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#112 Are you jealous?

Song Yi was relieved. Gong Lingye had thought about this question before, so she immediately recovered her thoughts and began to answer in an orderly manner.

    Gong Mochen really didn't expect Song Yiren to be able to answer so clearly. He looked at her calmly and calmly, somehow, and remembered how she was quiet when she fell asleep on his shoulder on the plane that day.

    And her hand holding the folder at the moment, the touch is so soft ...

    After Song Yiren finished her answer, she looked around and found that everyone around her had a positive look. She was about to sit down and listened to Gong Ling Yedao: "The view is good, but don't be distracted in future meetings."

    Song Yiren stunned, then looked at him in the past.

    He also looked at her, his eyes meaningful.

    She was a little annoyed. She didn't look away and only kept her long eyelashes. She said, "Okay, President Gong."

    The meeting lasted for two hours. After the meeting, Song Yiren and Xiao Pei returned to the AI ​​building.

    At noon, she was about to go to the staff cafeteria, and she received a call from Pei Jun: "Miss Yu, the president, please come over now, 36th floor, the president's office."

    Song Yiren put down the phone and a colleague asked her what was wrong. She shook her head: "I don't know, Pete over there to find me."

    "Ah, won't you punish you for being distracted?" A female colleague whispered to Song Yiren and bit her ear: "Our big president is handsome and handsome, it's terrible. Hey, it feels like he's always dreaming at night. Lisuo's kind ... Look at how I say this to you? Anyway, mourn! Don't be afraid, I support you mentally! "

    Song Yiren was teased: "Are you all so afraid of the big president?"

    "No! Although he doesn't even laugh like the second president, he is more scary than the second president. In short, no one in the company is in awe of him!" Colleagues pushed Song Yiren: "Go ahead, go It's troublesome when it's late! "

    Song Yiren went to the president's office in the main building in the general expression of his colleague's burial.

    It was lunch time at this moment, and even the secretariat outside the president's office was gone. Pei Jun saw Song Yi coming and led her to Gong Lingye's office.

    This was the first time she entered his office. As she imagined, the office was spacious, bright and atmospheric, with a desk, bookshelf, wine rack, gray sofa, and a marble coffee table.

    There is also a suite in the room, which should be the lounge at the back. The door is closed at the moment, and you can't see the inside.

    The large floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides of the office, because of the high floors, can almost overlook the entire buildings of the Tiangong Group.

    Gong Lingye was dealing with mail. He sat in front of the computer, his fingers struck the keyboard quickly, his eyes focused on the screen, and his sharp face looked sharper.

    The Song Yi people approached and waited quietly.

    Until Gong Lingye sent an email, he raised his eyes and stood up.

    "Sit." He pointed to the sofa in front of him.

    Song Yi people passed by the words and sat in danger.

    At this time, Bae Jun knocked on the door, took in a rather large food container, and then turned away and took the office door.

    Gong Lingye sat down in front of the Song Yi people and said, "Nuan Nuan, I have something to tell you."

    His expression was serious and serious, which made Song Yi people's hearts sink.

    I do n’t know why. She even thought of her colleague, and remembered Gong Lingye said that she had a meeting and distracted this morning. So, what should he do with her?

    Breathing became a bit heavy, it was in such an oppressive atmosphere, Gong Lingye said: "I have thought about these days. Regarding our affairs, I have always been active, you have not promised me anything , So there is no obligation to explain anything to me. "

    Song Yiren's fingers curled slightly, and she looked at Gong Lingye without speaking.

    It seems that he should be completely tired and figured out, want to let go?

    She felt that her heart was dull, and there was something similar to the feeling of emptyness floating up, making her throat a little blocked.

    Opposite, Gong Lingye continued: "So, I didn't get your trust and explanation because I didn't work hard enough and it had nothing to do with you."

    Song Yi people heard this, some puzzled. What does he mean?

    "My own problem, I should not vent my emotions on you." Gong Lingye said here, looking at Song Yiren's eyes: "Warm warm, sorry, it's all my fault."

    Song Yi was completely stunned. Is he apologizing?

    Gong Lingye said, holding Song Yi's hand: "You tell me, what should I do to get your trust? I will work hard for this."

    Song Yi people looked at his serious look, and his heart echoed repeatedly what he had just said.

    I don't know why, she believes that everything he just said is from the heart.

    Song Yiren opened his lips. "Actually, I have a problem ..."

    She didn't know how to trust people. She experienced that life, but she was the one with the least sense of security.

    However, because he had just said those words, she suddenly wanted to try to believe again.

    Gong Lingye heard the meaning of Song Yiren, his eyes lit up, but then his eyes narrowed: "Warm warm, but I can't accept you and Mo Chen together. If you really love each other , Then I ... "

    He can grab a lot of things, but if people really love each other, then he may have to let go. After all, that is the basic principle of being a person.

    Song Yi people interrupted Gong Lingye's words: "I went to Pingcheng that day, but I just happened to meet him."

    After she finished, she suddenly realized that she had explained it like this, but half of it had already been explained, and she said simply: "It's too tired to fall asleep, and the breath on him is very familiar, I thought ..."

    Gong Lingye's pupils shrank, and suddenly thought that day he lent his shirt to Gong Mochen.

    With a surprise in his heart, he approached Song Yiren, his voice became very low: "Because it is my taste?"

    Song Yiren didn't look at his eyes, his eyes fell on the food box, the topic turned blunt: "What is this place?"

    Gong Lingye obviously didn't let her go, only felt that the haze that had enveloped him for a long time was swept away. He stood up, bypassed the coffee table, and leaned over in front of the Song Yi people: "Nuan Nuan, he wore my clothes that day, So in your sleep, you thought he was me, would you be close? "

    Song Yi was so annoyed that she was still alive for the second life, but she was only in love for the first time. At this moment, she was so tightly stepped up, almost thinking, but her brain was completely blurted out: "The day I went to Pingcheng, You still gossip! "

    "Did you see that scandal?" Gong Lingye's eyes were even more delightful. He imprisoned Song Yi between him and the sofa: "So, Nuan Nuan, are you jealous?"