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Bei Mingmo couldn't help crying: "Mom, I've only been back for four hours ... you just arranged a blind date for me! How worried are you that your daughter won't get married?"

    Mrs. Bei Ming poured oil on the pan and said, "How can you not worry about it? You are so big, you haven't paid a boyfriend, and your mother is worried about being cheated!"

    Bei Mingmo smiled, "Mom, where do you see your daughter I am so stupid? Only I deceive people, no one can deceive me!"

    Mrs. Beiming was too lazy to argue with Beimingmo: "Well, my daughter is clever! In short, I will call to ask at noon!"

    The golden onion cakes on both sides came up, and Bei Mingmo was drinking milk while eating the cakes made by his mother, only to feel the peace of an unprecedented heart.

    Beimingqiao was going to work today, but stayed at home deliberately. He still read newspapers on the sofa with a straight face, but from time to time carefully listened to Beimingmo and his mother's chat.

    The home is full of warmth, and Bei Mingmo is talking about giving her mother a perfume, and the phone at home rings.

    After listening to the phone, Beimingqiao had a serious expression: "The second child has an accident!"

    "Axiao?" Mrs. Bei Ming stunned: "What's wrong?"

    "I was smashed by something while filming, and I am still in a coma." Beimingqiao said: "Let's go to the hospital to see him!"

    Bei Mingmo didn't know how his father's relationship with the two brothers at midnight, but when he heard that Beimingxiao was injured, he immediately said, "I will go together too!"

    Half an hour later, the three arrived at the hospital.

    Bei Mingxiao's agent saw Beimingqiao and sighed: "Hey, A Xiao's career has just improved now. We also want to see if he can enter the second line through this drama. As a result ..."

    He was talking, and he saw Bei Mingmo, his eyes lit up: "Sabrina ?! Are you really Sabrina?"

    Bei Mingmo nodded: "It's me."

    "My name is Teddy, do you think I am as cute as a teddy bear?" The male agent compared a cute look, and then looked excited: "How come you come to see Axiao?"

    "He is my second brother." Bei Mingmo said concisely, turning sideways, avoiding Teddy's touch quietly.

    "Ah ... he knows that I love Unique's perfume, and he doesn't even tell me, you are his sister!" Teddy looked annoyed, holding Bei Mingmo talking nonstop.

    While talking, the door of the operating room over there opened, and the doctor came out: "The wounds have been sutured, the patient has a slight concussion, and the bleeding is too much because of the injury to the superficial artery. But hemostasis has been done, and there is nothing serious He will be discharged in three days. "

    Teddy breathed a sigh of relief: "Fortunately, it's okay, it won't delay the crew's progress!"

    On the other side, Beimingxiao had already been pushed out. He just woke up, and after passing Beimingmo, he paused: "I, I must be hell!"

    Bei Mingmo has been used to fighting with him since he was young, and immediately jumped up: "Beijing Mingxiao, you want to see ghosts, no problem, just a mirror!"

    Just take it out, take out your phone, reveal the shiny mirror, and take a photo of Beimingxiao who is bandaged: "Did you see it?"

    Bei Mingxiao stared at her until he was pushed forward by the nurse, and he spit out a sentence: "Are you willing to come back?"

    Bei Mingmo breathed a suffocated ‘hmm’.

    Everyone went to the ward together again again, Bei Mingxiao smiled: "I'm fine, you don't have to be like this, I can't die ... Hey, just don't know if my fans will cry? I have to take a selfie and send a Weibo! "

    Bei Mingmo twitched her lips, seeing that Beimingxiao really sent Weibo, so she took her mobile phone, first paid attention to Beimingxiao, and then gave him a like.

    Beimingxiao received a prompt and was shut down by Beimingxiao.

    At this time, the comments in the following comment area also began to increase: "Oh, my family love bean is hurt, woo, so hurt!"

    "Not good, it doesn't seem to hurt your face? Baby Xiao, it's fine if your face is fine. It doesn't matter if your brain is hurt. Anyway, we don't rely on the brain!"

    Bei Mingmo saw this comment and laughed: "Second brother, your fans know you are the second one?"

    Bei Mingxiao was going to beat her, but still had an infusion in her hand and couldn't move, she could only grind her teeth.

    Beimingqiao frowned, and the two brothers and sisters were like this since childhood, and it was okay when they were alone. When they met, their psychological age dropped to ten years old!

    He stepped aside and went to see the medical report.

    When he saw the words "O-type plasma 300ml" shown above, the whole person was stunned and looked carefully again.

    Be sure that the name is Beimingxiao, he stood up, picked up the medical record and went out.

    At the doctor's office, he asked the doctor: "Doctor, is this blood type of Beimingxiao correct?"

    The doctor nodded and said naturally: "The type O registered in his information card. Before blood transfusion, we also checked him and determined that it was type O."

    Beimingqiao's fingers shook slightly, nodded, and turned away with a smile.

    He was calm on the surface, but his heart was a huge wave.

    He remembered that his eldest brother had blood type A and his sister-in-law had blood type AB. How could parents of these two blood types have children of type O?

    Could it be that the late-night brothers are not his nephews at all? !

    Suddenly remembered a past in the past many years ago. At the beginning, he and the elder brother were tested together. He was terrified. The elder brother responded calmly, but in the end, he inherited everything from the Beiming family today ...

    His heart seemed to be shrouded by a huge mist, and Beimingqiao was uneasy. He quickly went to the ward and walked to Beimingxiao, seeming to carelessly manage things, but secretly pulled out two Beimingxiao ’s hair!

    Although his eldest brother is dead, he should be able to identify kinship as a pro-uncle!

    Everyone didn't know what the Beiming Bridge was like and still talking and laughing.

    Bei Mingxiao was indeed not too badly injured, coupled with being young and recovering quickly, she was already sitting up, leaning on the bed and chatting with Bei Mingmo.

    Teddy interjected at the right time: "No, Sabrina, look at me for serving your second brother every day, you want to give me a bottle of perfume!"

    Bei Mingmo smiled: "What do you want?"

    Teddy exaggerated: "If that kind of woman smells a sip, you must pounce on it immediately!"

    Bei Mingxiao splashed his cold water: "You can't stand one every night!"

    "Bei Mingxiao, tell me clearly!" Teddy stopped. "Don't slander me in front of my goddess!"

    Bei Mingmo smiled and watched the two making trouble. To be honest, she was the first time she saw the agent and the artist getting along like this.

    She reached for her pocket and wanted to see what time it was.

    Taking it out, Bei Mingmo was startled by the dozen or so missed calls.

    One was from a colleague, and the rest were all Xuanyuan Che.

    She is planning to go back to her colleagues, and the screen of her mobile phone is bright again, with the words ‘Xuanyuan Che’ on it.

    Bei Mingmo frowned slightly, hesitated, and walked outside to answer the phone: "Hello."