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The Internet is extremely lively, but in the conference hall, Pei Jun announced that the press conference is over.

Until now, no one would care about the brake system of Tiangong Group's new car before, because the reversal of the latter two things has attracted everyone's attention.

As a result, Tiangong Group has become a target of sympathy or respect from the public.

After all, being so framed by others can still come back against the trend, coupled with so many techniques that are doing those boring but very meaningful things day and night, even when they are unjustly wronged, they did not stand up and attack anyone. Losing your temper is worthy of respect in itself.

At the end of the press conference, the Weibo system shook, and after all, it did not collapse. However, the post that Tiangong Group was more wronged than Dou E was again on the hot search list.

So, the original ironic ridicule, ‘did you buy Tiangong today’, has become synonymous with pride.

Many netizens set up fg below, saying that when they save money, they must buy products from Tiangong Group to support technology with actions.

Not to mention whether they will buy it in the end, but countless similar topics are like snow flakes, staged in China, Ningguo, and even the world. Such a grand scale can really record a strong record in history.

And things, of course, cannot end there.

The crashed plane and the innocent life involved a huge amount of it. Of course, it was not something Gong Lingye could worry about.

Although he knows who did it, this kind of thing involves too much, and at best he can only provide clues anonymously, but he can't wade through this muddy water.

At the end of the day's press conference, the stock market has not yet closed.

It can be seen that the parabola was still green in the morning, but began to pull up against the trend after 2:30 in the afternoon. Soon, it turned from green to red, and finally ended with a daily limit!

In front of the computer, Song Yiren opened the stock market software and saw that the stocks she bought with her private money had made more than ten percent. She raised her lips, turned her head, and rushed to the official Yan and said, "Is this the emperor? The city is still the world of the old man in your mouth!"

Shangguan Yan watched the whole process just now. At this moment, he seemed to be a little depressed, and said bluntly: "Che, he is five years older than me, and when I reach his age, also..."

Song Yiren laughed: "Well, come on, boy!"

This time, Shangguan Yan did not return his mouth, but went to his office in a low mood.

Yes, although he looks heartless, he has also thought about it. What would he do if he encountered the same problem as Gong Lingye?

The most he thinks about is to find three brothers to help, or, the worst, he still has many friends, there will always be someone who will help?

However, he never thought that he could actually rely entirely on himself.

Although he didn't say anything during today's press conference, his heart was shocked.

For the first time in his life, he realized whether he had missed or ignored something in the past years.

Yes, he may never work hard...

However, now that he is still young, is everything in time?

For example, he participated in a very powerful game, even though the technology is still in the development stage, but he believes that when it comes out, the world will be crazy about it!

At this moment, Shangguan Yan's cell phone rang, and it was his friend who called.

"Brother Yan, what are you doing?" The friend said: "I have come to the Imperial City, are you free, let's go out for a drink tonight?"

If Shangguan Yan had passed, he would have happily responded.

But at this moment, he looked at his colleagues who were still working hard and said, "No, I'm afraid I don't have time tonight. I have been busy with work recently."

"Fuck, are you still at work? Are you kidding me? When did the prince start to correct evil?"

Shangguan Yan said: "From now on, I really won't go."

"Damn, you did it deliberately! Then I will ask Ahu and bring beautiful women, don't envy you!"

Shangguan Yan responded perfunctorily and hung up the phone directly.

He put away the phone and began to seriously think about the next scene design.

At this moment, thousands of miles away, in the Shangguan family of Country J, Shangguan looked at the TV screen proudly and did not move for a long time.

He thought that Gong Lingye might win, but he never thought that he would win so beautifully.

He has always wanted to find someone to take over the position of his Patriarch. That person needs to have a deep city, to be magnificent, to be decisive, and to be insulted.

The boss is too dull, he belongs to a good old man, is not a manufacturable material, and he has long been ruled out.

The second child is very mindful, but unfortunately not capable.

The third child has good abilities, but his personality is too extreme because of some things.

In fact, Shangguanao had always planned to train the third child, but he still had some regrets in his heart.

And when one after another happened to the palace family of Hua Guo, when Gong Lingye's brothers died one after another, and he took the lead alone, in his heart he felt that Gong Lingye and the image he had been looking forward to were equated.

It is a pity that Gong Lingye is too arrogant, and too disobedient to discipline, and takes his wife too seriously, which makes the balance in his heart vacillate.

However, after this incident, Shangguanao only felt that he should go to Country J when Gong Lingye arrived, or, just a few days ago, when Gong Lingye needed help, he would help him!

Although he missed a good opportunity, Shangguanao decided that Gong Lingye was the best candidate for the next generation of the Shangguan family!

He turned off the TV screen and paced out, only feeling relaxed.

He walked to the front yard, glanced at Shangguan Xun's small building, and squinted his eyes slightly.

What kind of person is Shangguan Xun, how could Shangguanao not know?

He sighed, I am afraid which maid would be unlucky...

On the Tiangong Group's side, the senior officials held a small-scale dinner that night.

By the end, it was already past nine o'clock.

Gong Lingye didn't sing with them, but went straight home.

As soon as I got home, I saw Song Yiren wearing white soft pajamas, lying on the sofa and talking on the phone.

"Momo, happy 18th birthday!" She said with a smile: "How did you spend today, isn't it super romantic?"

Not knowing what Bei Mingmo said over there, Song Yiren smiled happily.

She saw Gong Lingye coming in, and then stretched out her arm at him, asking for a hug.

Gong Lingye raised the corner of her lips, came to her side, and fished her directly into his arms.

"Well, then I won't disturb the world of both of you!" Song Yiren said, "Enjoy!"

She put away her phone and stretched her arms around Gong Lingye's neck: "Our hero is triumphant!"

Gong Lingye bowed his head and kissed her lips: "Wife, you are my hero."

Song Yiren laughed, leaning on Gong Lingye’s chest and talking about the funny jokes she saw when she browsed the posts. He also told that Bei Mingmo took Xuanyuanche to meet the parents, and finally said: "Today is Momo’s birthday, your brother will give it back She cooked a table..."

Gong Lingye stared at him: "Today is Momo's birthday? Then, it should also be Azi's..."

Song Yiren immediately understood what Gong Lingye wanted to say.