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#9 He has a problem

Gong Mochen's figure is tall and straight, his eyebrows are handsome, his aura is not as good as that of Gong Lingye, and he looks quite a bit iceberg.

    Hey, I really do n’t know what Yu Ruo Nuan likes to see him. He still skips classes in order to see him. Even his studies are deserted! Song Yi sighed.

    Gong Mochen did not sit, but locked Song Yiren's eyes coldly: "What are you looking for me for?"

    Song Yiren pointed to the seat opposite and blinked: "Mo Chen, you are so handsome, standing here is too attractive, shouldn't you want people around you to hear our conversation?"

    Gong Mochen's eyebrows rose fiercely, his disgust at the bottom of his eyes was not concealed, and he sat down with a smile: "Hurry up and say anything!"

    Song Yi people are not in circles, she came straight to the point: "Your family has a banquet on Sunday. It is estimated that people from the upper society of the imperial city will come. I want two invitation cards. Moreover, you should be your female partner to attend as your girlfriend . "

    Gong Mochen looked at Song Yiren like a fool: "Oh, why should I promise you?"

    This disgusting woman, the method of persuasion doesn't work, but now I don't even have a face directly? !

    Song Yi took a sip of coffee, and his voice was also lightly smiled: "I just sent a text message, Brother Mo Chen, did you see it? If the entire Imperial City and even the Kingdom of China heard about their male god, Mr. Mo Chen There are obstacles in that area, I do n’t know what to think? "

    It is said that Gong Mochen is almost going to kill!

    Song Yi was unmoved at all: "Brother Chen, I set up a small program. Once my wish on Sunday is not satisfied, this news will be immediately posted to the news system of China and even the world. See the effect? ​​"

    Gong Mochen suddenly raised her hand and buckled the Song Yiren's wrist with great force, almost breaking her wrist.

    He pressed harder, but she said nothing, and looked at him so.

    Gong Mochen saw the determination of Song Yi people's eyes, and his heart burst into annoyance. He shook her hand away in disgust, took the handkerchief and wiped the place where the skin touched just now, and the anger in his heart remained undiminished.

    Yes, he has a problem recently, so he went to the doctor.

    It was because there was a small car accident since the beginning of last month, when he was injured there, and the doctor said it was fine after examination. However, since his injury, he hasn't been through.

    Originally he thought he would recover in a few days, and it would still be the same after a week of complete injury.

    Even, he tentatively watched some videos of that aspect, but still no response. So, he went to see the doctor secretly.

    The doctor said he had no physical problems and should be psychological, and suggested that he receive psychological treatment.

    And he also saw a psychiatrist, after two weeks of treatment, there was no effect.

    But, how can this girl know about this?

    Song Yiren eased from the pain. She looked up at Gong Mochen and said earnestly: "Gong Shao, to be honest, I don't love you and I don't show you anything. The reason for this is nothing but forced. Today and You spread out and said, I need your girlfriend's identity, and I hope you give me a year. After a year, I will never pester you again, and I will not tell anyone about your illness! And will give you the rewards you definitely need! "

    Gong Mochen didn't pay attention to what Song Yiren said about ‘rewards’, and thought in heart that this woman said this is ridiculous.

    Because his focus is elsewhere.

    He narrowed his eyes: "How do you know?"