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#394 Be careful

At this moment, Gong Lingye came to Song Yi's bedside.

She had an injection, but she hadn't completely lowered her fever. Her eyes were closed, her cheeks were flushed, her brows were frowning, and she seemed uncomfortable.

Gong Lingye looked at her distressedly, bowed her head and dropped a soft kiss on her frowning heart.

Song Yiren was already half confused, and was kissed by Gong Lingye, and suddenly opened his eyes.

There was a familiar breath on her nose, and she was in a trance, and she met his deep eyes.

Is she dreaming? Why do you feel Gong Lingye is back?

Song Yi raised his hand and wanted to touch Gong Lingye.

He saw her cautiously and felt agitated for a while: "Baby, I'm sorry, I worried you."

He reached out and took hers.

The temperature passed by Gong Lingye's palms seemed to be cooler than the Song Yi people.

She felt his clenched strength and returned to thinking a little bit.

She stared at him, suddenly her eyes suddenly became cold, and suddenly turned to the beginning.

The Song Yi people also wanted to pull their hands, but Gong Lingye held her tight and she couldn't move.

He knew that she was angry, and it was estimated that after A Mian woke up, he would take them to the j country.

No wonder she was angry, worried about him, and had a fever and seasickness. He waited for him like this, but he chose to take risks.

However, there was always a suit to coax Song Yiren Gong Lingye. He took the water and fed it to her lips: "Wife, drink more water if you have a fever."

It had long been expected that the Song Yi people would not obediently obey, he directly took a big mouth, leaned over and blocked her lips.

The water was passed by Gong Lingye little by little until each other's mouth was gone. He stretched out his tongue and ticked her, as if teasing.

But the next second, he left her lips again, and then took a big sip and leaned down again.

After feeding a glass of water in this way, Gong Ling saw Song Yiren's lips at night. The petals were not so dry. He took a sip and looked like an aftertaste: "My wife is so sweet."

Song Yi snorted.

Gong Lingye sniffed the unpleasant smell on her body, and told the Song Yi people to'wait for me', and quickly went outside to find a clean dress.

Locked the door, Gong Lingye said: "Nuan Nuan, my body is wet, you wait for me to take a bath."

There is a bathroom in the cabin suite, Gong Lingye directly took off his clothes one by one in front of the Song Yi people.

The Song Yi people are still angry, but they can't help but hear Gong Lingye's voice over there.

Just glanced at it, he met Gong Lingye's eyes.

He hooked the corner of his lips and walked over so half naked!

"Wife, wait ten minutes for me, and it'll be fine soon." He only wore a pair of boxers, his upper body had distinct muscles, and there were several red marks on his skin, which were slightly swollen.

Song Yi people felt distressed, knowing that it was Gong Lingye who left this trip and wanted to touch it, but only raised his finger and put it back.

Huh, she is still angry!

He had promised her before that he would focus on safety, and he could return directly after fleeing the explosion, but he would risk crossing the border!

Has he ever thought that she had suffered the pain of losing him once before when his blood became ill, and now he let her try again? !

Gong Lingye's temptation turned out to be somewhat useless. He leaned over and kissed the lips of Song Yiren: "Baby, immediately."

Song Yi rolled his eyes.

Gong Lingye laughed, straightened up, and then bent to take off his underwear.

Song Yi: "..."

Is he exhibitionist? !

After he took off, she saw her biting her lips unconsciously, knowing that it was useful, so she leaned over and gave her a deep kiss.

She was sick and completely powerless, let him knead.

He was satisfied with the kiss, got up, and went to the bathroom.

As he turned around, the Song Yi people looked at Gong Lingye's hips and grinded their teeth.

She wants to hold it, and even if he comes back after a bath, she will ignore him!

In the bathroom, Gong Lingye reorganized the information he got from country J again, dried his hair, and even walked out with no towels.

Song Yiren deliberately closed his eyes and pretended to sleep, hearing Gong Lingye's movements, his eyelashes did not tremble.

He pulled the quilt directly and lay down beside her.

The one-and-a-five-meter bed is much smaller than the one at home. As soon as he came up, he put her in his arms.

The hormonal scent of men rushed into the face, and the fragrance of the shower gel broke into the sense of smell. Song Yi felt that someone was not wearing anything.

He deliberately.

He didn’t hurry to kiss her, but pressed her into his arms and put her head on his shoulder, opening: "Baby, I thought at that time, no matter how difficult, I will come back. So, I I chose adventure."

Song Yi said nothing.

Gong Lingye said again: "But I know that for whatever reason, it makes you worry."

"I heard Bae Jun saying that you came after me, and I was thinking, would you be seasick? Did your psychological shadows heal, would it be uncomfortable." He said, bowing his head and kissing her forehead , Soft tone: "Baby, I worry you."

Song Yiren felt her breath pause, she blinked gently.

Only Gong Lingye said: "I did find a lot of things this time, but I didn't sleep much in two days, baby, let me hold you for a while. Only when you are by my side can I feel at ease."

Suddenly, the grievances in Song Yi's heart were melted by his words.

Gong Lingye was really exhausted, so he had just finished talking with Song Yiren, and within half a minute, his breath became longer and longer.

Song Yiren looked up at him and saw that his eyebrow peak was slightly locked, his eyes closed tightly, and he was clearly asleep.

She raised her hand and gently opened his brow to help him. He didn't wake up, but instead seemed to sleep deeper because she smelled her breath.

She went to see the wound on his body again, a few marks, some swollen, but not broken skin.

She didn't know what he encountered in country j, but she knew that this man always moved after conspiracy.

Moreover, in fact, he who knew her before should always like to take risks and do whatever he wants.

Because of her entanglement, he had weaknesses and began to scruple.

And there have been too many things happening recently, he must also feel that if they do not take risks, they will always be in a passive state.

After all, they don’t know anything about country j or the people behind the scenes.

Song Yi sighed, annoyed that he could not help Gong Ling Yefen.

She leaned her head closer to his lips and lightly kissed it on it.

He was still sleeping, but bowed his head instinctively and kissed her hair.

Song Yiren suddenly remembered that before I heard people seeing whether a man really loves you, it depends on whether he always likes to see you and kisses you when he is with you.

She bent her lips, feeling that she had hung her heart for two days, and finally returned, so she closed her eyes and fell asleep.