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#452 The taste of crush

The little girl in her twenties has a crush on someone and wants to hide, but it is still easy to write on her face.

It's just that that person doesn't think about it at all, so even though Gong Moyan's soft thoughts go back and forth, he was eventually misinterpreted by Xiao Pei.

She just buried her head lower, and then began to scrub the formula on the paper.

On the one side, Song Yiren and Lie Xiaoruo put on the skewers, Gong Mochen took the seasoning tray again, and everyone started to pickle the skewers.

Lie Xiaoruo was obviously very excited. She had never attended such a party in Country G before.

It's just a pity that her brother Lieyuan Shen has just returned, because the company has just started, there are too many things to be busy, and I can't come over today.

Regarding Li Xiaoxiao's identity, Gong Lingye only told Gong Mochen.

As for Yue Wenqing, although she knew some things from the beginning, it was not clear to Lie Xiaoruo's biological father.

At this moment, everyone was preparing to make a fire, and they saw Bei Mingmo and Luo Tianqi coming over.

Bei Mingmo met Luo Tianqi at the door. Xuanyuan Che's wound was just right recently, so he was crazy.

Bei Mingmo can see him at night, but during the day, almost no one can see him.

The two came over with a smile, Luo Tianqi had already reached the barbecue area first, and glanced: "Who is wearing this string, why is it so ugly?"

After hearing this, Song Yi raised his eyes and said nothing. Lie Xiaoruo had stood up: "Is it ugly?"

"No, no, you are the most beautiful!" Luo Tianqi converted very quickly.

Lie Xiaoruo wanted to say something, but when she saw Luo Tianqi smile at her, she suddenly thought of the scene that day, and suddenly turned a little unnaturally.

Luo Tianqi didn't seem to notice it, just opened the ingredients he brought over and said, "We will grill some oysters later, and all of them are very fat."

After hearing the words, Chi Jingyu smiled: "I said Tianqi, aren't you? You can't do it before 30?"

Luo Tianqi raised an eyebrow: "Isn't this a precaution? Before 30 years, I made up for myself to avoid getting old and lacking stamina."

Chi Jingyu patted Luo Tianqi's shoulder: "Brother, you wit, it seems that we have a few more dry goods today!"

Aside, Gong Moyan just finished a question, heard the words, and looked up confusedly and asked Gong Mochen: "Brother, what do they say oyster supplement? How can I not understand?"

"Children, adults can't ask about things." On the side, Xiao Pei already said: "Have a good question."

Gong Moyan flattened his mouth and squashed his doubts with a small voice: "Why do you always treat people as children?"

Xiao Pei thought it was funny. He picked up Gong Moyan's other exercise book, and he must read it.

However, he had just opened the homepage, and Gong Moyan seemed to suddenly realize what it was, and quickly grabbed the book.

On that, there was his name she secretly wrote!

Xiao Pei was stunned, and some of them did not respond. The book in his hand was snatched by Gong Moyan.

The little girl was too anxious and moved too much to keep her balance for a while. After taking the book, she pressed towards Xiao Pei.

The two were on the edge of the pavilion. Gong Moyan was too fast. After such a collision, Xiao Pei also lost his balance and planted directly in the pavilion!

Gong Mochen responded quickly, and quickly reached out to pull, but only pulled a tether on Gong Moyan's clothes, and watched the two fall together on the grass below.

The man under him was hard, and the temperature seemed to be higher than that of her. The breath suddenly entered the sense of smell, and exploded in Gong Moyan's senses.

She was completely ashamed. Two seconds later, she asked him anxiously, "Brother, where did you fall?"

Her eyes were red and she almost cried.

Xiao Pei took her arm and then moved her away from the body, and then there was time to speak: "Child, why are you so heavy?"

"I--" Gong Moyan looked like a wronged white rabbit with red eyes: "I'm sorry, but I'm not heavy."

She is less than eighty pounds.

Xiao Pei sighed, propped up, and raised his hand.

When he just fell, he grabbed the edge of the pavilion. At that time, he only felt a hot pain in his hand. Only then did he find that he was scratched by the stone.

"Brother, you are bleeding!" Gong Moyan's face changed, and she stood up: "I will take you to the doctor."

"Just a mouthful." Xiao Pei stood up and moved his joints. Fortunately, everything else is fine.

"No, what if there is an infection?" Gong Moyan said, reaching out.

It's just that when she was about to touch Xiao Pei's arm, she shrank back, and then said anxiously: "Brother, it's okay not to call a doctor, but let's deal with alcohol first?"

Xiao Pei saw that the wound was stained with grass and soil, and was a little dirty, so he nodded: "Let's go."

Gong Ling saw Xiao Pei had only some bruises at night, so he rushed to Gong Moyan and said: "Moyan, just take him to help Wangsao clean up the wound. It's better not to bandage but faster."

"Okay, I know!" Gong Moyan responded and ran to the old house like a rabbit.

Behind him, Xiao Pei said lazily: "Children, don't bully the elderly."

Gong Moyan slowed down, but was still anxious: "Your wounds must be treated quickly! And brother, you look very young, not old at all!"

Xiao Pei thought for a while: "Are you 11 or 12? Or 13? I am 10 years older than you."

"I am 12 years old, waiting for me 22, you 32, in fact, one or two years older than my uncle, still very young!"

Gong Moyan said this, but began to think again, when she was 32, he 42; she 52, he 62; she 72, he 82...

She thought so that the softest part of her heart suddenly collapsed in a mess, unable to express her taste.

Maybe it's really young, sometimes you can be moved by the long time you think, but I don't know that there are still a lot of surprises in this world.

She took him to the old mansion, pressed him on the sofa, and went to get the medicine box by herself.

Who knows, today the servant just cleaned over there and put the medicine cabinet a little high.

Gong Moyan was on her toes, but was unable to reach it. She was about to move the stool, and an arm stretched out behind her.

Xiao Pei stood behind her, a little closer to her, arms crossed her head, and easily took the medicine box on top of the cupboard.

His voice rang over her head: "Hey, kid, don't you seem to have grown tall in these months?"

"Where is that? I'm obviously long!" She turned around, feeling the breath on the man's body, and her eyes were exactly flush with his chest.

She thought of the touch she had just felt, and only felt that her brain was a mess, and she had thousands of flavors, a bit astringent, but sweet.

"Brother, then I compare with you, you remember the position, next time I see you, will you compare?"

She raised her eyes and looked at him anxiously.

He didn't know how much courage she took to say this, but nodded lightly: "Okay."

So he raised his hand, compared her body along her scalp, and finally stopped at the center of her collarbone: "Here you are."

He was light and relaxed, but she felt overcharged, emanating from the top of her head, through the spine, through the heart, and spread to all limbs...