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When a person is desperate, he often produces a kind of psychology, that is, a dead horse is a living horse doctor.

    Therefore, when the man in the peaked cap heard this, Chu Mingyao immediately opened the door.

    "Who are you?" He still kept a little clear.

    The other party's voice was hoarse: "Aren't you talking on the phone?"

    Chu Mingyao was a little puzzled. Before that, he had always dialed a blank number, but why did the other party know that he had found him?

    However, his doubts were replaced by his desire to be rescued in an instant.

    At the other party's urging, he brought a carry-on bag, only brought some valuables, and followed him into the car.

    One person was already seated in the rear seat of the off-road vehicle. After Chu Mingyao got on the vehicle, the door was immediately locked.

    He heard a lock, and his heart snapped.

    The next second, the driver in front took off his sunglasses, revealing a face that made Chu Mingyao familiar.

    It was Amian next to Gong Lingye!

    "Mr. Chu, thank you." A Mian said lightly.

    In an instant, Chu Mingyao regretted that his intestines were green!

    However, he only felt something was injected into his body suddenly, and soon he lost all consciousness.

    A Mian's men searched Chu Mingyao's body, and after confirming that there was no communication equipment, their car drove into darkness.

    Chu Mingyao was awakened in pain.

    As soon as he opened his eyes, he found that he was locked in a room with a slight sway, as if on a cruise ship.

    This recognition shocked his heart, and the next second, he suddenly found that the layout of the cruise ship was exactly the same as the one he had Guan Songyi!

    He wanted to stand up, but found that his legs were almost numb, and just after moving, he found that his hands were locked on both sides of the bed, making him unable to move at all!

    There was a creepy feeling in my heart. Who knows these things besides him and Su Yunfei?

    Did Su Yunfei tell Gong Lingye, or the ghost of Song Yi?

    Thinking in this way, suddenly, a woman came slowly, wearing a school uniform skirt on her body, and it was the school uniform of Ningcheng University who was also worn by Song Yi people before!

    However, the woman's hair is very long, covering most of her face, only let him see a pair of black hole-like eyes, like a deadly ghost.

    She stepped closer to him, holding the dagger in her hand, and when she lifted it, the light reflected by the dagger almost pierced his soul!

    "What are you going to do?" Chu Mingyao said in horror: "Who are you?"

    The girl sneered and her voice was hoarse and unpleasant: "Chu Mingyao, what did you do to me on this cruise ship? Should you remember?"

    Chu Mingyao was shocked, and then he calmed himself down again: "Don't pretend to be fooled here, do you dare to show me your face?"

    The woman sneered, the knife made a gesture on Chu Mingyao's body, and then suddenly stab it at his left wrist!

    After a sudden pain, Chu Mingyao was soaked in cold sweat, he screamed wildly: "Who are you? Are you Su Yunfei?"

    "I am your good sister!" The woman's laughter infiltrated the cruise ship.

    Her voice was low and hoarse like a broken bellows: "Brother, I still remember, you came to my house for the first time, wearing the clothes of a girl in an orphanage, purple, but the face was unwashed. I saw you then , The first sentence is: Sister is so ugly. "

    Chu Mingyao suffocated.

    In the past, he never told Su Yunfei, then, how did this woman know?

    Is she really ...

    He didn't dare to think about it, only the room that was obviously not cold, but it was so cold at the moment that his teeth tremble!

    "Brother, I remember one time I did n’t understand an English proverb. You happened to go home from school that day and wore a basketball uniform. I asked you how to translate the sentence, and you told me that the sentence said good and evil ends There are reports, who the sky has spared. "

    The woman giggled: "Look, it's not retribution now? Want to know how Su Yunfei is doing? I can fulfill you!"

    Chu Mingyao couldn't describe the horror at all: "She, where is she?"

    "Show you, my dear elder brother!" The woman said, and she tapped the screen in front.

    Suddenly, a picture appeared on the screen, Su Yunfei was locked in a dim room, around her, crawling with cockroaches and mice.

    "You, you ..." Chu Mingyao's voice began to tremble: "What the hell do you want?"

    "Don't do it, just restore what you did to me once and put it on your body once!" The woman said, her tone of voice suddenly changed: "When you poured me concentrated sulfuric acid, I thought about how I would feel ?"

    She said, picking up a bottle of liquid, and came to Chu Mingyao's bedside.

    "Let me go! I'm wrong! Yi Ren, please let go of the elder brother?" Chu Mingyao suddenly changed his face: "The eldest brother doesn't want to treat you that much, it's the eldest brother who is dazed!"

    "Unfortunately, it's late." The woman ignored Chu Mingyao who was locked in the bed. She poured the liquid in her hand a little bit on Chu Mingyao's face: "But, I'm still kinder than you, This thing will not be disfigured, but it will blind your eyes and produce a sting similar to concentrated sulfuric acid! "

    As the liquid splashed on Chu Mingyao's face, he began to cry hysterically, struggling frantically, but nothing helped.

    It didn't take long for Chu Mingyao to recover from the pain just now.

    Most of his face was still in pain like a fire, and when he opened his eyes hard, he found one eye that was completely invisible!

    Fear clenched his soul tightly, he clearly remembered that at that time, Song Yi people had been thrown by Su Yunfei with concentrated sulfuric acid, and it was the eyes on this side that were scorched!

    "Come here today!" The woman's tone was brisk: "It's a little murder to kill. Three days is not enough, three months, three months is not enough, three years. Brother, are you right?"

    Just as the woman was about to leave the room, Chu Mingyao suddenly shouted, "Wait!"

    His voice was also husky.

    The woman's footsteps paused and her tone was unquestionable: "If you let me spare you, that is absolutely impossible. But, if you are willing to speak out who you are behind the scenes, I can consider letting you die faster!"

    Chu Mingyao realized that the other party knew that there were still people behind him.

    However, in fact, for so many years, he didn't even know who that person was and how to contact him! How did he get the news in exchange?

    Seeing Chu Mingyao silent, the woman's lips were ticked: "It seems that I just want to drink fines! Very good!"

    She strode away, and suddenly, a ringtone rang on the instrument table not far from the bed.

    Chu Mingyao suddenly struggled when he heard his exclusive ringtone for the Song Yi people.

    He was afraid that the woman would come in and wanted to talk to the Song Yi people. So, he stretched out the only okay hand, almost rubbing his skin, and finally touched the phone screen and slipped to answer.