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Xuanyuan Che took it, and suddenly saw the news half an hour ago-

    [Wei Kangmin, the president of Weicheng Weicheng, is involved in economic fraud and the police will intervene in the investigation. 】

    Xuanyuan Che was shocked, they really didn't know this beforehand!

    Gong Lingye said: "A Che, you may not be able to get married tomorrow."

    Xuanyuan Che took out his mobile phone, only to find that it turned out that he had shut down when there was no electricity on the way to picking up the two of them.

    He quickly took the charging cable and connected it, and as soon as he turned on the phone, he heard the sound of the phone.

    On the hospital bed, Wei Qianran apparently didn't know anything and was covering her hands with a warm handbag.

    After reading the news, Xuanyuan Che stood up and walked to Wei Qianran's bed.

    He hasn't said anything yet, and she has already said: "Brother Che, did you find out who did it?"

    "Well." Xuanyuan Che paused: "You may have offended someone in your family."

    Wei Qianran was surprised and a little worried, but then said again: "Fortunately, you and Mr. Gong saved us!"

    She apparently did not know the seriousness of the matter. Wei Kangmin was reported by someone. It must be evidence in hand, and the killing of Wei Qianran must be due to the hatred of the Wei family against the economy.

    Seeing him silent, she didn't realize anything was wrong, because she had just experienced such a terrible thing, Wei Qianran obviously wanted someone to accompany her.

    She tugs on Xuanyuan Che's sleeves, and then begins to talk about her experience: "Brother Che, those two people really brought stones and boxes! If Sabrina saw that they really wanted to kill us, I'm afraid ... ... When Sabrina was nearly strangled, I was so scared ... Brother Che, fortunately having her! "

    She was incoherent and kept talking.

    Xuanyuan Che looked at the girl at the moment, and his heart rose with a trace of pity.

    The attitude of his parents has been very clear. The Wei family has an accident. They can provide assistance financially, but in other respects, I can't help.

    In addition, engagement is definitely impossible, the Wei family is not in a mood, and they are even less likely to be involved at this time.

    After all, if the enemies of the Wei family are angered, the desperate can do everything, and the Xuanyuan family cannot follow the adventure.

    Xuanyuan Che was thinking about it, and Wei Qianran said again: "You go and see how Sabrina is going, and thank me for helping me."

    "Good." Xuanyuan Che responded, stood up, and went to the next room.

    Next door, the Song Yi people just went downstairs to buy milk tea for Beiming Mo. No one was in the ward. Xuan Yuan Che had just walked to the door and bumped into two doctors who came out of it.

    "Hey, it's a pity that a girl, beautiful and beautiful, but her knuckles are all dead, you can only amputate!" Said one of the doctors.

    "Yeah, you said how a girl can live without hands!"

    Xuanyuan Che breathed tightly, and suddenly thought that when he was just outside, Bei Mingmo said that she could paint with her feet, he saw the two doctors walk away, quickly chased, and grabbed the arm of one of the doctors: Amputating his hand ?! "

    The doctor looked at Xuanyuan Che suspiciously and said, "Are you her husband? Why did you come here? Your wife is crying in the ward. You should persuade her that the surgery must be done as soon as possible!"

    Xuanyuan Che only felt that his mind was suddenly spreading inexplicable panic. He released the doctor and ran quickly to Beimingmo's ward.

    Pushing the door open violently, the heater in the ward came, but he felt a chill hit the body.

    He suddenly dare not face her.

    It was his fiancée who had affected her, and she was young, and she was so excellent in both fragrance and design, if she lost her hands ...

    A few steps away, Xuanyuan Che walked extremely difficult.

    Until the sight of the girl into the familiar figure.

    She was sitting on the hospital bed, heard the noise, and raised her eyes.

    There were obvious marks on her white and slender neck, and when he saw him coming in, his eyes turned away after a moment of surprise.

    He came to her, his throat was dry, his fingers were sore, and he said, "Your hand--"

    Bei Mingmo raised his eyes suspiciously: "Huh?"

    Xuanyuan Che swallowed a spit, and then his eyes slowly ran down Bei Mingmo's face and settled on her hand.

    White fingers, holding a warm baby at the moment, are intact.

    He was a little puzzled and looked carefully, and found that there was really no trace of frostbite. He said: "Your hands are okay?"

    Bei Mingmo raised her eyes and sneered at the bottom of her eyes. She simply loosened the warm baby and raised her hands to spread out to show him: "What do you mean? Because I killed the person, you have to report it. Alright? "

    In addition to a red mark in the middle, her palm is a strangulation on her wrist. Her fingers are flexible, and there is obviously nothing.

    His dangling heart crashed to the ground, even ignoring the thorn in her words.

    "I'm here to thank you." He said: "Thank you for saving Qian Ran."

    "Still that sentence, she is my friend, and I will save her if you don't need you to thank you." Bei Mingmo waved his hand: "Okay, you can go."

    Seeing that he didn't move, her eyes flowed through complex and indiscernible emotions, and her lips twitched mockingly: "Mr. Xuanyuan, are you trying to force me, a wounded person, to jump down and keep a distance of more than two meters from you? ! "

    He took a breath and his eyes solidified in an instant.

    She bowed her head and ignored him.

    He stepped back two steps, kept the distance at two meters, and looked at her for a few more seconds, his lips and flap moved, and after all he still didn't ask the question he had held in his heart.

    He wanted to ask: "What did you experience in those two years? What did you mean by almost dying and being blind for a year?"

    He also wanted to ask: "You have known me for three years, is there a moment when the smile in front of me is sincere?"

    And at this moment, Song Yiren had returned, carrying a bag in his hand: "Momo baby, milk tea and supper! Come with your favorite sauce trotters! Isn't that right? Especially suitable for this! "

    She said nothing, and when she turned her eyes, she found that Xuanyuan Che was in the room.

    Song Yi's heart shoved slightly and turned to say hello: "Mr. Xuanyuan, you are here too!"

    Xuanyuan Che nodded and said, "Well, I'm past."

    The Song Yi people put their things down and leaned into Bei Mingmo's ear: "He came to see you?"

    "Cut, it's not rare!" Bei Mingmo was still a little bit angry, but when she saw that the trotters bought by the Song Yi people were still slightly spicy, she was immediately happy: "Don't talk about him anyway, men are like clothes, food is more than heaven!"

    Song Yiren laughed and opened: "We eat together."

    As she was saying, her phone rang, and the call was a strange number.

    She hesitated and answered.

    A young female voice came from there, with a high-pitched voice: "Are you Ruyu Nuan? Introduce yourself, my name is Lie Xiaoruan ..."