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Gong Lingye's fingers passed through Song Yi's long hair and pressed her whole body tightly into her arms.

    It took a long time for him to control his emotions a little, let go of her, and clean the hair sticking on her face. Her voice was soft but very heavy: "Baby, I'm sorry, I'm late."

    Song Yi stiffened and looked up at him.

    He pressed her forehead: "I should have come to you earlier, I have seen you five years ago, if at that time I ..."

    Song Yi interrupted him, and she discovered when her voice had become dry and dumb: "No, it has nothing to do with you, it is Chu Mingyao and Su Yunfei!"

    Gong Lingye's knuckles were tightened and clenched into fists, and the white bones revealed his strong killing intention at the moment: "Baby, don't be afraid, I will help you get revenge! I will kill them! No, it should be them It is better to die than life, to find back the agony you and your family have suffered thousands of times! "

    Song Yi people grabbed Gong Lingye's hand: "I want the truth to be known to the world!"

    Gong Lingye looked at her eyes and suddenly understood what she meant.

    It took Chu Mingyao three years, starting from being a fiance of the Song Yi people, and now, in the eyes of everyone, has established an image of affection and gratitude.

    If he later simply died silently, or was also locked under the cruise ship, then his image would not collapse with his disappearance, but would still be spread by word of mouth and even become a monument.

    However, who came to Zhaoxue in the first place? How do those who were killed by him complain? !

    How long will the world be deceived by him? !

    Gong Lingye patted the Song Yi people's back, comforting: "Okay, baby, I understand what you mean. If you want to expose his crime to the whole world, then I will collect all the evidence and let the world see him clearly. Birds and beasts, give your family a langlang! "

    When Song Yiren heard this, she finally cried out after a long depression. She wrapped Gong Gongye's neck and cried loudly against his shoulder.

    He kept reaching out and patting her back, comforting her emotions.

    After seeing her crying for a long time, she began to hiccup, so she held her face: "Okay, don't cry, our friends will come over later, you have swollen eyes, they thought I bullied you."

    Song Yiren gasped and red eyes rushed to Gong Ling Ye Road: "So I will tell you before, I dare not believe people. Because Zi Heng is still in Chu Mingyao's hands, because Mo Mo was two years ago He was forced to jump into the sea and his life and death were uncertain. "

    "I believe that I miss people. I always feel that someone who has known them for so many years and is like a brother, will betray us so cruelly. What else is trustworthy in this world?"

    "So before, I never dared to tell you the truth, because I can't afford to gamble, and I'm afraid to lose anything anymore."

    "But you treat me well again and again. That day, despite the danger of life to save me, I realized that there are still people in this world who can be trusted."

    Song Yiren's hand touched Gong Lingye's face and said seriously: "Gong Lingye, I used to be scared and very repulsive, but you helped me find my confidence to live in this world like a normal girl again. "

    Gong Lingye touched the Song Yi people with the tip of her nose, then turned her face to kiss her lips.

    His kiss was very soft at the moment, with a soothing touch, and gently ran over her delicate lips. The lips and teeth were interdependent and the breath blended, so he simply kissed her so that her tight nerves eased a little.

    In the end, Song Yi was soft in Gong Lingye's arms.

    After her ups and downs, her emotions relaxed and she fell asleep again.

    Gong Lingye put her down cautiously, he covered her quilt and sat on the bed to stare at her.

    All that she said just now, replayed a little bit in her mind again.

    It turned out that she experienced such a thousand days and nights!

    No wonder, she fried eggs that day and was so scared when she saw Mars splashing. It turned out that she was burnt alive by fire!

    He had been scalded and knew the pain, but he could not imagine what it was like to catch fire on his body!

    Chu Mingyao has done so many cruel things to her, and she, in order to get the evidence of the truth, how did she struggle in the face of this beast that killed the murderer of the whole family?

    Gong Lingye bowed her head and kissed Song Yi's hair, stood up, picked up her cell phone and walked outside.

    Soon the phone was connected, and Pei Jun's voice came: "President."

    Gong Lingye said: "Pei Jun, you sent Ningguo over there, take a good look at Chu Mingyao's life experience, by the way, and then check his relationship with Su Yunfei, focusing on three years ago.

    Although Pei Jun wondered why Gong Lingye suddenly cared about these things, he immediately replied: "Okay, I'll tell you to continue right away."

    "Carefully investigate, don't fight the grass and startle the snake." Gong Lingye said again: "No need to consider the cost of investigation."

    "I see." Bae Jun responded.

    Hanging up the phone, Gong Lingye arranged the house for the servant in advance, and ordered the kitchen to make some small dishes.

    He lay beside Song Yiren, she seemed to smell his smell, and took the initiative to roll into his arms.

    As soon as he extended his arms, she nestled in, arched, and continued to sleep.

    The time was quiet, the sunset outside the window stained the whole sky, magnificent and beautiful.

    Song Yiren's sleep was not long, but he had a dream.

    In her dream, when she was a child, on her birthday, her mother bought her a beautiful princess dress, and her father gave her a car.

    She was so happy that she walked into the piano room and played a newly learned piece. The sun was good this day, and she could see light dust dancing on her keys.

    At this time, in the baby room inside, the baby Song Ziheng woke up at noon and cried.

    The mother hurried over and took Song Ziheng up to breastfeed.

    Song Yiren had to pass by, but at this moment, she saw a teenager wearing a tuxedo in front of the French window outside the villa.

    Song Yi ran over and went to see the boy across the window.

    He looked two or three years older than her, but he was already tall, dressed in a well-cut black tuxedo, white shirt, and rose tie. The whole person looked like the little prince from the manga.

    In his sleep, Song Yiren felt that the person in front of him was extremely familiar, but he couldn't think of it for a while.

    She thought hard, perhaps because she was too hard, so she finally opened her eyes.

    His eyes focused slowly, and finally settled on the face of the handsome man in front of him. Song Yi people have a short period of consternation, and some can't tell what is tonight.

    She stared blankly at Gong Lingye in front of her, blinked, and uttered a sentence: "Why did you suddenly grow up?"

    Yeah, the boy in her dream, she just could n’t remember who she was like, but now she knows, is n’t this Gong Lingye?