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Bei Mingmo felt that he might have met Xuanyuan Che recently with some spell.

    After she was separated from each other in the hospital that day, she went on a business trip. On the day she returned, Ling Shaofeng went to the airport to pick her up and said that she recently found a good seafood restaurant and invited her to dinner.

    Although the two are ‘predecessors’, in fact, they are not embarrassed to get along with each other. Instead, they look like brothers.

    There is no private room in that restaurant, but because of the quiet environment and the high back of the chair, it is also quite private.

    Bei Mingmo didn't notice that Xuanyuan Che was at the table behind her. It was because she went to the bathroom halfway. When she came back, she found out that Xuanyuan Che was eating with a young girl.

    She suddenly remembered that the Wei family mentioned the Miss Ballet dancer at the hospital.

    So, is this the rhythm of accepting marriage?

    At that time, Xuanyuan Che also saw her, the two of them were facing each other, did not say hello, Bei Mingmo had already returned to the seat.

    Originally, she also wanted to use the short distance to hear what Xuanyuan Che was talking about. After all, in her impression, the man was cold except for meetings, and spoke very little.

    She was a little curious if he would have exceptions.

    However, Ling Shaofeng was a talker and kept talking, so Bei Mingmo didn't hear a word.

    In short, when she finally checked out and left, Xuanyuan Che's seat was already empty.

    Today, she just stopped the car, and a person came out of the car next to it. It was Xuanyuan Che.

    When the two met at the door of Gongling Yejia, they would naturally say hello. So, nodded and walked into the villa one after the other.

    Inside, the Song Yi people have just finished grooming. Her eyes were still swollen, so she put on some powder and barely covered it, and chose a white sweater skirt to put on in the closet and walked out.

    "Warm baby!" Bei Mingmo saw Song Yiren, first hugged her, and then handed the gift to Gong Lingye: "Happy birthday!"

    "What did you send, is it perfume?" Luo Tianqi was curious.

    "I originally wanted to send perfume, but who told my family to warm the baby and said that she prefers the original taste of someone in her family?" Bei Mingmo shrugged: "So I sent a tie clip, also designed by our L group. of."

    "Thank you Sabrina." Gong Lingye took the gift and turned to raise eyebrows at Song Yiren: "Nuan Nuan, do you like my original taste so much?"

    The Song Yi people felt annoyed for a while and made a grimace to Chong Bei Ming Mo.

    Bei Mingmo laughed, and Chong Gongling said at night: "She also said that she wanted to sleep when she smelled it."

    Song Yiren: "Momo!" She rushed up, scratching the tickling flesh of Beiming Mo.

    The two rolled into a ball on the sofa, and the neckline of Song Yi's sweater skirt was pulled down for a while. Suddenly, a strawberry seal suddenly jumped out.

    Bei Mingmo's eyes widened sharply. Before the crowd came over, he quickly helped the Song Yi people pull the collar up to cover them. Then, they gathered around the Song Yi people's ears and muttered, "He eats you?"

    Song Yiren instantly blushed and snorted.

    "Oh, I have raised a piglet for 27 years and was coaxed by a Chinese cabbage!" Bei Mingmo asked again: "Is it cool? How is his aspect? Lasting, do you know the skills?"

    This time, the Song Yi people succeeded in the raid, so that Bei Mingmo not only did not get an answer, but also itchy and laughed on the sofa.

    Everyone laughed for a while, over there, the servant said that the garden was ready, so everyone walked together.

    In the Imperial City at the end of October, the weather was quite cold, but there was outdoor air conditioning on the other side of the garden, so it felt warm even without a coat.

    The surroundings are very quiet, and a lake can be seen through the garden path, with the neon around the lake and the sparkling waves.

    The crowd stopped at the pavilion. The large stone table in the center had already prepared red wine and food.

    The servant pushed the cart from the side. The lower layer of the cart was a beautiful cream cake, but the top was a tray with two robots inside. It was Zahara and Ares.

    Song Yi people were surprised: "How is Zahara here?"

    Gong Lingye shrugged: "Took it from your dormitory."

    Song Yiren: "What the hell do you give Aunt Su Guan to me? You can go up and take my things when I'm not in the dormitory?"

    Gong Lingye looked innocent: "Maybe your aunt aunt very much hopes that the dormitory you manage will be able to have a mistress of the Tiangong Group as soon as possible."

    Song Yi: "..."

    Beside, Bei Mingmo looked at the small lanterns dotted on the pavilion and couldn't help laughing: "Mr. Gong, how do I think your birthday party is a bit romantic and not like your style?"

    Gong Lingye learned from Song Yi's population that what Bei Mingmo had done for her, so now she has a good impression of Bei Mingmo.

    After all, there are many kinds of girlfriends in this world, but there are too few girlfriends who can really insert a knife for their friends.

    He smiled: "So what style should I be?"

    Bei Mingmo looked at the inscription on Ares's insignia and smiled: "That should be like the blood-blooded God of War."

    Gong Lingye hooked his lips without explanation, but took the lighter and started to light the candle.

    Thirty candles light up quickly, and the stars are beating the candlelight, reflecting the surroundings in a particularly beautiful way.

    "It's time to sing a birthday song!" Luo Tianqi said first.

    So, Song Yiren and everyone sang to Gong Lingling night: "Happy birthday to you ..."

    Under the candlelight, his eyes are bright and deep, and have been looking at her so much. The light at the bottom of the eyes is brighter than the candlelight and brighter than the starlight.

    "Brother Ye, I wish!" Luo Tianqi said.

    Gong Lingye folded her hands at the candle and began to make a pious prayer.

    Song Yiren stood beside him, thinking about what he had promised, Gong Lingye suddenly opened his eyes and turned around.

    He looked at her for a second and then knelt on one knee.

    Song Yi stared in shock at the man in front of him kneeling on his knees, and then realized that he was wearing a formal suit and tie at the moment, and the shoes on his feet were new.

    He used to be with her on the weekend before, and if he didn't need to deal with business matters, he wouldn't dress like this.

    And she, a white sweater dress, he prepared for her in the closet, it seems that it is really a bit like a wedding dress!

    Seeing that, Gong Lingye took out a black velvet jewelry box from her pocket, and then slowly opened it.

    Inside, a pair of diamond rings, exquisite and elegant female models, simple atmosphere of male models, the edge of the box, the signature of Mrs. Deere, a famous designer!

    Gong Lingye looked up at the Song Yi people in front of her, her voice was low-magnetism, her expression was serious and pious: "Nuan Nuan, I have also thought about it before I got married after I was 32 years old. But with you, I found that The rules and presets are negligible. "

    "I only know that I want to marry you."

    "Please forgive my selfishness. I don't know if I can pass the 32-year-old Kan, but I still want to have you."

    "I do n’t know the future, but I can promise that I will use all my life and wisdom to protect you. Whether I am in this world or not, I do n’t need to compromise your future life for every decision I make. Is to follow my heart. "

    "Baby, I love you, will you marry me?"