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#7 Saved her

There is no slight change in his expression on his heroic face. His side is firm and indifferent, a cold and powerful aura, integrated with the black off-road, revealing a gloomy world momentum.

    It was Song Yiren who had seen him only ten minutes ago, Gong Lingye.

    Looking at the lighter in her hand, Mei Feng picked it up.

    Song Yiren followed his line of sight and then calmly closed, thanking him sincerely: "Thank you Mr. Gong for saving me ... your bumper ..."

    She was about to say that she would pay, and Gong Lingye said indifferently: "No."

    His voice is low-magnetic and nice, but there is an invisible pressure.

    Having said that, he had raised the window, and then, with the roar of the engine, he went straight away.

    Song Yi took a deep breath. In order to avoid trouble, she also accelerated her pace and ran away from the area quickly.

    On the way, she first checked the date and found that today is already the seventh day after her 'death'.

    In the past, she had never believed in the Seven Spirits, but now she believed.

    It was just that she was a Ning countryman during her lifetime, but now she has arrived in China. I wonder if the sea has brought her to this strange country across the sea?

    Song Yi people suppressed the complex mood in their hearts and began to browse various news.

    Three years ago, she was shut down by Chu Mingyao. Although there was a TV in the room where she was shut down, she still knew too little about what happened in the past three years.

    As Song Yiren finished reading the news a little bit, she also gradually became clear about the situation today.

    The operation mode of the Haisheng Group has long been mature, so even if the former president suddenly died, the company has not fallen into trouble.

    After Chu Mingyao took over, after three years, its strategic development still maintained its original plan, which can be said to be ineffective.

    However, how could the Song Yi people not guess that Chu Mingyao may have changed the people's congress in the company for the past three years, and the entire Haisheng is his world?

    Although the Haisheng Group has involved in all aspects, the core is still on the side of technology, especially in the past few years, paying more attention to artificial intelligence.

    On the Chinese side, the focus has only been on cultivation in recent years, so the foundation is not as good as that of Ning Guo. Even the Gongjia Tiangong Group has begun to develop driverless cars, but it is still two years behind the technology of the Haisheng Group.

    It seems that the original comrades really didn't continue to help anyone after her 'death'!

    The hope of Song Yi people is burning a little bit. Now, Chu Mingyao is the president of Haisheng Group, which can be said to be only covering the sky in the Ningguo shopping mall.

    The Gong family is also a god-like existence in China. So, if she can join the Tiangong Group and use the Tiangong to compete with Chu Mingyao?

    What she has to do is not to ask someone to kill Chu Mingyao as simple as that. She wants to reveal the true face of Chu Mingyao's clothes and beasts, and to add the pain that he had imposed on her and her loved ones.

    Just before entering the school gate, Song Yiren's cell phone rang, and when she saw it, Yu Ruonan's father, Yu Chengzhi, called.

    Yu Chengzhi said on the phone, "Yu Ruo Nuan, are you coming from the Gong family ?!"

    Song Yiren knew from Yu Ruonuan ’s memory that Yu Ruonan ’s mother had divorced her father for a long time. Although his father had never had a good face for Yu Ruonan in these years, perhaps because he hoped to get a positive psychology, Yu Ruonuan had always been All listen to Cheng Zhi's words.

    Now, not long after she came out of the palace, her father's phone came. Obviously, he knew that she had not succeeded in ‘climbing’ with the palace family!

    "Yes." She responded lightly.

    Yu Chengzhi suddenly got angry: "You don't know how to use the wine I gave you? Did you miss such a good opportunity?"

    Song Yi was cold-hearted, and a father gave his biological daughter a bottle of fortified wine and sent him to another man's bed. But thought of sending his daughter to the door like this, what else besides being cheap? !

    Seeing her daughter not speaking, Yu Chengzhi directly dropped a sentence: "Since you can't climb to the palace, then wait to marry your second brother-in-law!"