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When Song Yi woke up again, Gong Lingye and Gu Tingxue had not yet woken up.

    She felt a little ill, but she wanted to sit up, but found that she was top-heavy and not half-powered.

    This is when Dr. Tan came over and said, "Madam, you donated 800 ml of blood for Miss Gu. You just woke up from shock and don't exercise for now."

    "How are they?" She still broke a string in her heart.

    "They are all fine, Miss Gu's situation is even better than before." Dr. Tan said here, paused and said: "Ma'am, your blood is different from ordinary people."

    "What do you mean?" Song Yiren wondered.

    "Your blood contains a lot of nutrients, and it is very effective for helping Miss Gu with insufficient blood supply to the heart." Dr. Tan sighed: "I have not found the specific reason, but neither you nor Mr. Gong nor Miss Gu Well, the plasma of the three of you is indeed the most special case I have encountered for many years.

    The Song Yi people couldn't help wondering.

    Will her plasma be different?

    Yu Ruonuan’s everything is ordinary, but her parents are ordinary people. Although Yu Chengzhi’s family business was good in the past, she was only a little nobility. What is special about her?

    But Dr. Tan has been a doctor for many years, he said that special, then it must be special.

    Gu Tingxue was able to be rescued by her under such circumstances at that time, then it means that her plasma is definitely not ordinary...

    My heart seems to be covered by a huge mystery. At that time, the Rong family, Shangguan family, now the Gong family, Beiming family, and even her body master Yu Ruo Nuan. What is all this related to?

    Song Yiren was lying on the bed, looking at the dots on the back of her hand, and suddenly thought that she was killed by Chu Mingyao and Su Yunfei, her soul wandered for seven days, and finally attached to Yu Ruo Nuan’s body. Is there any reason?

    After all, in this world, even if it is just a single city, the number of deaths on the same day is bound to be not small, why is it just Yu Ruonuan?

    Will it have something to do with Yu Ruonan's plasma?

    She pondered deeply, but her body was indeed exhausted, even though Yu Ruonuan's blood was rich in nutrients, but after all, she usually lacked exercise and had poor physical fitness. Therefore, Song Yiren fell into a deep sleep again shortly after waking up.

    At this moment, He Wanshuang had been detained for several days over the Nancheng police station.

    She was detained alone as a suspect of manslaughter. In the past few days, she has been nested in the small room of only five square meters, and no one has visited her.

    The police might have seen her as a girl, so she was asked if there was anyone to contact, she just shook her head and said that she would not see anyone.

    The light outside the window quieted a little, she shrank in the corner, and the sweat quickly soaked through her clothes again.

    Those negative emotions have surrounded her long ago, and she can't break free, she can only let her drown.

    There are many scars on her hand, which she unconsciously pinched out at night.

    At this moment, she felt that she had fallen into that kind of pain that was even worse than death. She blamed herself and lags behind her, making her just want to find a knife to end her life.

    However, there was nothing in the room, and she could not find the knife. Even, because of her weakness, she had no power to hit the wall.

    She could only continue to shrink in the corner, shaking continually, letting the sweat soak her shirt.

    He Wanshuang was found fainting the next morning, and because the fever was 39.3 degrees, the police immediately contacted Lieyuan Shen.

    At this moment, Lieyuan Shen was guarding Lie Xiaoren who had just been rescued in the hospital.

    According to eyewitnesses, they found Liexiao in a barren grass in the lower reaches of the Dicheng River.

    She should have been rushed to the shore that night, and then she may have run out, but she fainted in a weed pile near an abandoned construction site over there.

    Because there is usually nothing here, plus a few tens of meters from the river bank, no one thought she would be here.

    When Lie Xiao was found to be soft, her body was cold and she almost lost her vital signs.

    After the witness called the police, he called 120 and sent her to the hospital, because Lieyuan Shen had already arranged people in the hospital, so when Lie Xiaoruo was sent over, he knew the first time.

    Lie Xiaoruo was rescued in the operating room, his cell phone rang, and the police at the other end said: "Mr. Lie Yuan Shen?"

    "I am," he said.

    The police said: "We are the Nancheng Police Station. Your wife He Wanshuang had a high fever. We sent her to the hospital for treatment and notified you. Is it convenient to come and take care of the patient?"

    After listening to what he said, Lieyuan thought of Lie Xiaoruo being pushed into the operating room just now, but he felt hatred!

    "Comrade Police, that woman's life and death has nothing to do with me." He said coldly: "Although I just learned that my sister was rescued, but the life and death are still unknown, I can not forgive her!"

    "Okay." The police said.

    Hanging up the phone, several police officers heard from the hospital that He Wanshuang had a high fever and was in danger of life. So he immediately found the contact information of He Wanshuang's family through the information system on the Internet and called him.

    The landline at home was picked up by Mother He. When she heard her daughter became a suspect and was in the hospital at the moment, she almost did not faint on the spot!

    Almost crying to tell her husband, the couple was in a hurry, or He father reacted and said, "Call Ling Ye!"

    Gong Lingye was just waking up at the moment.

    As if he had made a long and long-term dream, unlike the previous freezing, this time, he actually found himself having some hazy cognition.

    Dr. Tan was relieved when he saw him waking up.

    The blood test report and simulation analysis are out. Gong Lingye's so-called '32-year-old kan' will never exist again!

    Therefore, he was able to ridicule a little bit and said: "Mr. Gong, I envy you very much. There are two women who are fighting to save you."

    Gong Lingye took a breath and her pupils tightened: "Doctor Tan, what do you mean?"

    Dr. Tan saw that he was nervous, so he didn’t sell Guanzi. Instead, he briefly explained what happened on this day, and then said: "But your wife and Miss Gu are fine. Now that they are sleeping, you can take a break. Go see them."

    Gong Lingye couldn't express the shock and emotion of her heart. She was about to get up, and there was a security guard outside in a hurry: "Dr. Tan--"

    When he saw Gong Lingye was there, he immediately changed his mouth and said, "Emperor Shao, Gu Chiyun came, and took the police, saying that without the consent of his family, we took the blood of his daughter privately and wanted to murder !"

    Gong Ling's eyes narrowed, and the phone on the side rang before he spoke.

    He slipped to answer, and heard He Wanshuang's father trembling: "Ling Ye, Xiaoshuang has an accident..."