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On her body, Luo Tianqi stretched out his hand to support the thatch, and said, "Does it hurt?"

Lie Xiao shook her head softly, feeling the ears were slightly hot.

She slowly said, "I thought you would just take me to jump straight down and scare me."

He smiled and said: "I must be optimistic, if not, I will hurt your hand, your brother must not beat me!"

Lie Xiaoruo was amused by him: "So, are we still alive now?"

It was just that she had just asked that, and there was a voice beside her.

Lie Xiaoruo's heart suddenly tightened, almost, seeing the future she was about to hang up.

Luo Tianqi was also surprised for a while, and was about to get up, but because the grass was too thick, the two smashed so deeply that he couldn't get up and grab a gun for a while.

By this time, someone had ran over and the gun was aimed at the two.

However, when the other party saw the camouflage colors of the two, they couldn’t help but close the gun, Chong Luo Tianqi smiled: "I said brother, even if it is in love, it can't be like this? Is this really a field battle? But brother I am you A team, you have fun inside, let me work hard outside, will your conscience hurt?"

Lie Xiao softly heard the words and suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

The man thought she and Luo Tianqi were here...

Luo Tianqi opened his mouth: "Brother, if you know it, please avoid it and wait for me to wear clothes."

The man heard the words and suddenly felt a little embarrassed, and quickly ran away with a gun.

Luo Tianqi looked at the direction of his departure, shrugged, and made a cut.

He turned his head and pulled Lie Xiao up: "Little soft girl, we should change the venue."

Lie Xiao nodded softly, thanking that she was wearing a helmet now, hiding all her uncomfortable.

She quickly patted the thatch on her body, and together with Luo Tianqi, ran around in abandoned factories and rooms.

Luo Tianqi apparently often plays such games. With the rest being elites, he completely put away the cynical smile that was always hanging on his face, and the whole person was conscientious and sharp, let Li Xiaoxiao taste the casual. Was attracted attention.

She also shot a lot when there were many people.

In particular, she and a man picked up the gun at the same time. As a result, she was faster and more accurate, so the other party hung up first.

At that moment, she felt that her heart was mentioned in her voice, but in the next second, the blood was released and rushed to the limbs.

She felt that she had been feeling depressed for a long time, and suddenly it really eased.

She burst several heads in a row, but she was killed directly without being noticed.

Hearing the prompt, she flattered Luo Tianqi angrily, "I hung up."

Luo Tianqi looked at her with a pitiful look, raised her hand, and touched her head: "Then look carefully, brother will avenge you!"

After all, he, who lacked her towing oil bottle, began to quickly enter the core war zone. Picking up the gun is a burst of fire.

Lie Xiaoruo stood behind the building and looked at Luo Tianqi on the battlefield. Although he knew that what he just said was actually more of a joke, but, I don’t know why, when he saw him solve the people, she There was still an illusion that he was fighting for her.

This feeling is very strange, but very real.

Compared to the shock of Gong Lingye going to country J to find medicine for her, although they are only games at the moment, she still tasted the blood.

Her gaze followed the figure inside, watching someone suddenly behind him, she shouted nervously at him, and seeing him explode, she jumped happily again.

Until the end, Luo Tianqi's teammate was also killed, and Luo Tianqi killed the only opponent on the field at the moment.

Victory finally arrived, Lie Xiaoran ran to Luo Tianqi happily, and then, in the moment approaching him, suddenly realized what.

However, he has already spread his arms and hugged her first.

"Little soft girl, how about this? This is the mountain that Brother has laid for you!" Luo Tianqi said proudly.

Lie Xiao breathed softly, and just as Luo Tianqi said, it seemed to hit her ears and hit her heart.

Her body became a little stiff in his arms, and she felt her heart beating almost out of her throat. What she was about to say, Luo Tianqi had already patted her back and let her go.

She felt that the soft emotions were still clogged in her nasal cavity, so that her voice became a little dull: "This river?"

"Yeah, are you feeling better?" He took off the helmet and asked her, "Will we have another game?"

So, he brought her over because he saw her in a bad mood, so he coaxed her specifically?

I don’t know if there is any chance in the future, Lie Xiaoruo doesn’t want to miss this time. She nodded: "Okay! And I promise I won't be like that next time."

"Really?" Luo Tianqi said: "That line, I will be at the venue for a while, I will not hold your hand. You can follow me, or you can run around the field."

When Lie Xiaorou heard it, she was a little unsure: "Can I hold your hand?"

Luo Tianqi: "Aren't you saying nothing?"

Lie Xiao rolled her lips softly: "I try my best."

Next, the duo played several games in a row.

In the end, Lie Xiaoruo was indeed able to take his place.

Although she still failed to fight to the end, even Luo Tianqi was KO when the last few people arrived, but when they came out, the two were very relaxed.

"It's fun, I want to come next time." Lie Xiao Judao said.

"Well, next time, take your brother-in-law, and then I can see if I can call Amian." Luo Tianqi smiled: "Then, we play five-member group, we can sleep in the haystack Now."

"You have to call Amian with my brother? Isn't that why letting others be pure targets? Then we--" Lie Xiaoruo just said here, and suddenly thought of Luo Tianqi's words just now, and the previous teammate said Suddenly, my throat seemed to be stuck, and I couldn't say anything later.

"Well, next time." Luo Tianqi glanced at the time, already a little faster, he said: "Go, change clothes, it's time to go home."

Lie Xiao nodded softly and left with Luo Tianqi.

After coming out of the club, after the two got on the bus, after the initial excitement, Lie Xiaorou began to yawn.

Aside, Luo Tianqi said: "Little soft girl, go to sleep, I will call you when you come to your house."

She nodded and began to close her eyes and relax.

Originally, it was just sleepy and I didn't want to really fall asleep. But without realizing it, he really fell asleep.

Luo Tianqi felt his shoulders sink, and then a light fragrance came into his sense of smell.

He turned his head and saw Liexiao leaning on his shoulder, sleeping soundly.

This scent on her body is very comfortable, he estimated that it might be Beimingmo perfume, because it seems to have not been smelled in other women.

This perfume is relaxing. He closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep.