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On the other end of the phone, He Wanshuang was silent for two seconds, and the voice of his mouth was a little bit shy: "Brother Ye, why are you asking this?"

    "Just worrying about you being bullied." Gong Ling night said: "I just returned to China today, when are you free, let's have a meal together?"

    "I will go home with him tomorrow morning, or will we wait for our return?" He Wanshuang said.

    "Okay, then you pay attention to safety. If you have anything, please call me at any time." Gong Ling said at night.

    He Wanshuang heard something he cared about, but he was a little bit upset, but still said calmly: "Okay!"

    That day, she suddenly went to the hospital with abdominal pain, thinking about taking the opportunity to find a nurse to secretly take the child, but, in the next second, Lieyuan Shen came directly with the nurse.

    He Wanshuang still remembers the appearance of Lieyuan's anger at that time.

    He squeezed her chin, and the fire at the bottom almost swallowed her: "He Wanshuang, if you dare to take the child away, I don't mind sending the video of us on the bed to Gong Lingye!"

    At that time, He Wanshuang collapsed. She looked at Lieyuan Shen tremblingly, as if looking at a demon: "You really recorded the video!"

    He sneered: "Give me a baby, otherwise, you know the consequences!"

    At that time, after the doctor's examination, she said that she only caused abdominal pain because of emotional problems, so she usually pay attention to her emotions and relax.

    For the next two days, Lieyuan Shen ignored He Wanshuang.

    On the contrary, when Lie Xiaoruo finished practicing yoga at home, he knocked on the door of He Wanshuang next door.

    She opened and looked at the girl who was half a head taller than her: "What's the matter?"

    "The TV is playing yoga for pregnant women." Lie Xiao softly pointed to the mat in the living room: "You are a bone, it is estimated that it is difficult to give birth without practicing back!"

    He Wanshuang felt a little down, thinking that hearing yoga would make people feel quiet, he nodded: "Thank you."

    Lie Xiaoruo said nothing and went straight back to the room.

    After that, as if there was a tacit understanding between the two, Lie Xiaoruo practiced first, and at the end of her time, pregnant women ’s yoga happened on TV, so He Wanshuang followed her mat to practice.

    I don't know if it is because she really saw her future destiny. He Wanshuang felt that her mood seemed not as uncomfortable as it used to be.

    In other words, she found a way to seal the pain.

    That day, a courier came to the door and delivered a long parcel with the name He Wanshuang.

    He Wanshuang opened it doubtfully and found it was a yoga mat.

    Light purple is the color she likes.

    With a slight movement in her heart, she turned and knocked on Liexiao's door.

    The other party was reading a book, and when he got up, he held a foreign book in his hand and asked her, "What's wrong?"

    "Thank you for sending me a yoga mat!" He Wanshuang thought for a while and added: "It's beautiful."

    "Ah? Yoga mat?" Lie Xiaoruan looked puzzled: "I don't have one!"

    He Wanshuang froze: "Isn't it from you?"

    Lie Xiaoruo went out with her, looked at the one on the ground, and couldn't help laughing: "Yo, my brother gave it! No wonder I asked me that day what brand of my yoga mat is!"

    He Wanshuang heard the words, fingers slightly curved.

    After that, Lie Xiaoruo did n’t need to stagger her time to practice yoga, and sometimes even the two were on the mat, each with their own.

    He Wanshuang's usual work is to write columns and some application copywriting. Since that abdominal pain, Lieyuan Shen will not let her go to the company, but fortunately, almost all her work can be done at home, but it will not affect her.

    On that day, Lieyuan went home from work quite early. He walked into the living room and waited for the coolness to dissipate a little, so he came to He Wanshuang's room: "Yuanshuang, accompany me to the supermarket!"

    He Wanshuang turned his eyes and said nothing, but looked at him questioningly.

    "To eat hot pot at home today, let's go to the supermarket to choose ingredients." Li Yuanyuan said, and called Shang Lie Xiaoruo: "Xiao Ruan, can't you go?"

    Lie Xiao's soft door was too lazy to open: "No, I eat ready-made."

    He Wanshuang heard Li Xiaoxiao's words and was about to refuse, but behind him came the footsteps of the man.

    Her hand was held by him, and he took her to the door: "We choose, you have a bad appetite, pick what you like."

    She shrunk her hand and pulled it back, her expression slightly uncomfortable: "I haven't got my coat yet."

    Lieyuan Shen waited for her to take the coat and the two went out together.

    The mirrors in the elevator are smooth and clearly reflect each other's outlines.

    He Wanshuang looked at the picture and asked, could she really live with him?

    The future is too dazed, and she is terrified and fearful, but her heart is silent as if she is standing still.

    The two came out, Lie Yuan sank in front, and took a few steps. It seemed to suddenly realize that there was someone behind him. He stopped and saw He Wanshuang stepping on the shallow snow on the ground, step by step.

    He narrowed his eyes slightly and waited for her to approach, before raising his hand and putting the hat on her down jacket.

    She stiffened a little, and then, without moving, she wanted to distance herself from him.

    He first took her hand, his palms tightened, and the warmth passed, but his tone was not very good: "Where haven't you touched me, who is acting now?"

    He Wanshuang's hand trembles, his eyes drooping.

    The two went to the supermarket together, and Lieyuan sank to the meat area: "Are we thinner?"

    "This is a freshly made shrimp slippery. It's not greasy and I like it."

    "The fish here are all fished out by the fishermen on the same day. They are fresh and nutritious."

    He has been holding things, she walked beside him, but suddenly wanted to eat buckwheat noodles.

    Perhaps the pregnant woman's mouth greedy really came, and it was uncomfortable to eat it, so when Li Yuan Shen was about to check out, He Wanshuang suddenly pulled his arm: "I want to eat buckwheat noodles."

    Li Yuanyuan was stunned for the first time in such a long time today that He Wanshuang offered what she wanted.

    There was a smile on his lips: "Okay."

    After all, he pushed the shopping cart aside and said, "You are waiting for me here, I'll get it. Is there anything else to eat?"

    He Wanshuang said again: "I want to chop pepper."

    "Yeah." Lie Yuan nodded, but then said again: "You can't eat spicy ones when you are pregnant."

    He Wanshuang was a little frustrated and said nothing, expressing acquiescence.

    However, not long ago, when Lieyuan Shen came back, he was holding buckwheat noodles and a bottle of chopped pepper.

    He couldn't help seeing her eyes stuck to the chopped peppers: "I didn't expect you to be greedy!"

    He Wanshuang's cheeks were flushed, and he looked away, and there was a man's voice in his ear: "But you can't be greedy anymore."

    He went to check out, and she waited on the side, and found that many people were watching them, with a little surprise and envy.

    After checking out, Lieyuan Shen and his two hands were full of things and said, "Go slowly, don't fall."

    He Wanshuang nodded and walked slightly behind Lieyuan's body.

    I don't know if it snowed or froze again. It was really slippery on the ground. He Wanshuang really slipped when he walked across the crosswalk and wanted to enter the community. He whispered.

    On the side, Lieyuan Shen quickly turned around, took a step back, and pulled her.

    A bag in his hand was thrown to the ground, and there was something scattered inside.

    He straightened her up, bent over to pick up something, and she looked at the back of him squatting down to pick up the bottle of chopped pepper that had rolled away, and the hand on the side of the body tightened slightly.