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Gong Lingye was beaten by her, and after the Song Yi people vented, he put her in his arms again and coaxed: "Baby, because she may really be my sister, half-brother, we go out today, Is to do genetic identification."

"What?" Song Yi people completely stunned: "What are you talking about?"

Gong Lingye inevitably repeated the story he heard again, and then touched the face of Song Yiren: "Okay, wife, are you angry?"

Song Yiren is still unhappy: "So you have another sister?"

"It's not necessarily, I won't know until the result comes out." Gong Ling night said.

Song Yiren thought that Lie Xiaoruo still liked Gong Lingye, and obviously liked it, otherwise, he would not engage in any competition at all.

Moreover, at the entrance of the elevator today, Lie Xiaoruo was about to stick to Gong Lingye.

If she was really Gong Lingye's sister, wouldn't there be a justified reason to rely on Gong Lingye every day?

She seems to remember that all are brothers, Lie Xiaoruo is not so sticky to Lieyuan Shen at all!

"You are so good to Wanshuang's recognized sister. Isn't it possible to have a sister..." Song Yiren thought more and more sour, and only felt that he was the most pitiful little daughter-in-law.

Gong Lingye couldn't help crying and laughing, and embraced her again: "Sister is going to get married sooner or later, and I can't be with them all my life. Wife is the most important thing, to accompany me to the old one. Baby, no one can and you are!"

"But why are you all sisters?" Song Yiren grunted: "Why is she not a younger brother?"

Gong Lingye printed a kiss on her lips: "Baby, if you want me to call her brother, I will treat her as a brother."

"You—" Song Yiren didn't know what to say, it was a little sweet, but still a little sour: "Humph!"

Gong Lingye took the grapes to feed her: "Oh, well, not angry, eh?"

Song Yi people also pouted.

Gong Lingye couldn't help laughing, kissed her constantly, and went to the door of the identification center.

Song Yiren looked at the folds of Gong Lingye's shirt and said, "Just like me. I'm like you."

Gong Lingye was about to get off, and Wen Yan lay directly in the back seat: "Wife, please ravage!"

Song Yi: "..."

She went to pull him, but instead he fell on him.

He looped her around, and put her lips to her ear: "Come on, baby!"

Song Yiren's cheeks were all reddened: "We are all at the appraisal center! You get up!"

Gong Lingye lips raised: "Baby, don't get angry with your husband?"

Song Yiren glared at him: "More angry!"

Although saying so, she laughed when she got up.

Bae Jun had already arranged there in advance, so when a few people passed, someone was already there.

Gong Lingye and others came from a special channel to a private meeting room with good privacy, and then directly sampled the scene.

Expedited identification, you can get the results the next afternoon.

On the same day, after the samples were sent in, several people left.

That night, Gong Lingye and Song Yiren just took a bath, and Gong Lingye received a call.

The phone call came from Gu Zhiyun. This was the first time after the two men broke their faces. Gu Zhiyun took the initiative to contact Gong Lingye for the first time.

Heart inevitably sinks, Gong Lingye slipped and answered: "Hey."

"Xue Xue is no longer good, she wants to see you." Gu Zhiyun's voice was shaking.

Gong Lingye breathed in a pause: "Okay, I'll go right away."

She hung up the phone and turned her head toward Song Yi, saying: "Warm warm, listening to snow is not enough, Gu Zhiyun called to let me see her last time."

Song Yi people couldn't tell the whole thing: "Then I will go with you! By the way, my blood can't save her..."

"Your blood is only able to provide nutrients. She is an organ failure, and the fairy is difficult to save." Gong Lingye sighed: "In fact, it is not easy for her to support today."

"Will Gu Zhiyun publish something? I worry you are in danger." Song Yi said humanely.

"I will bring people, it will be fine." Gong Lingye said, quickly changed clothes, and bent to kiss Song Yiren's forehead: "Baby, don't wait for me at night... I always have to finish her last A ride."

"Okay, you pay attention to safety." Song Yi said humanly: "Send her for me."

"Good." Gong Lingye put on his coat and walked out.

After Ningguo's confession, A Mian had already returned. At this moment, he also brought a lot of people directly to Gu Zhiyun's house.

When Gong Ling arrived at night, he brought Amian and another bodyguard and walked into the mansion together.

Gu Tingxue found that it was not possible in the evening. In fact, the medical conditions at home were sufficient. After the special doctor's examination, Gu Yunyun, who was planning to call an ambulance, stopped, saying: "Miss Gu, she should be tonight. "

Gu Zhiyun's phone fell directly to the ground and the screen shattered.

"If I go to rescue again, she will not be able to bear such a load without saying pain." The doctor said: "I finally let her body relax, Mr. Gu, you should accompany her for the last few hours."

Gu Zhiyun cried at the time, but when he finally walked into Gu Tingxue's room, he was smiling.

"Tingxue, how is your body?" He looked at Gu Tingxue, who had been forcibly boosted by drugs. His heart was rolling, but he couldn't do anything.

"Dad, I just thought it was almost impossible, but it seemed to be much more comfortable." Gu Tingxue ignored Gu Yunyun for several days because of the previous things.

However, that day she accidentally saw Gu Zhiyun crying alone in the room and felt unbearable, so the relationship between the two eased again.

"It's good to be comfortable." Gu Zhiyun took the photo album with a smile and came to Gu Tingxue: "Listen, we haven't seen the previous photos together for a long time..."

Gu Tingxue saw him turn a page with a picture of her mother, she smiled: "Mum is so beautiful!"

"Yeah, listen to Xue, you have to remember your mother's appearance—" Gu Zhiyun thought, although he didn't believe where he would go, but if there were, I hope their mother and daughter would be reunited.

"Well, I remember, haven't I painted my mother before?" Gu Tingxue smiled.

The two looked at the photo album together, which was very warm.

After a while, "Listen to the snow, you tell your dad, what else do you want to do?" Gu Zhiyun put down the album and asked.

"I still want to--" Gu Tingxue was about to say, but suddenly realized it was wrong.

My father used to let her go to bed at 9 o'clock in the evening, but now it is 10 o'clock, he still looks at the photos with her, and asks her what she wants. Moreover, although her body is much more comfortable, she has a feeling of not being down to earth.

The feeling was subtle, as if her soul was about to float, and she couldn't catch anything.

Is this a flashback? Suddenly she felt sour.

It's not fake to say sad, she wants health and life so much, but she has to watch them slip away from her body.

"Dad, can I do anything I want?" Gu Tingxue raised his eyes and asked his father: "I want to see Brother Ling Ye."

Gu Zhiyun breathed and burned his chest instantly, but nodded: "Okay, Dad asked you to come over."

After all, I went out, took the phone, and called Gong Lingye.