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#10 Meet again

"I accidentally saw your case." Song Yiren said naturally.

    Gong Mochen was puzzled. He had locked the cases in the cupboard. How did she see it?

    He did not know that the Song Yi people may be in the form of soul body on the day the soul passed through, so they saw a lot of things.

    For example, she saw his case, Gong Gongchen ’s aunt was watching that kind of film in her bedroom, saw a bear child in the backyard secretly adding chili water to the chef ’s soup, and even saw Gong Ling. Sex at night when changing clothes. Feeling naked back ...

    These happened at the moment she passed through. She was unconscious at the time, but she didn't know what happened afterwards. These pictures suddenly appeared in her mind.

    Unexpectedly, today it came to a key use.

    Gong Mochen had already planned to change the lock of his cabinet. The taste of being coerced was uncomfortable. He stood up: "My secretary will contact you."

    After saying this, he strode away directly.

    Song Yiren's lips raised, and she looked down at the bright red seal pinched out of her wrist, thinking that everything was worth it!

    After all, with the Gong family as a shield, Yu Chengzhi would not want to let her marry that violent man for the time being.

    Song Yiren knew that Yu Chengzhi was very greedy and insidious. Once she lost the support of the Gong family, Yu Chengzhi even found someone to tie her and throw her on Wang Kai's bed!

    Now, she has nothing, and some things can only be slowly unfolded. The difference between her current identity and Chu Mingyao is too big, passing on impulsively, it is tantamount to hitting stones with eggs.

    Moreover, she did not let Gong Mochen just 'sacrifice' for one year. Because she will join Tiangong, she will take his company to the next level.

    And she, once she emerged in the Tiangong Group, she can be attracted by the way. Chu Mingyao is tempted to spend money to dig her over, then, it will be the beginning of her official revenge!

    After leaving, Gong Mochen did not expect that he went to the hot search that night.

    Posts such as "Gong Mochen's Girlfriend" and "Private Meeting of Gong Mochen and a Beautiful Beauty Café" were generally swayed on Weibo.

    Soon, someone picked out that Gong Mochen's girlfriend was a college student at Dicheng University and Yu Ruo Nuan, the third lady of Yu Family.

    Song Yi people saw the news, lips raised.

    Today, she and Gong Mochen's ‘dating’ was intentionally released to reporters on an anonymous phone call. What she wanted was this effect.

    Sure enough, Yu Chengzhi couldn't hide his excitement, and sent a message to her, and asked her if she had any money. Give her a sum of money and buy a beautiful dress. Don't embarrass Yu at that time.

    Seeing the mobile phone prompt, when the account had more than 300,000, Song Yiren ticked his lips, hehe, her cheap father was really willing to give up the blood for the sake of getting to the palace!

    After all, in Yu Ruonuan's memory, Yu Chengzhi never paid her so much money!

    The Song Yi people, of course, collected all the 300,000 copies, but did not buy any dress at all. Because, these people will naturally worry.

    Previously, Yu Ruonuan had no tasks in the MSRA laboratory, so Song Yiren went to the laboratory the next morning.

    She was selected into the MSRA laboratory with excellent results before, but was delayed because of chasing the palace.

    Now, it's time to pick up everything!

    After completing the division of labor, Song Yiren and the team members quickly entered a working state.

    Halfway through, she ended a small procedure and went to the bathroom.

    When I came out, I saw an extra person in the corridor.

    The man leaned against the wall, tall and tall, with his back to her, and seemed to be talking on the phone, his back inexplicably familiar.

    When Song Yi walked over, he just finished speaking. His perfect profile was outlined by the shadows of the corridor.

    It's Gong Lingye.