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Gong Lingye pushed open the door of the room and saw Gu Tingxue sitting beside the bed.

When she saw him, her eyes lit up: "Brother Ling Ye!"

"Listen to the snow, why don't you sleep at this night?" he asked.

"I heard there was a meteor shower tonight, starting at 11:15, Brother Ling Ye, can you accompany me to see it?" she asked.

Gong Lingye felt tight breathing, but nodded: "Okay."

He was going to get her a wheelchair, but she shook her head: "I want to walk by myself."

He nodded, took her coat and put it on, then went to help her.

The greening of Gu's old house is very good, and now in April, it is lush everywhere.

Under the looming light at the moment, the tree shadow whirling, the two came to the pavilion, Gong Lingye helped Gu Tingxue to sit down and watched the time.

It's 11 o'clock, and there are fifteen minutes. Should there be a meteor shower? This is the last wish of the girl around me.

"Brother Ling Ye, I remember when I was a kid, you came to see me. In order to coax me, I buried some crystals in the ground and said that as long as I was in good health, the crystals could become crystal trees." Gu Tingxue turned his head: " Can you dig it out for me?"

Gong Lingye remembered the past and felt sad for a while, but nodded: "Okay."

He folded a branch and came to a tree under memory, and began to dig it up.

A little bit of time passed, although it was buried by the soil, but as long as there was a little light, it reflected the brilliance.

One by one crystals appeared one after another. Gong Lingye still remembered that Gu Tingxue was small and pale at the time, but he loved to laugh and laughed. His eyes were like crystals.

At that time, he was thinking that his mother did not give him a sister, but it is good to have such a cute sister. I just hope that my sister's body will be better. When he arrives, he will definitely give her a crystal tree.


Time flies, he feels a little uncomfortable.

Picking up the crystal, and sweeping away the dirt above, Gong Lingye stood up and walked towards the gazebo.

"Found it," he said to her.

She leaned on the pillar, her eyes blurred. Hearing what he said, it seemed to have reacted, and quickly said: "Wow, it's all there!"

"Yeah, it's all there." Gong Lingye smiled.

At this moment, the minute hand reached 15, and the dark sky was suddenly occupied by a ray of tiny light, and the sky really dropped a meteor shower.

Gu Tingxue's eyes suddenly gleamed with light, and the euphoria of joy replaced the original haze. She happily pointed to the sky: "Brother Ling Ye, meteor shower, there is really a meteor shower!"

Gong Lingye looked at the light at her eyes and suddenly felt that she couldn't look straight.

Yeah, even if he has so much wealth, he can't let this sister have a healthy body.

Gu Tingxue closed his eyes quickly after watching it for two seconds, folded his hands together, and made a sincere wish--

"I hope that Brother Ling Ye will be in good health, a happy life, and happiness."

"I hope my dad can let go of his hatred and don't feel sad because of my departure."

"I want to have a healthy body in the next life, and be able to run in the sun without blushing or panting. I hope I can freely pursue the person I like..."

She looked up and silently made a wish in her heart.

The meteor shower in the sky kept falling, and her face seemed to have a radiant light.

Until, after more than ten seconds, the meteor shower finally ended in the sky, and Gong Lingye felt that his shoulder was suddenly heavy.

He turned his head violently, and saw the face of the girl beside him, always frozen in the last smile...

He felt his heart was pulled up, and then he whispered to her: "Listen to snow?"

She has lost her breath.

Looking at the last light in the sky, he said slowly, "Listen to snow, your wish will come true."

After all, he picked her up and walked to the room.

Gu Zhiyun saw the moment that Gong Lingye brought people back, and knew that everything had already become empty.

He fell softly and fell to the ground, two lines of tears rolled wildly: "Listen to snow! Listen to snow!"

"If you leave like this, what should Dad do?"

He choked, looking at the girl in Gong Lingye's arms, watching the last stop of her lips and smiling, his heart was more like a knife.

In the end, Gong Lingye watched away. Because Gong Lingye is here, is she so happy?

His heart was full of pain and hatred, and it took a long time before he uttered a complete sentence: "Gong Ling Ye, you stay to send snow!"

Gong Lingye nodded: "Well, I will send her away."

The two didn't say anything, and the servant had already prepared according to the explanation before the care and consent.

Gu Chiyun didn't do the funeral. He didn't like so many people watching his daughter leave because it was his own daughter.

The body was cremated overnight, a fresh girl, and only a gray powder in a blue and white porcelain bottle remained.

Gu Chiyun and Gong Lingye, A Mian and others boarded a yacht together. In the early morning, they departed from the port near the imperial city and went directly to the far sea.

Gu Tingxue said before that she didn't want to be buried in the cold ground, just wanted to be scattered in the sea, and she could float up and down with the waves, and was able to freely go to places she had never been.

Therefore, when driving the ship to the border of China, Gu Zhiyun opened the blue and white porcelain bottle, and then slowly scattered the ashes.

The sullen grays soon became foam in the clear blue water and disappeared.

"Listen to snow, goodbye." Gong Lingye looked at the deep sea.

Gu Chiyun lowered the bottle, wiped away the tears from his eyes, slowly turned around, and looked at Gong Lingye: "Gong Lingye, now, it's our account!"

Gong Lingye looked at him calmly, and seemed to have guessed his plan long ago: "Okay."

"I know, I can't deal with you." Gu Zhiyun said: "But what if I don't even want to die?"

He said, laughing with tears and madness in his eyes: "Gong Ling Ye, I want you to die here today! I don't know why you haven't died of poison, but these are not important! Ting Xue's favorite You are, you are dead now, just go with her!"

Gu Zhiyun said nothing, yanked his jacket.

Suddenly, the explosives tied to his body reflected in Gong Lingye's eyes.

The two full rows are enough to overturn the entire cruise ship!

"Gong Lingye, didn't you think? You thought you controlled the channels of Hua Guo explosives, I wouldn't get it?" Gu Zhiyun laughed wildly: "You have too many enemies in the Gong family, and someone sent me a special trip, Just want to see, your miserable!"

Seeing Gong Lingye's face was still calm, Gu Zhiyun smiled: "Do you think your men can pass me faster? Not just me, this entire cruise ship is soaked in gasoline, as long as a little sparking star falls on the deck on……"

He took out the lighter violently and wiped it with light.

By Gong Lingye's side, Amian's muscles were tight, half of his men rushed to Gu Zhiyun, and half protected Gong Lingye.

Gu Chiyun raised his hand and the lighter fell onto the deck.

At the same time, he yanked the explosive lead on his body, laughing wildly.

On the same day, the debris from the cruise ship on the border of China’s territorial waters covered dozens of nautical miles. The news of the country was full of news about the incident.