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#391 Privacy exposure

When he came out of the store, Gong Lingye had eaten quite well. There were 200 pieces of j currency exchanged by the boss lady in his pocket, with a map of j country in his hand and a pass card.

Since they have all come here, it is not easy to leave, so Gong Lingye simply went to the station as shown in the map.

Fortunately, the car only needs a pass card and no ID, so he bought a ticket to Jincheng, the largest trading city in country j.

On the J side, there is one-third Chinese, and two-thirds are local indigenous people.

Therefore, after arriving in Jincheng, Gong Lingye found that language communication was no longer an obstacle.

Moreover, when he walked out of the station and took the subway to the city, he only felt that the whole person was deeply shocked!

This is the city after crossing the active volcanic belt, which he thought could barely be compared with the second-tier cities of China.

Unexpectedly, the prosperity here is no worse than that of the Imperial City.

People on the street are all in a hurry, they are shuttled through the tall metal buildings, and continue to create value.

Many luxury cars are driving on wide roads, and some roadsters also have a few beautiful female models.

Gong Lingye noticed that almost all of the cars here are from a high-end brand in country M. Even the taxis on the street are almost of this brand.

He suddenly realized that J Guozheng was completely trying his best to hide all his privacy!

Therefore, there will be such a big gap between those small fishing villages and the real first-tier cities!

If it weren't for the pass card given to him by the boss lady, he could not have known that the train would have been like this after bypassing the active volcanic belt!

No wonder no one has ever reported the real country J. First, country j closed its doors and refused to accept state exchanges. Second, every resident here has only one pass card, which is needed for all transactions in life, so it will not be easily lent to others. .

This is what he said from the aunt next to him while he was on the road.

Then, the problem is before us:

The boss lady really lent him a pass because of his appearance?

Also, for so many years, no one has come to the core of country j, why is he so easy?

Gong Lingye's eyebrows were deeply locked, and she almost had a terrible guess.

That is, all his actions have actually fallen into the eyes of a certain force!

It's just that if the other person is behind the scenes, why hasn't he done it to him?

He was a little puzzled, but since the opponent did not move, he might as well take this opportunity to learn more about the situation.

Gong Lingye went straight into a 4s shop.

Although his clothes seemed ordinary, he had extraordinary temperament, and his delicate and impeccable facial features immediately attracted the attention of the clerk.

The sales manager came over personally and said enthusiastically: "Sir, what car do you want to see?"

The official language here is Chinese except for the local language. Therefore, Gong Lingye has no communication barriers: "I want to see Lai Yue's sports top."

When the other party saw Gong Lingye, he directly chose the most expensive car in the store, and his eyes lit up: "Sir, please wait in the VIP room, we will introduce you immediately!"

Gong Mochen's garage had this car, and it cost 21 million yuan to let Gong Lingye help him import it from abroad.

Therefore, Gong Lingye knows its performance very well, and the questions he asks are all on the idea.

During the conversation, Gong Lingye seemed to inadvertently say: "Actually, I also ate with your boss a few days ago. Seeing that he drove this car well, I planned to change it to Lai Yue..."

The sales manager was a little confused: "Our boss can't afford a luxury car like you!"

"I mean, Lai Yue's big boss in country j." Gong Ling night said.

The other party couldn't help but smile brighter: "Sir, did you even know Mr. Shangguan? Do you know Mr. Shangguan, or which young master?"

Gong Lingye's heart tightened when she heard the word'Shangguan'.

Why is it called Shangguan? How is it the same as the previous surname of the Gong family?

In fact, according to the previous clues, he can almost be sure that the people behind the scenes are related to the Beiming family, but the sales manager's words made him completely puzzled.

"I know the old gentleman." Gong Lingye didn't change his face, and looked at himself.

The sales manager sent him to kneel, and his face was excited: "You even know Mr. Shangguan?! He is really the myth of our country j! Without him, it is estimated that indigenous people like me are still the same as their ancestors, or fishing. Or, facing the loess and the sky, how could it be possible to live like this now?"

Gong Lingye just smiled and patted each other's shoulders.

The man obviously has a desire to talk, or, the "Mr. Shangguan" in his mouth is the god in the hearts of the people of his country.

He was completely opened the conversation box: "At that time, when Mr. Shangguan came here, he also had nothing. But he established this business kingdom little by little and let everyone live a good life. Although some people say that Xuanyuan and Beiming The two also contributed equally, but all of us still recognize Shangguan!"

His words surged in Gong Lingye's heart.

Shangguan, Xuanyuan, Beiming, the three big families?

Then, some things will make sense!

The person caught that day said that the family behind the flying eagle logo is not the largest in country J, there are two of the largest.

Well, these three families are just right together!

With a clear heart in mind, Gong Lingye suddenly felt that he was also blessed by disaster this time.

He rushed to the sales manager and said, "I use my account in country m to pay the deposit, is there no problem?"

"Of course, no problem!" The sales manager signed a big order today, and he was so excited.

Gong Lingye took over the sales contract, glanced at the logo above, and then pretended to joke: "I still think the Feiying logo is better."

Sure enough, the sales manager immediately smiled and said: "Mr. Gong, you are really kidding, I am afraid that the Beiming family also wants to share a slice of soup, but our brand is the industry of the Shangguan family!"

He said nothing, looked at the scepter-like sign and smiled, "Don't you think? In fact, the sign of the Shangguan family is much more durable than the Beiming family!"

In a flash, Gong Lingye knew everything.

He does not know whether the Shangguan family here has anything to do with the palace of Hua Guo, and whether the Xuanyuan family and Xuanyuan Che are the same, but the one with the flying eagle logo seems to be the Beiming family!

However, who is the current owner of the Beiming family?

He was thinking about a ringing phone ringing in a gorgeous palace-like mansion.

After the housekeeper answered the phone, he walked to the door of a room and tapped the door lightly: "Master, the four young masters have arrived in Jincheng, and they are in our Laiyue store."