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#439 Where is the ugly!

In the doubts of the woman, Song Yiren's assistant came running happily, holding her mobile phone and shaking at her: "No. 99!"

"Thank you dear!" Song Yiren blows a kiss at her.

Although the game conference is very formal, after all, it is mostly young people. Therefore, the episode of the Song Yi people not only does not disgust, but gives her a lot of points.

After all, who wouldn't like this kind of boss who occasionally shows a bit of ‘cute’?

Moreover, people can obviously rely on face value, but also rely on ability.

In front of the TV screen, the woman smiled dryly: "Uncle, it turns out that the four siblings just went to download the game! I haven't played the game, I thought it was all played by boys."

Shangguanao didn't expect to make a mistake, so he already had a little impatiently: "What do you learn to play games? It would be nice if you could help Ahe! You see, the eldest daughter-in-law of others, no Also helped deal with the company's affairs?"

He also just asked the housekeeper to check and found out that Gong Lingye went abroad because of an urgent contract, and never asked about the press conference.

The woman was embarrassed by Shangguanao's face, and she lowered her eyes: "Uncle, I just talked about it."

The press conference continued, and after a simple speech by Song Yiren, the interactive link followed.

The woman squeezed the phone, and she wanted to scold the person who sent the message thousands of times.

Only then, her cell phone rang again: "Although I don't know why there is no problem with the server, but she will still be ugly in a while. You still take your family to watch the drama quietly!"

After reading the news, the woman suppressed her anxiety and went to pour water to Shangguanao.

She wanted to try her best to keep Shangguan Ao, not to let him change channels, but did not know that Shangguan Ao originally intended to see the end.

Today, I invited a lot of cospy gods. At this moment, I have come to the stage and started interacting with the players on the scene.

Although the game has just been released, because of the internal beta and publicity before, most players know the characters well.

After being drawn up, everyone was very excited. Suddenly, the atmosphere of the scene exploded for a while.

On the small screen, game downloads are still rising, and have already exceeded the tens of millions mark.

On the other side, the screen is scrolling through the interview with the small MV. There are local players in China and some overseas users. Everyone is very excited. Although they have only played the game for a few minutes, they are all praised for the quality and experience. Keep talking.

On the stage, after a round of enthusiastic interaction, it was the live lottery.

Song Yiren took the microphone from the host and said: "In fact, Starry Night can release this game without the efforts of so many of our employees day and night. What moved me most was that Starry Night went bankrupt and liquidated because of the broken capital chain. At the time, there was another employee who continued to do this mobile game."

She said, turning to the other side of the stage: "Han Rang, come here."

So, a young, thin, man with glasses came up.

Song Yi said: "He is our "star night" level and numerical planner Han Rang, when that day was liquidated, only he was insisting on testing alone."

The scene was silent.

Song Yiren handed the microphone to Han Rang: "Do you want to tell everyone?"

Han Rang was a little bit cautious and said two words on the microphone: "Thank you."

Off the stage, Shangguanyan saw this scene and suddenly silenced for a while, then sent a message to the brother who usually loves to play together: "I want to go to work at Starry Night."

"Have a planner Han Rang, draw for the first round of winning players!" Song Yi humane.

There was applause from the audience, and some players began to wipe their tears.

Yeah, there are too many games, but who can stick to it all, and who has endless blood?

Thousands of miles away, Shangguan squinted his eyes at the Song Yi people on stage.

It would be a pity if this woman died like this.

Perhaps, he should observe again?

After all, this success does not mean how strong her ability is. After all, the rise of a company is also the result of the joint efforts of thousands of screws.

However, the kind of smile she stood on the stage with a smile, it seems that there are really a few years, the shadow of that woman...

The award gifts are all genuine and limited editions, so players cheered.

The host walked into the room and said: "Today, we also invited several popular idols. Do you know who they are? Let us call out together!"

Because there were several star posters in today's publicity, the players on the scene called their names almost immediately.

"Chen Yuan!"

"Li Wei!"

"Zhang Xinhua!"

Chen Yuan is a young and popular actress, a girl in her early twenties, and she looks like a pure girl next door.

The other two, although not as popular as hers, are also in charge of traffic.

Song Yi arranged for the marketing department to invite the three of them to come over. It was a commercial contract, and she did not use her name as Gong Lingye's wife to invite people.

At the moment, in Country J, Xuanyuan Lin turned his head to Xuanyuan Yao said: "You can rest assured that I have gotten you a few stars. It is also blamed that if the warmth is too blind and confident, the name of Tiangong Group Gong Lingye is so easy to use. She doesn’t have to. She has to sign the stars directly with Starry Night. Don’t even think about how the stars can know her small company?"

"Thank you brother." Xuanyuan Yao raised his lips: "In fact, I did not report any hope for the server. After all, they are playing games, and the technology is naturally excellent. However, we are not such a trick, I will watch it. How do they solve the star issue?"

"Just be happy." Xuan Yuanlin patted her sister's shoulder: "I still have something to do. Go ahead and be busy. You can rest assured that besides the star, there is still a place for her to be ugly! Let Gong Lingye be open. If you bully my sister, you should be conscious of being mocked by the public!"

"Brother is so nice, I love you the most!" Xuanyuan Yao suddenly looked innocent and cute in front of Xuanyuan Lin.

Xuanyuan Lin's footsteps to leave suddenly stopped, he turned his head: "When it comes to favorites... Bei Mingshen still has no news."

"Brother, you have annexed the Beiming Family." Xuanyuan Yao's eyes were a little bit more crazy: "He must be going to heal. Once he comes back, and the Beiming Family no longer exists, then he can only be me. Human!"

"If the Beiming family doesn't exist, he doesn't have much value." Xuanyuan Lin said: "You can play, but if you want to marry, it is best to choose the Shangguan family."

Xuanyuan Yao was obviously not too fond of listening to this sentence, just nodded: "Okay, brother, I know."

At this moment, at the game conference, the atmosphere of the players below has risen unprecedentedly.

The host said: "Have you invited our first star-Li Wei!"

However, when her words fell, no one came out behind.