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#62 it's me

She did not expect that she would meet him at school, so unexpectedly, that at this instant, countless pictures roared through her mind, madly rushing to her eyes, and finally, re-synthesized like the man in front.

    Suddenly the body felt pain, the burning on the cheeks, the painfulness of the meridian of both hands and feet madly sharpened every nerve, so that she even had the feeling that she had changed back to the original Song Yi.

    "Little classmate, are you okay? Did you hit any place?" Chu Mingyao spoke softly, and his eyes were all concerned, but his hands only supported the Song Yi people vainly, without any oversteps, and the actions can be called gentlemen Model.

    The light is very dim, like the day and night in the basement.

    The warm voice in front of her fell like a demon in her ears, frantically killing the nerves.

    Song Yiren only felt as if he had an invisible hand inserted from the chest cavity, strangling her heart, her blood was frozen, and her coolness jumped down the scalp from the bottom of her foot along the spine, and it was cold.

    They were so close that she seemed to be able to smell the breath on him, and if it was poison, she would drill into the pores of her body.

    She bit her tongue vigorously, and there was a sense of pain, so that she only pulled away from the shackles just now.

    "It's okay." The Song Yi man stepped back two steps, and his eyes fell on his toes.

    She was wearing sandals and had just tripped accidentally, so what happened to her toes was a bit painful at the moment.

    Chu Mingyao also seems to have found her toe injured and quickly said: "I will take you to the hospital."

    "No, it's just a bruise." Song Yiren found that she could still speak with a steady voice.

    "It's hot in summer, and the wounds need to be disinfected. If tetanus is in trouble," Chu Mingyao said, looking away, looking away: "There is a shop over there, wait for me, I will buy band-aid . "

    Not to mention, I didn't wait for Song Yi people to agree, and I was about to move forward.

    Just turned around, he seemed to have thought of something, and then turned his head to tell her: "You open the electromechanical cylinder, be careful not to be hit by black, other students will hit me, I will come back immediately."

    He trot away and soon disappeared into sight.

    Song Yi took a deep breath, trembling his fingertips, but still no other expression on his face.

    Chu Mingyao's movements were really fast, and it took almost three minutes before appearing in the sight of Song Yiren.

    He held a small bag in his hand and opened it with alcohol cotton balls and band-aids. He bowed down to help her treat the wound.

    "I'll do it myself." The Song Yi people were trembling with cold all over, but their lips raised a shy smile belonging to this age girl, and the voice was soft: "You don't need to control me anymore, I want to immediately gone back."

    Chu Mingyao was not at ease. Although he didn't help her treat the wound, she still waited until she was disinfected and put on a band-aid before she stood upright.

    "Sorry, I'm reckless." He apologized again.

    She smiled: "It's okay, I'm going back."

    Although she said so, she did not move.

    Chu Mingyao seemed to be very considerate, did not explain that he was not a bad person, nor did he deliberately let the girl down the guard, just laughed: "I will go first."

    Having said that, he turned around and soon disappeared from the eyes of the Song Yi people.

    And she seems to have experienced a spiritual catastrophe.

    She never knew that she could have such a good acting skills. When she saw the enemy again, she was still able to perform such a gentle and drizzling rain and perform a college student most vividly.

    However, at this moment he left, and the pain that was suppressed by her for a long time was later realized, and swept through the whole body and mind.

    Song Yiren didn't know whether she was painful or weak. She stood there stiffly, almost unable to breathe.

    On the other side of the trail, Gong Lingye finally found her.

    Gong Lingye's originally eager pace slowed down a bit, his eyes passed through the darkness and condensed on the figure of Song Yiren.

    In fact, his character almost never hesitated to make a decision. But all day today, he was thinking about whether he would give up.

    Because if he takes the initiative this time, he will not let go no matter what he encounters in the future.

    It was just that the hatred and murderousness that her eyes had stabbed him that day, making him wonder whether his intentions were worth it.

    Because although he was tempted by her, after all, it was just the beginning. If he left in time, he should have time.

    But last night's piano sound, her tears, and today's step by step, he clearly felt that his determination had begun to loosen.

    And at this moment-

    In front, Song Yi's body shook, and someone walked past with a flashlight in the distance, and when she passed her, the flashlight hit her pale face.

    The next second, Gong Lingye, without hesitation, strode over and took Song Yi into his arms.

    The nose was suddenly surrounded by the scent of mint, and Song Yi was suddenly shocked. She seemed to be a frightened rabbit, and she broke free, but the man's voice was familiar and deep: "Warm warm, it is me."

    The Song Yi people slowly raised their eyes and met Gong Lingye's deep eyes.

    She was in a trance, and for a moment, she had a feeling of not knowing what tonight.

    He just called her 'Nuan Nuan'.

    Yes, she is Yu Ruonuan, not Song Yi. Her face was not disfigured, and her body was not dilapidated.

    The warm body temperature of the man came from around him, seeping into the skin little by little, driving away the chill that almost frozen her, and the chaotic brain gradually became clear.

    At first, Song Yiren just shivered at her fingertips. Later, she began to tremble all over her body. However, she tried her best to restrain herself.

    Gong Lingye also discovered the abnormalities of the Song Yi people, especially her in her arms, with a slight tremor, as if encountering something terrible.

    He just took a step late, what happened?

    "Nuan Nuan, what's wrong?" He looked down at her heart: "Isn't it uncomfortable?"

    Song Yi shook her head, but had to admit that at this moment, she was finally relieved because of Gong Lingye's appearance.

    As the body warmed up, Song Yi's emotions gradually calmed down.

    She will still face Chu Mingyao in the future, she must overcome the psychological shadow, she can no longer let her emotions get out of control because of this meeting ...

    She was able to move, and the pain in her body disappeared. She moved and looked up: "I'm fine, just a little uncomfortable."

    Gong Lingye saw an alcohol cotton ball lying on the ground and released Song Yiren: "Are you injured?"

    He glanced at his toes and saw a band-aid on her toes.

    Song Yiren also seems to think that this ‘injury’ is overkill, she laughed a little: “It ’s either this, or just a little pain in the nerves, maybe it ’s a bit of a pull, now it ’s all right.”

    Gong Lingye's gaze stayed quietly on her face for a few seconds. When the Song Yi people couldn't help but not to open their faces, he suddenly bent over and then hugged her across.

    "You, you let me down!" She struggled a bit, he seemed to shake deliberately, scaring her instinctively to raise her hand and hug his back neck.

    "Don't go around if you are uncomfortable. I think you are too relieved about Ningcheng's law and order!" Gong Lingye said, holding the Song Yi people directly toward the school gate.

    The Song Yi people have recovered their calmness and said: "Mr. Gong, you let me down, I just walk by myself, this is the school, we are so bad."

    "This is not a kindergarten." Gong Lingye said, sweeping her eyes, and had seen the grove in front.

    He took the person directly there.

    The woods were quiet, the lights seemed to be much darker than the outside, and it didn't go far. There was a kissing couple under the shadow of the trees in front of them.

    Gong Lingye leaned in to the Song Yi people's ears, and his voice was low: "Seeing that, our scale is not enough."

    Song Yi took a breath and did not dare to speak, but gave Gong Lingye an eye knife.

    The corners of his lips were raised, and the light of his deep eyes was pleasing, the cold atmosphere of the day converged a lot.

    He deliberately slowed down, holding the Song Yi people out of the grove, saw at least five kissing couples.

    The two came out all the way and took a taxi in front of the school. Gong Lingye directly reported the name of the hotel.

    Song Yi turned his head suspiciously, but he said naturally: "Go to my hotel."

    She didn't know if he was following her or it was a coincidence, and finally her lips moved, saying, "It's mine too."

    He raised an eyebrow: "We were so destined."

    She ignored it and looked out the window.

    I'm leaving tomorrow. I will see the familiar street and scene here next time. I don't know if it looks like this.

    He was looking at her. He knew there was a secret in her heart. From seeing her last night, she looked at the whole world with a little sadness and nostalgia, as if she had a deep entanglement with the city.

    But he checked that she hadn't been here before and didn't know anyone here.

    Gong Lingye was puzzled, but didn't ask. Some things she didn't say for now, but it doesn't mean she won't tell him in the future, he is confident.

    However, he did not like the feeling that she was far away from him even though he was beside him.

    Therefore, Gong Longye's long arms brought Song Yi people into his arms.

    She wanted to break away, but instead he tightened tightly, and the space in the back row of the car was full of each other's breath.

    There was a traffic jam at night all the way. It took half an hour to get to the hotel. Gong Ling got off at night and went to hug the Song Yi people, but she had already come down by herself.

    He caught her by the hand: "Accompany me for supper."

    She earned, but did not break away: "I am not hungry."

    "But I'm hungry." He said nothing and couldn't help but take her to the hotel's dining area.

    At this time, there are no more people, the big restaurant is only their mutual.

    Gong Lingye raised her eyes and asked her: "How come to Ningcheng?"

    "Accompany my younger brother to come and see the exhibition." Song Yiren knew that Gong Lingye had some way to find it, but he didn't tell the truth.

    "Did you buy something you like?" Gong Lingye said, seeming to think of something, and said: "Send me a robot."

    Song Yiren looked at him doubtfully: "Tiangong Group has so many AI designers, and the robot is already ready for mass production. As a major shareholder, should you not lack a robot?"

    "Missing." Gong Lingye looked directly into the eyes of Song Yiren: "I want you to give me one, make it by yourself, and engrave my name."