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"I have a cold." Song Yiren avoided Gong Lingye's lips: "Don't infect you."

    He reprinted on her lips: "It's better to infect."

    She couldn't help crying, but slowly softened under his offensive.

    He picked her up, her lips running down her neck. Lifted her clothes and kissed her belly.

    She was tickled by him, and she gasped a little unbearably.

    His low magnetic voice fell on her ear: "Wife, do you want it?"

    Song Yi people pushed Gong Lingye weakly: "Can't be here."

    He laughed, and worried that someone would come to deliver the meal for a while, disturbing their interest, so he kissed the Song Yi people for a while before putting her down.

    He put her in front of the sink, he hugged her from behind and washed her hands with her.

    Fingers passed through her ten fingers, letting the water flow gently through their fingertips.

    "Wife, happy wedding!" He looked at her in the mirror.

    She stared at his delicate three-dimensional silhouette in the mirror, her heartbeat missed a beat, and even her voice was slightly softly trembling: "Her husband, happy wedding!"

    Gong Lingye turned her face to kiss her again, and waited until the waiter came to deliver the meal.

    The two used the meal, and Gong Lingye took the Song Yi to the casino.

    Today, Lihuo is also in charge of public security with Uncle Qi in his spare time.

    Uncle Qi is the father of Lihuo, the brother of Gong Lingye ’s brother, and calling him “Uncle” is a name that everyone on the rivers and lakes are used to.

    Seeing the two, Uncle Qi immediately summoned the brothers and said, "The young master is here!"

    At the moment, the Song Yi people only felt that they seemed to be the 'Mr. Zhaizhai' in the mouth of a group of rivers and lakes. She walked in with Gong Lingye. The people inside were not as tidy as Phoenix, but after they arrived Greeted her greedyly: "Sister-in-law!"

    "Sister-in-law, you finally let our emperor take off the order!"

    "Our sister-in-law is so beautiful! More beautiful than the stars on TV!"

    "Sister-in-law, when is the wedding?"

    Seeing everyone greet the Song Yi people enthusiastically, Gong Lingye was also happy to see it.

    People need to establish their prestige, but in some cases, they cannot isolate themselves too high, and they must grasp that degree.

    However, he believes that his little woman is very smart and may not know it at first, but will gradually become familiar with it from now on.

    He believes that even if he is away, she can live well and protect herself and the people she cares about.

    So, he took her today, walked all the places around, and delivered everything she could deliver to her. Let all the people in the world know that as long as he is Ling Ye, she is also from Song Yi!

    "Uncle, auntie, happy wedding!" Run away from the fire, and give them a big grilled skewers: "Too hasty, I didn't prepare anything, I will grill the lamb chops by yourself, you try it!"

    Song Yiren laughed: "This is the most unique new wedding gift I have received!"

    She took a sip and lifted her eyes: "It tastes good! Teach me the recipe next time!"

    "No problem!" Lihuo smiled and led the Song Yi people in, biting her ear: "Little aunt, let's play a few games over the gambling game? I will teach you how to get a thousand ..."

    Behind him, Gong Lingye chatted with Qi Qi about the recent situation here.

    When he took the Song Yi people around for a while, and when all the younger brothers left, there were already many reporters outside.

    Reporters, all hesitated. After all, they dared not report the gossip of Gong Lingye before.

    However, this time Gong Lingye announced his marriage on Weibo, who would like to miss such a big news?

    Therefore, everyone was eager to try out the room, and finally they had more courage. They first came to Gong Lingye and Song Yiren, and asked a bit cautiously: "Mr. Gong, can I ask you a few questions?"

    Gong Lingye also guessed what the other party wanted to ask.

    In fact, these reporters were not released by his orders, otherwise, how could they know that he and Song Yi were here, and how could they be close to this club?

    He nodded and said quietly: "Yes."

    The reporter was very happy and handed over the microphone: "Mr. Gong, do you really marry Miss Yu Ruonuan?"

    Gong Lingye heard the words and raised her eyebrows slightly: "Did you not read my Weibo, or is my expression difficult to understand?"

    The reporter was choked by his words and reacted quickly: "Congratulations to Mr. Gong and Mrs. Gong!"

    After all, someone asked: "Mr. Gong, when is the wedding between you and your wife?"

    "Sorry, our wedding does not invite any media." Gong Lingye took Song Yiren's shoulders.

    The media also knew that the other party did not want to disclose details, so they could only dig other things: "So, Mr. Gong, how do you and your wife know and love each other? Can you share it with everyone?"

    Gong Lingye looked down at Song Yiren: "Nuan Nuan, come and tell them."

    Song Yiren thought about it for a moment, and raised his eyes: "Starting in the previous life, destined for this life."

    The reporter was obviously not very satisfied with this answer. They still wanted to know the details. However, Gong Lingye didn't directly give anyone a chance, and directly said: "Her answer is my answer. It's not early, everyone is out of company."

    After all, under the escort of the bodyguard, he and Song Yi directly got on the bus.

    When he was in the car, he glanced at her eyes, his voice low: "It started in the previous life and is destined for this life."

    She laughed and reached out to hold his hand.

    The video of the two interviewed was quickly posted online by the reporter. At the moment, Lie Xiaoruo has just finished fitness and is going to sleep with a glass of milk.

    She took the milk and warmed it up, and drank her Weibo while drinking.

    When she saw the hot search at the moment, her milk choked into her breath, and her face and neck were coughing in a flash.

    She put down the glass and looked at it inexplicably.

    [Tiangong Group President Gong Lingye's Weibo official announcement, married 21-year-old female college student Yu Ruo Nuan, and took a photo of the two holding a marriage certificate. Later, Yu Ruonuan forwarded Gong Lingye's Weibo, and the two had a sweet expression】

    She watched it in shock, and the whole person jumped out of bed at once and ran out holding the phone: "Brother, how did he get married? How could he get married!"

    Lieyuan Shen was busy for a day today and just came back to take a shower.

    He also heard about Gong Lingye's return, but because he had to deal with the affairs of L Group, he hadn't had time to investigate.

    At the moment, he had just put on his clothes, and heard Li Xiaoxiao's voice change, so he opened the door and asked, "Xiao Ruan, what are you talking about?"

    Lie Xiaosoft held his mobile phone, and his voice was filled with crying cries: "Why is Gong Lingye married? He said on Weibo that he was married! He also interviewed that he was married!"

    In the room, He Wanshuang shivered when he heard this.