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#463 Will you marry me?

Xuanyuan Che had already looked up at her and opened her mouth: "Momo, in fact, I made a revolving restaurant today and wanted to propose to you there."

"I was on your way back and received your call. At that time, I was really lost."

"But just opened the door and found the surprise you prepared for me. I found that I didn't even want to wait for a moment, I didn't want to wait for the revolving restaurant, I just wanted to be here, quietly only the place where we are, right You propose."

"We have known each other for a long time. Although they were not together at the time, I actually wanted to come. I have liked you for a long time."

"The day of the reunion, although I didn't say anything to you, but in the bottom of my heart, I was pleasantly surprised."

"Later, we went through a lot together, and I thought, or wait for each other to stabilize before talking to you."

"However, I saw that when you saw the diamond ring on your finger warmer, and occasionally passed the bridal shop, your eyes would stop inadvertently. At that time, I thought, why should I wait?"

"I just want to turn you into my bride when we are young."

"Although, we still have a lot of things to do. The Xuanyuan family, the Beiming family, or our mutual business...but these are not the reasons that prevent us from being together."

"Momo, I will not be with other women in my life, I only like you, I just want to be with you."

"You say men are like clothes, would you like to wear this suit for life for me?"

"Momo, I love you, marry me, be my bride, will you?"

If at the beginning, Bei Mingmo was still in shock and hesitated because of shock, but at the end, she also asked herself: What are you waiting for?

Since they all like each other and have already identified each other, how long does it matter how long they are together?

Do we have to know each other for a few years before we talk about marriage?

Do not.

Life may always be so impulsive, for the feeling of the heart, let go of all worries and hesitations, and be firm once!

Xuanyuan Che was still kneeling next to Bei Mingmo on one knee. He folded his hands together and made a pious wish to the candle: "I am thirty years old, and the wish is that I can marry Bei Mingmo as my wife."

After all, he blew out the candles in one breath.

"Good." Bei Mingmo looked at the man in front of him and said, "Ache, I will."

Xuanyuan Che felt as if he was finally relieved. He calmed down his tense heartbeat, then reached out and took out the ring, slowly and solemnly wearing it on Bei Mingmo's fingers.

Bei Mingmo reached out and pulled the man in front of him.

He hugged her immediately and kissed her hard with his head down.

He was so powerful that he pried open her teeth almost immediately and stirred between her lips and teeth.

She was hurt by him, but she still responded to his kiss.

His arms were a little trembling, and the whole person seemed to prove something to her, and his whole body was tight and entangled with her.

She was kissed by him to lack of oxygen, numb lips. The flap caught fire, and even the tip of the tongue was painful from the entanglement.

But he seemed to finally calm down in such ear-grinding.

His kiss gradually became gentle and patient, and grinded her a little bit, so that her thoughts also emptied, and finally, completely soft in his arms.

He became fanatical again and brought her to a boil. She seemed to be soaked in warm water and boiling water, constantly stirring, and the room was full of ambiguous voices.

It wasn't until she felt that her collarbone was being gnawed by him, and it came back, pushing him a little weakly: "Ache, let's eat the cake first...The cake was made by myself."

He still kissed her, but when unbuttoning some of her buttons, he reacted and asked hoarsely, "Momo, did you do it yourself?"

She nodded and her voice was as soft as spring water: "I took a special half-day leave in the afternoon and let the master teach me to do it in the cake shop."

Xuanyuan Che's heart suddenly collapsed so softly, but he was still reluctant, and kissed Bei Mingmo for a while, before releasing her: "Okay, let's eat cake first."

When she turned on the light, she saw the bright light, and Xuanyuan Che was very serious and pious even when she cut the cake.

Bei Mingmo raised his lips, and his eyes fell unconsciously on his ring finger.

There was a ring he had just put on her.

At that time the light was dim and she couldn't see clearly.

At this moment, she saw that the ring was unique in shape, which she liked very much at a glance.

She asked: "Ache, when did you buy the ring? I don't even know."

Xuanyuan Che raised his eyes: "Actually, on the first day I came back to China, I ordered someone to order it, and I only got it yesterday."

"Unexpectedly, you are quite romantic!" Bei Mingmo's eyes burst into laughter. She originally thought that this man might even be proposing a proposal: Momo, you marry me or something!

Xuanyuan Che cut the cake and put it in front of Bei Mingmo. She was about to eat it, but she suddenly remembered a past, so she put down her fork.

Xuanyuan Che wondered: "Momo, why not eat? Are you afraid of being fat? You are not fat at all."

This guy's desire to survive is quite strong, but she was still angry before.

Bei Mingmo said: "I'm not afraid of fat, but I suddenly thought of your birthday three years ago."

Xuan Yuan Che was puzzled: "My birthday?" He remembered the day they were separated three years ago, and they completely parted ways, and he also completely ended for the inadvertent heart movement.

Bei Mingmo nodded: "At that time, I was in a bad mood because my girlfriend was not there? At that time, you didn't care about me. On your birthday, I made a cake to go with you, but I carried Cake passed, but I saw you talking and laughing with a girl!"

Xuanyuan Che frowned, and was even more puzzled: "Momo, I don't have that. I lived by myself that day. In fact, I've been waiting for your message."

"I saw it with my own eyes!" It's been a long time, but Bei Mingmo didn't take it seriously, but at this moment, she suddenly remembered that the more she turned the old account, the more uncomfortable she was: "Just at the door of your company, you talked and laughed together Go! I was chasing you for so long, you never gave me a good face, but smiled at the woman so much!"

"By the way, she is your classmate, the one who just got married and pregnant a while ago! It is also the one who confessed to you! It is also the one who says what you are doing abroad!"

"I was suddenly discouraged, so..."

She said, raising her eyes and asking him: "Xuan Yuan Che, have you lived with her abroad?"

Xuanyuan Che was a little stunned by the bombing of Beiming Mo, and it was also the first time he saw how a girl's fighting power was on her way to make up and jealous.