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#91 What's wrong? !

Gong Lingye learned that what happened on the Song Yi side was already at the end of the next day.

    He was very tired of hearing her voice, so he took her directly to his villa after returning from a business trip.

    Song Yi was really sleepy. After dinner, she went to the room where she lived for one night to rest.

    It was midnight when I woke up again, and the Song Yi people felt that there was someone next to them, only to find out that Gong Lingye was lying beside her.

    She didn't even know when he was lying!

    A little light came in from the window. His face was peaceful, his expression relaxed, and obviously he slept for a long time.

    Song Yi whispered, came back from the bathroom, and just lying down, he was surrounded by Gong Lingye.

    His body was warm, his chest wide, and he held her whole child in his arms, whispering in a low voice: "Warm warm, don't be sad, I will accompany you."

    Perhaps because she slept for a long time, Gong Lingye's voice was a little husky, her breath fell on Song Yiren's hair, and she gently ‘um’.

    Somehow, I suddenly wanted to feel that I was not so alone.

    It was already dawn again to wake up, and Gong Lingye had already woken up. He turned his face and kissed Song Yiren: "Warm warm, good morning."

    Song Yiren smiled at him: "Good morning."

    He originally wanted to kiss her, but thought about her mother's affairs, so, without further action, she got up and took Song Yi people to the bathroom to wash.

    In the next few days, the Song Yiren team passed all the way and finally reached the final moment.

    The time on the final day is very tight, because the team and individual matches will be held on the same day.

    The morning is the final of the team competition, and the afternoon is the most exciting final of the individual competition.

    On the morning of the team competition, the organizer welcomed a distinguished guest. At 9 am, the team competition officially started.

    The semi-finals have been decided before, so in the four matches in the morning, they will compete for the final ranking of the semi-finals.

    According to the result of the lottery, Song Yiren's team was in the second game. When Song Yiren was finally moving MianD's hands and feet, he suddenly heard a little disturbance in the field.

    She looked in the direction of everyone's eyes, and really saw Gong Lingye.

    Behind Gong Lingye were Bae Jun and Amian, the two left and right, following him to the guest table.

    He wore a black shirt and trousers today, with a tie of blue and white stripes, and the entire popularity field was fully open. It really looked like other students said: high cold, abstinence, and not easy to overthrow.

    Song Yiren's lips twitched, and suddenly realized that the dress she was wearing today was exactly blue and white stripes!

    This morning, Gong Lingye called her a video call and asked her to show him all her clothes.

    So, this guy is a blue and white striped tie that he deliberately hit?

    It's just that she wears this striped dress with a navy girlish feeling, and he just wears this light color with a cold and domineering feeling ...

    Just as the Song Yiren was about to take back their gaze, Gong Lingye, who had just sat down, suddenly looked over at her.

    Then, he slightly hooked his lips at her.

    His movements were quick, but they were still caught by many people.

    Song Yiren listened to the excitement of the girls around him: "Ah, look! Look! Look at the President Gong just now!"

    "How do you know he is looking at you?" Ling Yi shook her voice a little bit: "He clearly looked at me and smiled at me!"

    Song Yiren heard that the two were in the row behind her.

    However, it is far more than these two people.

    Someone in her front row also said with excitement: "Bang bang, President Gong will not see me smiling at me? I can't do it, hurry, call an ambulance!"

    "Don't be foolish next to me, please? People want to see it, but also Yuruan Nuan!" The boy next to the girl splashed cold water.

    The girl listened and turned to look at the Song Yi people in the back row. When she saw that the Song Yi people were obviously many times prettier than her, she stared at the Song Yi people fiercely.

    Song Yi: "..."

    All blame Gong Lingye, nothing to complain, but also brought her innocence!

    The first match was indeed wonderful. The two sides of the competition were almost opponents, so it took almost an hour to decide the winner.

    The cruelty of team games and individual games is that in two consecutive games, all robots have little time to trim, and if the first game wins and is damaged, the next game will be difficult.

    At the end of the first game, after a five-minute break, the second game immediately.

    Song Yiren, Xiao Pei and others walked into the venue. A total of eight robots started to move together after hearing the password to start the game.

    Xiao Pei ’s robot is called ‘Death Scythe’, Xu Xingzhou ’s robot is called ‘Night Wolf’, and Lan Haifeng ’s robot is called ‘Caesar’.

    As the game began, the Death Scythe had already turned over and rushed into the local battle group. Its speed was very fast. First, it made a note of the opponent's defensive robot.

    The opponent can reach the semifinals, the natural strength is not bad, and the response is extremely fast.

    At the moment when the death sickle came in, a robot immediately kicked it back and forth.

    However, the moment it flew, it didn't know what was blocked, and then the robot rolled over and fell to the ground.

    There was a pumping sound on the stage, because, what they saw was MianD!

    It was MianD who just shot!

    Everyone remembers that the Song Yi people had played MianD before. This guy is best at violence. Like MianS, the violence is holding the opponent's death knock, leaving a deep impression on everyone.

    But no one knows, its speed is so fast!

    Because it is a semi-final, there is a live commentary.

    Only listen to the announcer's feelings and enthusiasm: "MianD of the Xuanyuan team came to a downfall and hit" Xiao He "by surprise. Then, the team of the gods immediately filled Yu Ji ...

    Gong Lingye raised her eyebrows slightly when she heard the name of Song Yi's robot: "MianD?"

    Behind him, Bae Jun couldn't hold back and laughed loudly, then rushed to the palace and said at night: "Miss Yu's other robot is called MianS."

    Gong Lingye couldn't help but laugh out loud. With this smile, the girls who only watched him and did not watch the game followed the heart: "Ah, he laughed again!"

    "Oh, I know this time, he didn't smile at you?"

    "That didn't make you laugh!"

    "He smiled and looked good, but when he didn't smile, he seemed to refuse to be thousands of miles away ..."

    "Ce, this is called forced, this is called aura! Where can you get closer?"

    "Huh, it sounds as if you can get closer! Don't talk about you, I think that Yu Ruonuan can only climb his nephew, can't he climb him ?!"

    "That's true!" The girl exclaimed: "I don't know if he will get married in the future, hey ..."

    On the other side of Gong Lingye, after he smiled, Amian behind him wondered: "Emperor Shao, what's wrong?"

    Why did Bae Jun and the boss laugh, but he didn't understand what it meant?