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"Three years after his fiancee song Yiren died, Chu Mingyao, President of Haisheng group, finally got out of the pain and started a new love affair. His new girlfriend is international model Su Yunfei... "

Entertainment news is on TV.

A disfigured woman lies on the sickbed feebly and stares at the picture on the TV screen. The bottom of her eyes is like a real sense of hatred!

She is song Yiren, Chu Mingyao's fiancee who died three years ago.

Ha ha, who knows, she is not dead at all, but a living specimen made by Chu Mingyao and his lover!

Just then, the door of the room was opened, and the sound of men's footsteps and women's laughter came.

Hear the sound, Song Yi people struggle, want to come down from the hospital bed and tear to pieces!

However, her lower body has been paralyzed, struggling just to let her body roll out, and then she fell on the ground, in front of a man and a woman snuggling up!

"Iraqi." The man's voice is deep and gentle. He reaches out his hand to help song Yiren on the ground: "how can I be so excited every time I see you?"

Song Yi people raised their eyes to look at the clothed birds in front of them. Beast, she was shaking all over, and the damaged vocal cords made a voice like the wind: "Chu! Ming! Yao! "

"Yiren, your temper is still so bad..." Chu Mingyao squatted down with a sigh, looked at himself on the TV screen again, and said softly, "why don't you give yourself pleasure if you don't like watching?"

Next to him, the woman in the red high-heeled shoes is Su Yunfei, the famous model in the TV screen.

At the moment, she is wearing a hot hip skirt with a deep V sleeveless shirt, which vividly deduces the proud figure of 36d.

She took Chu Mingyao's arm and looked down at the Songyi people on the ground. At the bottom of her eyes were disgusting emotions, but her voice was so sweet that it made people's hair crisp: "Mingyao, let's not talk with her anymore, hurry up and do business!"

"Business?" Chu Mingyao's handsome face added a bit of ponder: "OK, business."

He said, hugging Su Yunfei in front of him and pressing his lips up.

"You!" On the ground, Song Yi People's chest is undulating, and the only eyes that can be opened are red. She supports her body with her hands, climbs to Chu Mingyao's feet, and opens her mouth to bite down severely!

However, the man suddenly kicked her in the past. Suddenly, her dilapidated body slipped on the smooth floor, and the back of her head hit the edge of one side of the instrument heavily. In a whirling world, warm blood immediately flowed out.

"Pat!" The metallic sound of unbuttoning the buckle is particularly clear in the room.

Then, the ambiguous voice of men and women continued to ring, as if a magic spell was played back in the ears of the Songyi people.

From the pain she had just relieved herself, she saw the shameless scene of the two!

"Ah ah!" Song Yi people shouted angrily, but their voices were hoarse as if they were rusty bellows.

"Husband, her voice is so ugly, like crying, so scary!" Su Yunfei said as she breathed.

"Shut up!" Chu Mingyao suddenly thought of something and his tone was a little more frivolous: "Song Yi people, are you greedy? Do you want to play with us? "

"Husband, she is so ugly, her face is burned by me with strong sulfuric acid, and she is still a cripple, so I don't want to play with her!" Su Yunfei even complained, and her voice was soft and coquettish.

"Well, honey, I pity her. I haven't tasted the taste of a man! How high she was! I want to go to her, and she's arrogant about what she said after marriage! Now, I'm afraid beggars don't want to sleep with her! "

"Oh, my husband, you are good or bad!" Su Yunfei smiled: "but I like it!"