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At night, Gong Lingye was still at the scene.

    The fragments of the bomb have been analyzed by professionals, and a conclusion has been reached: this is produced by the neighboring country of country F, which is not unique, and it is very difficult to track down.

    However, it can be seen from the production batch that the other party should first deal with Gong Mochen only after the end of the year.

    Because there is a lot number on it, which shows that it was produced at the end of last year.

    In other words, perhaps because of the production of TG-01, the other party could not sit back and wait like this, so the plan was directly advanced by two years!

    Gong Lingye was continuing to analyze the report. Suddenly, his men came and hurriedly said, "President, Mr. Gong, he ..."

    Gong Lingye suddenly raised his eyes.

    The other party's eyes were somber: "The doctor just said that it should be too late!"

    Gong Lingye walked into the hospital immediately, and as soon as she arrived at the door of the ward, she heard a depressed cry.

    His footsteps froze, only to feel that this short few meters seemed to be a gap between life and death.

    His heart was uncomfortable, and the kind of helplessness that had watched his elder brothers go away suddenly and helplessly swept over him.

    At that time, he was still young, and at that time he had vowed that such tragedies could no longer be staged.

    But now ...

    Hands clenched into fists, Gong Lingye stood there, although it was a hot summer day, but it seemed like a severe winter.

    In the ward, the doctor shook his head, expressing that there was no hope anymore. The Song Yi people sat by the bed, and tears could not help but roll down.

    She lifted Gong Mochen's hand and put Ruwa in his hand. He didn't know how to hold it tightly, so she helped him squeeze it again, and there were tremolos in her voice: "Gong Mochen, I tell you a secret. "

    She said nothing, leaning close to his ears, and said lowly: "I'm not actually Yu Ruonuan."

    "True Yu Ruonuan, she has always loved you until the moment she left."

    Her tears fell and suddenly hit his cheek. She was about to get up, but the man's eyelashes suddenly fluttered slightly.

    Song Yi was shocked and quickly wiped the tears off his face, looking at Gong Mochen without blinking.

    Suddenly, the surrounding instruments were moving, and then the index rebounded a little bit.

    Immediately after, the man lying on the bed without any movement suddenly opened his eyelids!

    Yue Wenqing and others were still crying until Song Yiren shouted: "Brother Mochen woke up!"

    Then everyone went to see the man on the bed in surprise.

    Gong Mochen's eyes were still somewhat out of focus. It took a long time to see the crowd clearly, and his eyes were still dazed and dazed.

    At the door, Gong Lingye, who heard the movement, immediately called the doctor to come and check.

    The doctor walked to the ward, looked at the indexes shown above, and looked at Gong Mochen, who had opened his eyes, and was shocked: "Miracle! This is really the first miracle I witnessed! It's incredible!"

    Several doctors were excited to go to Gong Mochen for examination, but Gong Lao and Yue Wenqing looked at all of them nervously. They wanted to go forward, but they dared not be afraid to disturb the recovery of Gong Mochen and fear the doctor. After the inspection, it was said to be back to light.

    After more than ten minutes of examination, it was like a year. When the old lady was almost nervous, the doctor finally spoke and concluded: "We really witnessed a medical miracle, exactly It should have witnessed the will of man to overcome all miracles. Mr. Gong ’s situation has stabilized and has temporarily escaped from the dangerous period. Later, he only needs to ensure that the wound recovers. "

    His words made everyone in the room seem to hear Teana, and finally wept with joy.

    By the bed, the Song Yi people saw Gong Mochen's lips and flaps moved, so they gathered together: "Brother Mo Chen, what are you talking about?"

    Seeing that he couldn't make a sound, the Song Yi people immediately took the drinking glass, inserted the straw, and fed it to Gong Mochen's mouth.

    He barely took a sip, then slowly, and finally made a sound, intermittently: "I, like, see, you ..."

    Song Yi was shocked, did he just say?

    However, Gong Mochen might be too tired, so she slept again.

    The doctor checked and confirmed that he was only asleep and not a coma, and everyone was relieved.

    Gong Mochen woke up again, already in the middle of the night.

    Sensing his movements, Song Yi, who was lying beside the bed, quickly raised his head.

    The old lady Gong was asleep in the bed next door. Yue Wenqing accompanied Gong Mochen in the middle of the night, and went to the next door to rest because of shoulder and neck pain.

    The moonlight outside the window fell in, tilting the clear glow of the house. Gong Mochen turned his head to look at Song Yiren, only to feel that there was a kind of trance that didn't know where tonight.

    A few hours ago, he clearly felt that he was clearly dead.

    The feeling is very subtle, even if he can't move, can't see and hear, he can know, that's the limit.

    And at that time, he saw Yu Ruonuan.

    The girl seemed to be just a ray of smoke, looking at him, the light was the light he had never seen before, as if he were her world.

    She called him: "Mochen brother!"

    He didn't speak, but looked at her suspiciously, always feeling something was wrong.

    He didn't realize the difference until she got closer.

    Is this a dream before he died? That girl clearly fell in love with his uncle, how could he still look at him with such eyes?

    Until she finally stood in front of him, her eyes were pitiful, and she wanted to pull his hand, but she didn't dare, but just looked at him like that: "Mo Chen, how do you see See me? Are you dead too? "

    Gong Mochen finally said: "If it's warm, what's wrong with you?"

    Having said that, he added: "I may be dying."

    The girl in front of him could not care what he heard, and quickly reached out to grab his arm: "Mochen brother, you should live well, how can you die?"

    She spoke anxiously, her voice trembling a little, but her tears could not fall out of her eyes: "Hurry back, don't be here!"

    Gong Mochen shook his head: "No, I want to be with you."

    The girl looked at him in shock, her eyes were incredible, as if she heard something impossible, and she forgot even her joy.

    Gong Mochen held her hand with her backhand: "If you are warm, if you are also dead, then let's go together!"

    Hearing this, she must have liked it a lot if she was still alive, but ...

    The girl slammed Gong Mochen's hand away: "No, I'm too late, but Brother Mochen, you can, you should be alive!"

    She said, glancing at him deeply, her eyes are full of reluctance and love: "Mo Chen, this is the first time you call my name seriously, I finally heard it, and it is no regret! I'm not sensible, I'm sorry, I shouldn't stick to you like a fool like that and cause you trouble! "

    She said nothing, suddenly raised her hand suddenly, not knowing where the strength came from, and flew Gong Mochen away.

    Gong Mochen turned around and found that Yu Ruo Nuan was getting smaller and smaller in sight, but he flew to a place uncontrollably.

    He called her anxiously: "Yu Ruonuan!"

    In the hazy distance, the girl's voice came: "Brother Mo Chen, you are alive!"

    He called her again: "If it's warm, don't disappear!"

    Her voice was lighter, if there seemed to be no wind: "Maybe one day, I can see you again ..."