

"Are you busy working and studying?" Chu Mingyao sighed: "Xiao Nuan's study is good, smart and beautiful! In the future, he will definitely be able to stand out. He will definitely meet another one in the future -"

He said this, he paused to continue: "Meeting a very good man...I had hoped to be with you...but I am now..."

When he said this, he couldn't help crying after all.

This is the second time the Song Yi people have seen Chu Mingyao cry. Obviously, compared with the first time, he cried more desperately this time.

He was obviously trying to be patient, but he couldn't control his emotions at all, and he was shaking all over.

His hand squeezed the earpiece tightly, and the joints were white with hard force.

He covered his face with his other hand, but he could still clearly see that there were tears running down his fingers.

She looked at him so quietly, her mind calm.

He also tried his best to suppress it, and finally he was able to stop the tears, and his voice trembled: "Xiao Nuan, I am blind now, my legs are gone, and my hair is so much white. I have no hope! I want to die every day. , But I don’t know how to die! I hit the wall, but my strength was too light and I just fainted! I wish someone would kill me! Every day I live is painful! I’m as good as death!"

He clutched his head in pain and looked at the Song Yi people through the light of his eyes: "Xiao Nuan, I'm so sorry! I shouldn't treat Song Yi's family so much, if I don't do that, will I not become today such?"

The Song Yi people looked at him and said calmly: "If you haven't dealt with their family, then, after she broke your incident, she will definitely dissolve the marriage contract with you. If you go out of track, Su Yunfei, the Song family will naturally not recognize you again. Adopted children, you will have nothing."

Chu Mingyao was stunned for a while, apparently a little strange to the calm girl in front of him, and then he said: "If I can be with you, even if I have nothing, I will!"

Song Yi people feel funny, this man, even if he is desperate, can still speak babble!

She interrupted him: "Brother Chu, I have two things to tell you this time."

Chu Mingyao was shocked when she saw her serious look, and she already had a bad hunch.

He was anxious and pretended to be relaxed: "Xiao Nuan, do you want to say that you have been commended for your work?"

Song Yiren smiled and raised the left hand that had never been lifted.

Suddenly, on the ring finger, the diamond ring refracted thousands of dazzling lights under the light.

Chu Mingyao was shaken by the light, and his heart became more empty, he tried to make himself laugh: "Xiao Nuan, the ring you bought for yourself? Very beautiful!"

Song Yiren also deceived himself when he saw him, and simply said: "Brother Chu, have you seen the ring that the girl bought for herself is worn on the left ring finger?"

His face suddenly paled, and injuries and unbelievable surged under his eyes: "Xiao Nuan, don't joke."

Song Yiren's lips raised, and she turned her left hand back, her smile was all sweet: "Brother Chu, I am married, so, I have been busy before, unable to see you."

Hearing her saying marriage, Chu Mingyao only felt that his heart was hit by something, and in an instant, it seemed empty and fell into a bottomless abyss.

Seeing his battered look, Song Yiren blinked: "Brother Chu, do you know, who am I married to? That person, do you still know!"

Chu Mingyao shook his head: "Xiao Nuan, you are mad at me, so intentionally right? I won't believe you! How could you get married? I heard that before, you and Gong Mochen broke up long ago. Now!"

"Yeah, Gong Mochen and I have broken up long ago." Song Yiren raised an eyebrow: "But, I didn't say I was married to him!"

He didn't want to listen, he had to go subconsciously, but deep in his heart he still couldn't bear to get along with this opportunity.

God knows, will she come after this time? !

"Xiao Nuan, is your school going to hold a graduation ceremony?" Chu Mingyao turned away from the topic jerkily: "Will you come next time and show your brother a picture of your graduation ceremony?"

"Okay!" Song Yiren nodded, as if remembering something: "But when it comes to photos, you remind me one thing! I want to show you some photos!"

Chu Mingyao always felt that the girl in front of him seemed to have completely changed himself. He couldn’t believe it, but if he had no hope for the last point, how would he live in the future?

Song Yiren has opened the album, and then found the photo of her and Gong Lingye's wedding scene, flipped the screen, and put it in front of the glass wall.

Chu Mingyao's eyes fell unavoidably on the screen.

Suddenly, he seemed to be burned, staggered for a moment, and then went to see it again.

Song Yiren set up automatic playback, and the photos were all sent to her by the photographer that day. From the moment the groom knocked on the door, until the wedding, the two exchanged rings and kissed, she threw a flower ball...

Chu Mingyao stared blankly at all, shaking his head constantly, muttering in his mouth: "Xiao Nuan, tell me, this is not true! Please tell me, this is synthetic!"

Song Yiren laughed: "Is it true, in fact, you just ask a prison guard, they will tell you, after all, this matter is not a secret!"

She suddenly remembered something and opened Weibo again to show Chu Mingyao the article sent by Gong Lingye.

At the moment, the words "Gong Ling Ye" above are so clear that even if he deceives himself, he has to admit that this is true!

Xiao Nuan and Gong Lingye got married? This shows what!

Chu Mingyao is not a fool. Although he was locked up in despair, he was almost crazy, but he also knew that they were married, only to show that she had always stood by Gong Lingye!

So, how many times did he call her before?

His previous doubts about her, from the initial doubts to the firm belief behind?

All the things he had previously overturned, under this premise, were subverted instantly!

Chu Mingyao's teeth tremble, looking at Song Yiren, his chest undulates: "Xiao Nuan, so all those are planned by you and Gong Lingye?"

Song Yiren could not help sighing when he saw him reacting so quickly: "My elder brother, really worthy of my elder brother! Yeah, I planned it, you understand it so quickly!"

Chu Mingyao looked at her with deep pain in his eyes, as if he was the one who was betrayed by someone: "Xiao Nuan, I like you so much, why do you hurt me? I really wanted to spend my life with you ! I have contacted all the schools in country Y for you..."

"Brother, do you want to know why?" Song Yiren's voice lightened: "Okay, let me tell you!"